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My Son's Front Tooth Is Turning Gray!!!


My 4 year old son was playing on a skateboard with his brother about 2 weeks ago. He was lying on his belly and as he was being pushed, his front tooth hit the skateboard. It bled just slightly and when I checked it, it didn't even seem loose. I didn't think anything of it because that sort of thing had happened to my older son quite a few times, and nothing bad had ever come of it. Yesterday I noticed that it was a slight gray color. I've been freaking out because today it has just gotten worse. I don't know what really needs to be done about it. We don't have insurance, so I am very worried that we'll have to pay a huge bill at the dentist (or the tooth hospital as he calls it). I am also worried about what he might have to go through if it has to be pulled, etc. I would appreciate any advice and would like to know if this has happened to any of your children. Thanks.

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Thanks everyone for all your responses. I feel much better now, after reading most of your stories. I believe that what I will do is just not take him to a dentist unless the abcess or pimple, like some of you described, appears. He still isn't in any pain, and he doesn't even care about the discoloration. We'll just wait for that adult tooth to come in! Thanks a lot! ~Jessica

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Sounds like there's nerve damage to the tooth. Take him to a dentist. Perhaps the permanent tooth which grows in won't be gray.

HI, J.
I had a similar situation with my son only his tooth didn't gray at all. Try going to St. Elizabeth of Hungary Clinic (Speedway) or El Rio Clinic (various sites) here in Tucson. They both are on the sliding fee scale. Also try Dedicated Dental Service or one of those dental chains here. More than likely, it will be one visit. Good luck!

The tooth most likely died, but will stay in place until it falls out and he gets his adult tooth. No worries, he can keep it there until it falls out.

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This happened to my 3 year old daughter last April. I did take her to the dentist, but they said that it was just a bruised tooth. It will stay dark grey in color and nothing needs to be done. It will eventually fall out since it's a baby tooth. I wouldn't be concerned about taking him to the dentist. She actually went to the dentist yesterday for a 6 mo. check-up and they said it's still doing fine (not wiggly or anything). Just let your son know that he has a special tooth now and when kids ask about it, just let them know he bruised it. Good luck.

My friends daughter had a tooth turn grey and her dentist told her the tooth is bruised and not to worry it will fall out. I think it has been over a year and still no problems with her tooth and she has been back to the dentist I think twice since the incident.

When my little brother was about 4 or 5 one of his teeth turned gray. The dentist said it was a dead tooth, but he left it there and when his permanent tooth came in it was white. So it could be just fine, but dentists aren't as expensive as doctors so you might want to find a place and ask how much it would cost just to have them check it out.

The tooth most likely died, but will stay in place until it falls out and he gets his adult tooth. No worries, he can keep it there until it falls out.

Dear J.; I tend to agree with the cooler heads. The grayness is dried blood inside the tooth, but I don't think this will carry over into the adult replacement tooth. The thing to watch for is a swelling or boil on the gum above the tooth. That means there is an abcess and it would need to be pulled and he might need some antibiotics. Your son is close to the age when new teeth appear so you could leave the space and not worry about it. My daughter did the same thing when she was two and a half. It abcesssed and had to be pulled and she had a space for a long time but got a nice new adult tooth - which she proceeded to bump again. The dentist injected bleach into the new tooth and it hardly shows. We could do veneers, but why. So check out his gums regularly unless he complains of pain.

Sounds like the tooth could be dying.
maybe this will help...


or here...


Hopefully it is a baby tooth! ;)

I think your sons tooth is dying. You should get him into the dentist. When I was younger I bumped my front tooth really hard on something and my parents never took me in. By the time I went to the dentist months later my tooth had died and there was nothing the dentist could to about it. He said that they would have done a root canal had I gone in earlier, but my parents waited so long to take me in that my canal had totally healed over and disappeared. Now I am stuck with a really dark tooth in the front that can't be bleached to make it lighter, because usually they bleach the tooth inside out via through the canal. And honestly it bothers me how dark my tooth is because it is where everyone can see it and I am stuck with it for life. Several dentists offer payment plans, where you can pay your bills a little every month say 15 or 20 dollars. So I would call around and ask if they offer any payment plans.

The same thing happened to my daughter when she was about 2. At that time we decided to do a root canal and cap because of her age and that there was a possibility of it falling out prematurly. If he's four, I wouldn't worry about it. The dentist will tell you the same thing. There's nothing speacial that needs to be done. He'll be losing that tooth in a year or so anyways. I wouldn't bother putting him through the trauma!

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