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My Son Snores like a Grown Man

My son Nicholas, who is 3, has been snoring really loud lately. He had his adenoids taken out the end of September and that snoring had stopped but now it's progressively getting worse and worse. I think it may be his tonsils because he does a choke, gag, cough thing sometimes in the middle of the night. I may be over reacting but I cant even sleep in the room with him anymore. I put on my MP3 player and turn it up as loud as it will go and I can still hear him snoring. I am open to any advice.

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On Wednesday we went to see the ENT. He agreed with me that my son's tonsils are HUGE. They are almost to the point of looking like they are touching. He wants me to try Nasonex for 8 weeks then come back to see him. He says that at this point I should observe and make sure my son doesn't stop breathing at night. So with that said I will be patient but if things don't improve I will be going right back.

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Take him back to the doc. Adenoids do grow back. His tosils also my be to big. My sons were 3X to big.

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My daughter went thru the same thing when she was 6 - 8YO. She eventually had her adnoids removed at 8 when it was determined that she didn't have allergeries. Her snoring did improve for a few months and then it seemed to come back after a cold. Check to see if he has a sinus infection. If so once that is cleared, it should go away. That's is what happened to my daughter. Now that she is older and her immune sysytem is stronger, she hardly ever gets sick and the snoring is gone.

Sounds like sleep apnea....maybe an allergist or a lung dr could refer you or I guess you won dr...I have a child that has his adenoids out ( due to getting ear tubes that's what this dr did) he still snores not every night I think it really depends on how he is laying. I had my tonsils and adenoids taken out years ago I still saw some logs most night due to allergies and getting stuffy from them. Maybe trying those nose strips might help it's worth a try if he'll keep it on. Best wishes to you.

Until you figure out if there is a structural problem, get him off milk. Milk sensitivities both create and increase congestion and will add to your problem. Give him water, water, and more water. If he really loves milk, substitute Rice Dream Rice milk. Kids usually love it and because there is no cows protein, it will not cause the congestion. Yogurt, cheese, ice cream all need to be substitued.


I'm sorry that I don't have any advice, but I sleep with earplugs. I have for years. I don't hear most sounds at night, but I do hear my son when he needs me. I hope this helps for your sleep-sake. GOOD LUCK!!

Wow, after my son's adenoids were taken out he slept so much better. If your son is still having problems, I would definitely take him back for a checkup. The choke, gag, cough thing worries me because usually that occurs in overweight adults and causes sleep to be interrupted where they don't really get adequate sleep. I am sure there is a solution that will help the both of you get the sleep that is needed.

Hi T.,
I would highly suggest taking him to a Chiropractor! The ear/nose/throat are all connected and can certainly be altered by cervical (neck) misalignments. This can be such an easy fix and its the LEAST invasive care you can get for him. Please check into it. You will be AMAZED with the results:) Best of luck!

Does sound like it could be sleep apnea. To eliminate that possibility, you should try to get an appointment with a pulmonologist and/or sleep specialist. If he were not waking up choking, I would not think sleep apnea, but since he is, it is important to eliminate that diagnosis.

Take him back to the doc. Adenoids do grow back. His tosils also my be to big. My sons were 3X to big.

This past summer my son had his adenoids and tonsils removed. His ENT explained that it is all ONE tissue wall and if one part is abnormally large the whole part is and that removing only one part will not fix the other. After having my sons both removed his sleeping is awesome and I can't hear him at all. Plus no more sleep apnea. Which might be what the gagging/chocking sound is that your son has. I hope that helps. Sounds like you may have to have his tonsils removed. BTW my son had a night time bed wetting problem that literally cleared the night he had his surgery. He has had only a few accidents since. Good Luck!

Hi T.,

Snoring doesn't necessarily mean there is an adenoid or tonsil problem. Snoring only occurs when someone is NOT in deep sleep. Something may be preventing him from resting soundly.

If he wasn't snoring (after his adenoids were out) and he is snoring now, take an inventory of what has changed in the house or in his environment. Environment plays an incredibly large part in a child's life because children are so small and are affected by things we don't even notice. It could be anything from a new toy, a mattress, a different laundry detergent, or something at a Mom's Day Out. (Detoxing always helps.) This could possibly be an easy fix.

God bless!


I'd deffinately take him to a ped to have him checked out, it could be just allergies , nose stopped up so he has to breath with his mouth open at night and drainage down the back of his throat causing the choke gag cough, or it could be something more serious like apnea. Also my daughter does that middle of the night cough thing , that's how I know her asthma is acting up.

That sounds like pediatric sleep apnea. This is a serious condition where people stop breathing while they are asleep for a few seconds at a time. It causes very loud snoring, as well as the coughing/gagging/choking feeling in the middle of the night. You really might want to talk to a pediatrician or specialist.

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