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My Three Month Old Is Waking up All the Time at Night

Hi ladies, I have a wonderful three month old boy who has always been a wonderful night sleeper. He usually goes down between nine and ten, nurses between three to four, and then gets up for the day between seven and eight. He has had a bit of a stuffy nose and a cough but no fever and my ped. just told me to watch his temp and that it sounds like just a cold. Well the last few nights he has been waking up every two hours! I have given him his pacifier and reswaddled him and rubbed his head and most of the time that has put him back to sleep. This morning was really bad, after his three o'clock feeding, he woke up at 5, 5:30 and then at 6 he woke up really crying and upset. He fell back asleep after I had changed him and held him for quite a while. He is still in our bedroom in a bassinet so I am thinking of moving him into his crib in his own room to see if that will help. My husband snores so I was thinking maybe he was waking him up. Anyway, it is very strange to us since he has always been a good sleeper, but he just turned three months so maybe he's changing? Any advice would be helpful, thanks!!

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Sorry to hear he is waking up...Try a cool mist humidifier and some baby vicks under his nose...He may have trouble breathing being stuffed up with a cold. My girls still use humidifier/vaporizers...Also the vapor plugs that plug into outlets with the refills are fabulous!!! That might help too.

I'm very sorry! My little one also has a cold. He is 8 months. It's the same as if he were 3 months. Thats why I'm very sorry. The baby rub is nice on the back,cest and feet they say it helps them to breath but also may pull any toxines out. We have been running the shower with hot water letting the bathroom steam up and then sit in there with him for about 15 to 20 min. Also because of the time of year it is use a humidifier at night. We have the Hunter care free humidifier plus. Cleaning it is easy!!
Hope he gets better soon !

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you'll see as months and months pass that your little one will change sleep habits. just as you are geeting used to the new ones they'll change it up. i'm sorry there is no secret to helping baby sleep. i've coslept w my lil guy since day one and it seems to help him sleep. just be careful

I remember with my last one (whom I nursed till she was 8 months) at 3 months they go on a feeding frenzy, he's growth sperting. Your little guy is getting bigger and needs an extra nursing from you at that time. Try that, he may only nurse for 15 mins or less, but he just needs that little extra to get him thru. By 3 months he's used to your husband snoring, and all the tossing and turning that you guys may do thru the night. Sarah stayed in our room till she was 5 months old, I moved her because she started sleeping completely thru the night and didn't need the middle of the night feeding anymore. Also too, your morning milk is much more potent and has the best nutrients for him, if you want you might want to pump and then give him that one when he wakes up at 5 am. There are growth sperts at 3 wks, 6 wks, 3 months, and 6 months where they seem to feed more, and plus they are calling in more milk for them to be satisfied. I hope this helps. Let me know. Good luck with your lil man and keep up the breastfeeding!!!!!!!!!!

Hi K., I haven't read the others but if it is a cold, and this will sound off the wall but it worked for me. Get a baby chest rub, rub his back chest and 'the bottom of his feet'. I don't know how it works but it does. Take the extra time holding him as babies grow so fast and then the cuddle time dimmishes and you will miss that time of closeness. Just maybe the daddy's snoring does wake him or scares him. Good luck.

Sounds like "changing habits" might be it BUT it may only be a part of it. Pay close attention to WHAT the child eats within hours of bedtime. In addition, inadeqate hydration can cause poor or restless sleep....ADULTS INCLUDED!

I have a three and half month old girl and was just going through the same thing. I actually put her in her room and she sleeps so much better...my husband is a loud snorer. But, since your son is used to that noise, it probably isn't it. It might sound crazy, but he may be in the beginning of teething. I know that your doc will say that it is too early, etc, but if you talk with some they will say that their children started really early. My daughter has been biting on everything and waking up to want her pacifier to soothe her little mouth. I'm expecting a tooth to pop through soon. Also, if he is congested, try a cool mist humidifier with some Vick's steamo stuff in it...it really helped her sleep better. Hope your son feels better and that mom and dad get some sleep.

You can always put some wood blocks (anything will do) under the legs of the head end of his crib/bed. This will help with sinus drainage that is probably irritating him. Elevate the bed maybe up to 3-4".
If any adult has a hiatal hernia, it is also good idea to elevate the head end of the bed.

ugh...my son slept well from 6-12 weeks and it's just gotten worse from there:( I was up every 2 hours last night and that was BETTER than Sunday night, though not as good as Monday night, he's over 7 months old. I don't know what to tell you except that many children go through growth spurts and need to eat more often. It could also be teething - it can hurt as tooth buds form in the jaw, not just when they are cutting through the gums. I know it's hard to go back to poor sleep after thinking you were home free...Good Luck!

My experience has been that a baby's sleep patterns can change for any number of reasons and for no apparent reason! If your husband has always snored, your baby is probably used to it, so I doubt that is waking him up. Motherhood is SO HARD, and I commend you for your choice to breastfeed and co-sleep. It sounds like the cold is just making him uncomfortable. Use a humidifier in your bedroom and try Little Noses drops and then suck the snot out of his nose. You might try keeping him next to you in your bed after he wakes up, as this may comfort him having you right next to him, and maybe he will sleep better. Read Nighttime Parenting and other books by William and Martha Sears. Starting right before 4 months my baby starting having sleep problems. Reflux medication to treat GERD helped, and I think she started teething then, because she got her first tooth at exactly 5 months. Between teething, reflux, and her high-need temperament (Dr. Sears decribes this in Attachment Parenting), I was horribly sleep deprived. It was a nightmare! Putting her in a crib only worked for a short time, and I found after trying every sleep trick in every book that the best I could do was continue to breastfeed and co-sleep in our bed and take naps whenever I could. Enlist your husband's help so you can catch up on some sleep. I can tell you, there will be light at the end of the tunnel, and hopefully this is just a temporary disturbance from his cold. Good luck!!

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