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My Son Repeatedly Keeps Getting Sick

I have an 11 year old son. He just started middle school this year and is making good grades. He keeps getting sick over and over. His symptoms last about a week and always are at the end of the month. He is weak, nauseated, sore throat, headache,chest congestion/chest pain and most of all aches all over. He has been to the doctor each time. Usually it is a sinus infection or bronchitis,or a virus. It has not been the flu or strep and he has had no fever or neck pain, but I think they are mostly viruses. We took him in yesterday and she did bloodwork to check for mono/anemia, etc. I think his immune system is down and he is just picking up every little bug out there. I just think it is weird that is is cyclical. Has anyone seen anything like this? Thank you.

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My goodness. Thank you, all 52 of you for your reponses. I got so many great suggestions. I have not been able to personally respond to all of you but want to thank you all. We did get the blood work back and it is not Mono or Anemia. We had to go back to the doctor on Friday, due to the pesistant sore throat and achiness. She put him on an antibiotic for a sinus infection and he is so much better. I am going to start out by having him get to bed earlier, get more vitamin C and perhaps cut out a few specific foods. I am also going to take the suggestion to see if the school sprays monthly as one person mentioned. I got so many helpful answers. I am going to start out slowly with the Juice Plus vitamins and see if that helps. Thank you all so much for your suggestions. B.

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I did daycare for a while and saw this in several kids from the same school. They had a company spray for bugs and mold at the same time each month. It was triggering allergies and stirring up illnesses in them.

It might be wise to ask the school if they do anything ,even maintainence, on a monthly basis.

Lots of vitamin C. I also recommend starting him on some immune support like Colostrum, or Moducare (both of with are OTC at the vitamin store). Also if he has been on antibiotics, getting him some probiotics will help repopulate his gut with beneficial bacteria which also help protect the immune system. All are available as chewables if he prefers.

Quality food supplement and probiotics is what he needs. Shaklee is an excellent brand (that is what I have researched and take.) Whole Foods has some good choice as well.

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Dear B.
I am just Dr. Mom but raising children teaches us alot--I have 31 yr. old twin sons and a 20 yr. old.
The symptoms you describe sound like food intolerance.
Profound food allergies can cause the immune system to weaken--symptoms can effect a person head to toe.
Wheat,dairy,peanut,corn are top of the list oftentimes.
If you change the diet, eliminate normal foods and he feels better---you will see dramatic difference.
We usually crave what we are intolerant too.Think about his diet.Eating foods that irritate our systems, break our systems down,creating auto immune illness later in life.
I was just diagnosed with profound food allergies at 55 after yrs. of symptoms--someone just needed to connect the dots--and I found a Dr. who did--now I can help my children. They have headaches, repeat sinus, stomach problems all underlying food intolerance. Just a thought.

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B., I feel your pain. My daughter used to be the same way, on antibiotics all of the time for earaches, strep throat, sinus infections, bronchitis...I finally gave up on Western Medicine and took her to my acupuncturist. His name is Dr. Steve Homoky ###-###-####), and he treated her food allergies and environmental sensitivities with NAET (www.naet.com). No needles, just acupressure, and since then, it's been 4 years w/ no major illnesses. No antibiotics. In fact, she's only missed a handful of days from school, mostly due to pure exhaustion. She has had some pretty severe reactions to drugs, so this was the right path for our family. And best of all, she doesn't have to avoid any foods like most of the elimination diets out there. It's a permanent fix! Good luck, and feel free to call me if you have more questions. There are other docs out there who do these treatments, and they can be found on the website.

B. Biehl

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My oldest son was that way at that age. As it turns out, he had celiac disease, which is an intolerance to the protein found in wheat, rye, barley and most oats (i.e., gluten intolerance). This leads to nutritional deficiencies and can result in anemia. It also results in poor immunce function, as it is an autoimmune disease. If you or your husband are of Northern European descent, then your son should be screened - it's the most under-diagnosed genetic disorder and you don't have to have overt GI symtpoms. I was also like your son (picking up every virus that was around) for years before being diagnosed at 42 (that's how I figured my kids were also impacted and realized that my son's issues weren't normal).
I also agree with the suggestions on probiotoics and NAET (even if it is celiac). Both of these have helped my family tremendously, since the celiac damages the gut, it results in reactions to many foods and many things in the environment.

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We have had the same problem this year. My daughter is 10 and has missed 8 days of school in the last 4 weeks. She has had all different stuff like your son. Everytime she misses i call the school to let them know and they tell me a lot of other kids are calling in sick too. Lasy week 8 out of 20 kids were out in her class. Her dr told me that she isn't getting enough time for her immune system to recover before she is exposed to something else. His only suggestion was to buy her vitimans with extra vitiman c to boost her immune system.

