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My Sons Wart Is Cracked and Bleeding. Is It a Wart?

My 2.11 year old son had a bump on the palm of his hand which never went away. I saw a black dot in it, I thought it was a stinger in it so I tried to pick it out. After a few months someone told me it was probably a wart so I bought the liquid wart remover. After a few weeks of applying the liquid it looked like it was getting better so I stopped putting on the medicine. After a few days it cracked and when he was playing outside it started bleeding and has bled many times since then. I am concerned that maybe it is infected or not even a wart. It looks terrible and is very sore to the touch. Any advise would be appreciated.

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Take him to a dermatologist immediately.
Most likely something simple but enough time has passed that if it was going to clear up on it's own or with over the counter meds it would have.
Antibiotics or maybe laser removal should be administered by a doctor.

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It does sound like a wart - but I think it's time to go to the pediatrician if you haven't already. They will be able to give you the best information and solution.

Hope your little one is well soon!

D. G.

There are different types of warts and some do bleed or crack. A friend of mine had many warts as a child (mostly on her hands)and she often had them covered because of bleeding. It's probably best to have it checked by a doctor to make sure it's a wart. Also if it is sore to the touch there could be an infection. Hope all turns out well.

Hey Jenn , I consider myself "The Wart Healer" lmao. it definately sounds like a wart and they have very deep cores.
If you start a medicine like wart remover you have to continue useing it like the instrutions say. Years ago my oldest daughter burned herself very badly with hot water. During the healing process the palm of her hand broke out with multiple warts. Warts come from virus's & infections so i knew it was from the burn. I applied an old fashion remedy that was used many years ago. I had previously used it on a Carbuncal(ingrown hair) on my husband and just recently on a wart on his hand.
Take a "RAW" potatoe and cut a thin slice or grate approx. 1/2 teaspoon. Wrap the rest of the potatoe and put it in the Frig. At bedtime place the slice or gratings ontop of the wart and secure it with a bandage of some type just to hold it in place. With my daughters hand I used the grated potatoe, packed it on and wrapped it in gauze. Do this every night for 1 week and I guaranty it will be gone for good.
Please let me know if you take my advice and how it works.

J. N.
Scent-sations/Mia Bella's Gourmet Candles

I would call the pedi and take him in to check it. I haven't heard of a wart that bled.
Good Luck!
:o) R.

take him to the doctor

Hi J.,
The best to tell if it is a wart is by looking like califlower. I have had a few warts myself. The medicines dont always work. But if you are going to use something try compound w. If that doesn't work ask your son's dr. Unforunetly when a wart bleeds it tends to spread so please be careful. And dont pick at it and dont let your son pick it.

I have no other advise other than take him to the doctor immediately. Hope he gets better ASAP!

I had a similar bump on my hand with a black dot in it, a few years back and it was a wart. My daughter has also had a couple of them as well. I had mine removed by my physician but used the liquid wart remover on my daughter the first time and then used the medicated disks the second time. When a wart starts to get better it is important to keep putting the medicine on it to clear it completly up. Otherwise, it will come back. My sister found this out when she had one removed by her doctor and he didn't get all of it- the wart came back. Also to note that as the wart does clear up it does become cracked and can bleed because the medicine that clears it up often gets on the skin surrounding the wart. I found this out after using the liquid remover and so with my daughter's second wart I got the little medicated disks. They are little round dots that come with a little round bandaid to put over them, they hurt less than the liquid remover, are easier to apply, make it less likely that cracking and bleeding occur, and seem work pretty fast.

You could try putting Neosporine on it until it heals and isn't bleeding anymore and then try the disks or if the area is really red and looks infected though I would take him to the doctor to make sure it isn't infected and to see if it is indeed a wart. Better to be safe than sorry.

I highly suggest taking him to a doctor asap!

Hi J.,

If you have health insurance, I'd surely get your doctor to look at it.. Even without health insurance your county health department would be a great resource. I personally don't think I'd keep treating it until I knew what it was. Little skin growths can be many different things.

it would be best to take your son to a dermatologist or even his pediatrician to get that checked out.

Take him to a dermatologist immediately.
Most likely something simple but enough time has passed that if it was going to clear up on it's own or with over the counter meds it would have.
Antibiotics or maybe laser removal should be administered by a doctor.

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