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My Stomach/side Hurts, Could It Be My Appendix?

Since yesterday morning, the area above my pelvis hurts on my right side. I know that this is the area of the appendix. It doesn't hurt to the touch, only every few minutes when I'm walking or turn the wrong way. It's a sharp pain, like a gas pain, but it's always in the same spot, and I don't have gas! lol!
Anyone had appendix problems that could help me out? I hate to take an unpaid day off of work to go to the doc if I don't have to.
Note: I am not ovulating, the pain is higher up than my ovaries or fallopian tubes.

What can I do next?

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Doesn't sound like the symptoms I had. My appendicitis started with pain around the navel and moved to the lower right side and was very painful to the touch. Also, fever and vomiting are common, I was told although I did not experience either one.

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I had my appendix taken out last February. I had pain in my abnominal area, constant pain. It felt like I had gas, or needed to have a bowel movement. I couldn't stand my pants to be buttoned or zipped. My neighbor is an ER nurse, I asked him the symptoms for the appendix and they were rebound pain and lay on your left side, try to bring your right leg up as someone is trying to push it down. If you cannot lift it, along with rebound pain...it's your appendix. My pain started noon on a Friday, I didn't go to the ER until 9:00 that night. They immediately put me on antibiotics and told me if I had waited any longer it would have ruptured. My two day hospital stay would have ended up being 3 weeks.


Appendicitis usually causes what's known as rebound pain. It doesn't hurt when you press on the area, but when you release the pressure, it does hurt. Other causes could be ovulation pain, or gas. Even though you may not "have gas", it could be trapped gas. You could try taking Gas X to see if it helps. If the pain continues or gets worse, I wouldn't wait too long to see a doc. Good luck.

Could be your gallbladder. You should go to your doctor and really have a sonagram to find out.

Doesn't sound like the symptoms I had. My appendicitis started with pain around the navel and moved to the lower right side and was very painful to the touch. Also, fever and vomiting are common, I was told although I did not experience either one.

It maybe a cyst on your ovary. I used to get these often and the pain sound very similar to what you are experiencing. I would try the GasX as the other post suggested just in case it is gas, but if that doesn't work, I would talk to you doctor and get checked out. I understand about taking unpaid time off of work, but if it is something serious, that unpaid day isn't as bad as the alternative.

I would say to get into your doctor. He is really the only one who could tell you for sure if something is wrong. Everyone is different and responds to illnesses different. Good luck and I hope it isn't anything serious.

I had a seeping appendix for 2 weeks. At first I thought it was just the food I ate for dinner, I vomited all night long, my whole stomach hurt, not just the side and I had a fever. I was still living with my parents in my early 20s. They kept telling me it was gas. The only problem was I did have a fever for 2 days, my stomach was sore the 2nd day I just figured from getting sick for 10+ hours. It happened on a Friday night so Monday I went to work. I was tired and for two weeks my stomach still hurt towards the end of the 1st week my right side and I was extremely tired and didn't feel good. I finally told my mom I knew something was wrong and we needed to go to the ER. She kept saying there wasn't anything and did I really want to go to the ER to just come home, and I said yes. We went to the ER around 11 PM, they checked me in and I was in surgery by 1 AM. They said my appendix had been seeping for those two weeks and I was lucky I didn't die. The only thing I said to my mom, "I told you there was something wrong with me."
You probably are just ovulating if you don't have a fever. The fever is the indicator that something is really wrong and your body is trying to fight something. I'd only see your doctor if you had a fever and was extremely drained. I have a high tolerance to pain so I have to be really bad to see the doctor.
I hope you feel better soon,

I had a semi-crampy / semi-dull pain in my stomach (around the navel) and felt like I had to have a BM when it was my appendix. It got progressively worse, I had a fever, although I didn't have rebound pain.

If you SUSPECT it's your appendix, go to the ER immediately. You are worse off if you have this pain and then no longer feel it; that means your appendix has ruptured.

It is much more likely that you have something temporarily obstructing your bowel. It is my understanding that you wouldn't be able to tolerate touch if your appendix was inflamed. At least that is what my brother tells me every time I call him because I think I am having appendicitis.

I had these symptoms too and went to the ER and they did a sonogram and I had cysts on my ovaries and one of them had ruptured. They told me that because I did not have a fever that it was not my appendix.

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