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Love Beverly ideas. I see an acupuncturist too and believe in that path. Here are other ideas. Your health starts in your digestive tract. Go to Sprouts (far but worth it), Mike’s vitamins (McKinney) and get acidophilus. You can get larger pills (my 11 boy can take them, but everyone’s different) or chewable. I like the stuff in the fridge the best. That will build his intestinal floral and his immune system. He is depleted. Also, at either of those places they have essential oils. eucalyptus, bergamot or lavender will all be great. They’ll be able to help you there on how to mix, or drop me an email and I’ll explain. But you do need to mix it, don’t put it on him straight! Rubbing that on his chest, traps, deltoids, down his arms and especially in the top edge of the crick on the elbow. That will help a ton with the lung congestion and phlegm.
It’s a terrible feeling to see you kids sick and not know what to do:(
S. M

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A lot starts on the inside, what we put into our bodies depends on what we get out of them. Try to google immunity foods most are the red and blue ones. Have him take multi vitamins with vit C. It has been a rough year here at our house too. Maybe he can carry sanitizer and use throughout the day??? Remind him not to put fingers in mouth, rub eyes, or nose because that is how those germs enter our body. Overuse of antibiotics will also cause our body to change and it will begin to count on those and won't fit infections itself as much or as hard. Good luck, it is hard to have sick kiddos even at 11 yrs old.


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Is your son getting enough sleep? Is he stressed about school or maintaining those good grades? Is he eating nutritiously with foods that are good sources of vitamins and minerals? If it's as cyclical as you say, lack of sleep or stress can take a major toll on anyone's immunity. His body catches up when he's home sick, which lasts about a month until his body gets to be run-down again. Try monitoring his sleep and stress. Make sure he's not one of those kids who is over-scheduled with little or no "free play" time. Also, try a kids' multivitamin every day with breakfast. Vitamin supplements can do a lot to prevent or reduce the symptoms of a cold. Also, chiropractic care can be very beneficial for people (including children) with chronic problems or even stress.

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B.....Have you considered that nutrition may be a part of the reason his immune system is in a weakened condition? The scientific literature is full of research that supports the concept of eating raw fruits and vegetables to fortify the immune system. The recommended amount is 7-13 serving per day. Almost impossible? It is not unusual for a child to get less than 7 servings A WEEK! I invite you to look at a whole food solution to your son's problem. Please go to my website, www.drfredaurbach.com and look at the information under the "science" heading. There is a way you can get this FREE for you son.
Have a great day,
Fred E. Aurbach, DDS ###-###-####

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Hi B., My name is V. Hanna and I was reading your note this morning. I have a doctor in Rowlett that has done wonders for me. I went to him several years ago with a very weakened immuned system due to a virus in my system. He gave me a particular diet and vitamins by IV. He put me on a regular diet/vitamin routine and I have felt so much better. The IV vitamins go straight to your cells and works much faster. My particular health insurance(United Healthcare) covered the IV's at that time but don't any longer. But they do pay for vitamin shots. I don't know what exactly he would do for your son but I have no doubt that this doctor can help him. I had already seen 3 doctors before I found this one and he is the only one that truely seemed interested in helping me get well. He is all about prevention, getting to the root of the illness and not just putting a band aid on the symtoms. I trust him and highly recommend him. Here is his information:

Dr. V. John Gonino D.O., P.A.
Gonion Wellnes Group
5700 Rowlett Rd.
Suite #120
Rowlett, Texas 75088
Phone # ###-###-####
email address www.goninowellness.com

Here is my email if I can answer any questions for you: ____@____.com

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It is 5am and I sit here on my computer reading your story which is ironic due to the fact that my seven year old just woke up with a fever and headache and body pain. We too have been sick so much that I got a note from his school about his attendance. It seems like just once he gets better from something he then gets something else. He is also on Tami-flu since his little brother had the flu last Friday, which if he would have gotten that then he would have gotten it alot sooner. Anyhow, My husband and I (before he left for work lucky duck) were just saying how he is sick about every two weeks. I am exhusted and I am sure you are too. It is the season for cold and virus stuff. I have recently invested in a large Costco pack of lysol disinfectant. I hot wash all of my sheets the instant I know they are sick. I was even keeping my 3 year old home all week from preschool since his birthday party is on Saturday to keep him well, so much for that huh! Now that my 7 year old is sick I am sure it will spread. Anyhow, what I wanted to ask you is...... does he have this issue in the summer time when he is not in school? My kids maybe get like one cold all summer ( always when we are on vacation) but that is it. This is why I love summer time. If this is just recent, then it could have something to do with the weather and I would definitly go and see an ENT doctor or allergist. Ok he is coughing I gotta run. let me know how he is and how things go or what you find out. good luck

