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My Toddler Boy Is "Itchy"

Help, my 3 year old is itchy! It's non stop for the last week, "mommy, my pee-pee is itchy". I don't know what it could be, I've tried diaper rash cream (eventhough he's not in diapers), I've given him benadryl and he just wakes up feeling the same way. He dries the end after every toilet visit, he takes baths daily. I'm wondering if its possible to contract something from a public toilet. As a little boy he barely reaches to toilet so he leans on it.... Is this a crazy thought or does anyone know if its possible? He was itching his head before this started, I thought that was just shampoo still in his hair... maybe these symptoms are related.... Does anyone know if a food alergy causes the "privates to itch too? We're going to the DR's if it's not cleared by the end of this weekend.... any advice would be helpful!

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Thanks for all of your responses. It was extremely helpful. The itching seemed to stop for several days but re-appeared. Yesterday we visited the Doctor. The Dr checked for a UTI and it was normal. He found some small red spots in the groin/sweaty areas that he said are "yeast spots" and prescribed "Lotri something" cream.... hopefully this works - I'll let you know!

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Try an over the counter yeast medicine. Just rub a bit on topically. I have had several boys in my family get yeast infections.

It could be anything from food allergies to dermatitis...including eczema which affects areas of the skin that are already sensitive or are in folds such as in the elbow or behind the knees. I would suggest going straight to a dermatologist, because a regular doctor will not have the specialized knowledge about the variety of skin conditions out there. I have eczema and it is very very hard to keep under control without some kind of prescription medication. I hope this helps :)

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boys can get yeast infections. Is there any white stuff? Good luck


I am the mother of four boys and when my oldest was little, he had a yeast infection and itched like crazy. My third son has eczema really bad and yes, it causes him to itch everywhere. Eczema is just dry skin. I don't do public restrooms because ANYONE can contact hepatitis, etc, from a public toilet. (Although this is not likely, so don't worry!). My oldest son also sweats a lot and has since he was tiny. When he sweats, he itches like crazy! This is another possibility, esp if your son is very active. Growth spurts can make them itch, as well. My 2 1/2 yr old is having this problem right now, due to a growth spurt. I wouldn't worry too much about it unless the problem gets worse or continues for longer than a week or so..... Good luck!

I would think that if it was a UTI he would be complaining of pain when he pee'd not itchiness. Maybe a yeast infection. Is it red rashy or just looks normal but he says its itchy. Does it come and go or is he constantly acting like it is bugging him? I know that at my sons 3 year appointment they talked about boys playing with themselves and maybe he is just having some "boy" issues and itchy is the best way to explain it?????? If you are concerned about it then a trip to the pediatrician is warrented since mommies get that feeling that there is something not right. I just thought I would throw out a totally different thought about the situation.

Even though he's a boy, i'm wondering if he might have a yeast infection and/ or allergy. Yeast infection is rare, but i have heard boys can get it. Definatly sounds like he needs to be seen by his doctor, i'd set it up monday. In the mean time, stop the daily bathing cause if it is a yeast infection that can make it worse cause yeats infections love heat and moisture. Help him take a quick shower if he's dirty.
Good Luck

Sounds like a UT infection. Even if you keep clean bactiria has a way of getting in. Call the DR. and check for a fever. Just ask if he can come in and pee in a cup to rule out infection.
Then I would see if he is allergic to soaps or the cream you are useing to help stop the itching. You never know!
It could be a food allergy-fresh fruits or something seaonal that he has just tried for the first time.
Good luck,
C. B

this may not be at all related to what's going on with your son, but during this particular pregnancy i have had a lot of vaginal itching that has been controlled by changing our laundry detergent. every once in a while i've grabbed the old bottle of detergent by accident when washing my underwear and ended up having a week of itching because of it. but as soon as that detergent gets washed out again, i'm fine. bodies can become sensitive even to soaps we've used for a long time with no problems. so i would first try changing bath or laundry soap and see if it's better. there was a time my whole family was getting rough dry skin patches and lotions were doing nothing for it. we went to the dermatologist and he prescribed a cream that also did nothing. finally i remembered that we had started using a generic oxiclean in our laundry about the same time we started having skin problems. as soon as i threw out the oxygen detergent and rewashed the laundry, our skin healed.

I would get him to the doctor. It might be nothing, or it could be something like a yeast infection. The doctor can tale for sure.

You could try using Aveeno oatmeal bath for him. He may just have very dry skin or it could also be a yeast infection, but if he was itching his head also I would say that he has dry, sensitive skin. We have two boys that are that way, one worse than the other. You can also get moisterizer,hair and body wash with oatmeal in it. These have really made a difference for our boys. Good luck.

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