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My Son Swallowed a Coin!

If anyone has a child who swallowed a coin or other foreign object, could you tell me how long it took for the child to pass it? My 22-month-old "ate" a quarter on Monday, had 4 dirty diapers since and no coin so far. I am starting to worry even though the medical profession does not seem to. Any help?

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We had a procedure today to remove the coin which had been stuck in the stomach for 11 days! We found out that the smallest part of the GI track in a child his age is NOT before the stomach (like we were told in the ER the day it happened)but after! The safest and prefered way to deal with this is to wait a while (even up to a month) and hope it comes out but Nathan started vomiting, not eating and that's why we had the procedure (general anesthesia, tube through the mouth).We now have a quite a story to tell and the quarter to prove it! Thanks for all your input. I really appreciated it!

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Hi I got you post a little late I too had a son to do something like that I wish it were as easy as that
My son is ten years old now ....but your coin story got my attention for this reason .... We were out on a date My husband and I We had no idea he had swallowed anything .... I notice my son coughing alot the next morning wondering what could be wrong . He ,along with his brothers 4 all together had a babysitter the night before ...
I told my husband it seems strange he coughs so different???I took Preston to the doctors and sure enough xrays and the found a foreign object they said it looks like a nickle or a quarter ??? just give him his bottle and go to this other hospital they will remove it (my Insurance ??) anyway to make a long story short....

a He had not swallowed a coin it was a battery from a saftey light (HA HA HA...for Halloween trick or treating to flash and warn people of children )
We started at one hospital and then went to 2 others 1 by ambulance he was in serious trouble we noticed his color changing . He bacame limp and had a high fever ! The thing that was horrible was the doctor told us just give him his bottle 13 months old at the time ... They could do nothing for 8 hours until the last sip of the milk they had what they thought was a coin , Went down there in his throat, found it to be a battery and everything changed he was experiencing 3rd degree burns in his throat and said his voice box may never work and so on .... he fed through a tube for 1 month& 1/2 through his nose /on a pump to make it go into his stomach by passing all the burn . They told me he may need skin graphs every year til adult hood ???

The moral of the story is do not give them any liquids if you think they may have swallowed anything... due to surgery to remove it ? and the other thing always get 2nd opinion and if it is a object, ANY OBJECT !!! get it out!!! dont wait anytime!!1 It could be something worse than a coin....
We did xrays ... it looked like a coin ? perfectly round and everyone seems to giggle and said another kid swallowed something and sent us on our way ... they had no idea the severity, and the wait we had 8 hour in emergency while the battery burned his throat . He is fine today screams loud and remembers the incident slightly ... he was in intensive care for 2 weeks in isolation ...
Very bad stuff... you are lucky I am glad you are all OK!

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I would call your pediatrician or your local hospital and ask them. I was told when I thought that my son swallowed a quarter, that it should appear in a couple of days and if it didn't to call them or take him in. I do know that when it did finally pass (the next day), it was very difficult to find, but he was having hard stools. I would think that if it has not passed by now, they would at least want to do an x-ray or ultrasound to see if it is still in there.

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Saw something like that on Discovery Channel Health. Usually food takes about 2-3 days to fully digest. If you notice that your son begins weezing then you should seek medical attention. Other than that, if you are still concerned sometimes you may need to be a little more demanding on what it is you want the doctors to do. I have the same issues with some medical providers. Good Luck :)

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Now you should go buy the book "Curious George Goes to the Hospital" . . . It will mean a lot :)

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The worst part is over. As long as it cleared his esophagus, it is now just a waiting game. This happened to our son a few years back and it took almost 10 days for it to pass. He was fine throughout and we had quite a story to tell since we thought he swallowed a nickel originally.

Hang in there. Chopsticks make the search a bit more palatable :].

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my son was about 2years old when he did the same thing. Lucky for us we had a metal detector (like poeple use to look for coins in the ground), and scanned his belly every day. could tell by the beep that the coin was moving each day, then about a week later no beep - saved me from having to check the stools as well. Hope this helps

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Yes, my son swallowed a penny once, and it took about a week for it to pass. It sounds like your son's bowels are still working properly, try not to worry yet. I know it is hard, I worried too, and was so relieved to finally see that penny!

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I feel your pain! The waiting is frustrating. A few weeks ago, my 3 year old told me that she swallowed something. There were four pieces to this game she has, which were not quite as big as a quarter but definitely as long as a quarter. Anyway, I called the doc and was told that as long as she wasn't wheezing or coughing to give it a week or so (I waited a week and a half) and if she still hadn't passed it then to come in and have her x-rayed. She has bowel movements on time everyday and I checked her every day. Nada. We never saw it, so we took her in to have the x-rays. They took x-rays of her stomach and throat and nothing showed up. We either missed it in her stool or she never swallowed it at all. We searched everywhere and couldn't find it so I'm convinced it passed and we didn't notice it. A quarter is definitely big enough to show up on an x-ray. I say to give it about 10 days and then go in and have the x-ray done. If they don't pass it in a week or so then the doctors become worried that it has become lodged in their intestines or thier esophogus.(Believe it or not it can be lodged at the base of the throat and they still can breathe and act normal.) Better to be safe than sorry. Kids do all kinds of weird things and you can't watch them every second of the day. In the mean time watch out for sudden coughing or wheezing or sudden onset of stomach ache or vomitting. Those are the important signs of distress. I hope everything goes well and that your little one passes it soon. Waiting is the hardest part!!!

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