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All of us develope a weekened immune system if we are not getting adequate nutrition from fresh raw fruits and veggies. It manifests itself in everyone differently. My kids were sick all the time because they would not eat the healthy stuff. Someone told me about Juice Plus and it has made a huge difference in all of our lives.It is simply good food in a capsule. I can tell you more if you would like. L. ____@____.com

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I have a 16 year old son that had a weak immune system and was always getting sick during the school year. He never got sick during the summer but as soon as school started it seemed he caught everything going around. At the beginning of this school year he missed 16 days alone. I started him on a health drink with Fucoidan and he has not been sick since and neither has anyone in my family. You need to get him on something that will boost his immune system so he can fight what's around him everywhere he goes. E-mail me and I can get you more information at ____@____.com

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Hey B.,

I'm sorry to hear about your son getting sick all the time. We went through this same scenario with my daughter a few years ago. She ended up having her tonsils removed and has done better. One thing you might also ask the Dr to consider is a saline sinus treatment. From the symptoms, it sounds like his body is over producing mucus in his sinus membranes and with that excess, bacteria & viruses have a home to create an infection. The excess mucus could be due to air borne allergens, the weather extremes we have had this year or food borne allergens. The drainage leaves your throat raw & sore and since it drains into the stomach, can make you feel very nauseated. The saline "wash" is like a Roto-rooter cleanse and is very effective at eliminating the little bugs that are resistant and seem to hide out deep in the sinus system. Thus creating that cycle of getting better then sick. I would also recommend going to the dollar store and buying a bunch of extra tooth brushes and having him use a new one every couple of days. Tooth brushes can be a host home for some viruses and when he puts it directly in his mouth to brush his teeth, they can transfer. Just thought I would share this info with you--not typically conventional medicine but very effective!

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Boil or change his toothbrush. He could be reinfecting himself.

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B., It is not just you it is alot of family's right now. Since the first of this year there hasn't been a week that one of my girls or my husband was not sick. The illness vary too, stomach flu, sinus infection, throat infection and my favorite Strep. I asked our doctor what I needed to do to the house, I was afraid they were getting it from each other. I lysol anything that stands still long enough and chase whatever moves. I even put lysol in my wash with towels and sheets. he said it is not our house but school and the workplace. That makes sense I guess cause I am the only one to stay fairly well so far. I work mostly out of my house and not exposed to as much. Now that I have said that though my luck may have run out. I woke this morning with a sore throat and lots of drainage. Good Luck with your son and know you are not alone I at least am fighting the same battle.

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I think alot of it is so much gunk is going around...alot of kids getting sick, but different things everytime, so it's a constant circle. Just keep washing hands, eating healthy, get plenty of rest and pray! :o)

Good luck!!

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I would definitely take a close look at your son's diet. I read just recently that sugar greatly compromises the immune system. In addition to the obvious sugar in our diet, there are so many processed foods that contain sugar. Sometimes it is hard to get your kids to eat a healthy diet but it is well worth the effort.

Lots of vitamin C. I also recommend starting him on some immune support like Colostrum, or Moducare (both of with are OTC at the vitamin store). Also if he has been on antibiotics, getting him some probiotics will help repopulate his gut with beneficial bacteria which also help protect the immune system. All are available as chewables if he prefers.

I have had the same experiance. My son is 13 though. He keeps getting sinus infections. Our doctor gave him a nose spray (Fluticazone) and He is on Claratin for indoor Allergies. I have added a kids Multivitamin and a ester C. he is still getting sick at least once a month it seems like its every 2 weeks though becuse he never seems it seems as soon as he gets well another virus gets introduced into his system. its been bad. I was told a good Cold Vaporizer is helpful so we are off to get that and to change his OTC meds. to Zyertec or something. Another thing is maybe fiber and a good flora for his stomach for all the antibiotics we have had him on. He keep getting infections so we give him an antibiotic for all the sinus infections. But you are not alone it seems we are all facing this. I think the main problem is the schools need to help by keeping the surfaces wiped down, keeping the kids home when sick but they are usually speading the sickness before they know they are sick, and NOT FINISING the antibiotics!!! I think thats the big Culprit! I think the parents don't make sure the kids are finishing the meds! And our foods have hormones in them and this dosent help either. Hope this helps 1)cold Vaporizer, Nose spray, OTC allergy medication, and a Fiber and Vitamin C and a GOOD Acidophillos the kind that has go in the fridge. and consult the doctor before doing the the nose spray and the allergy medication. actually you need a prescription for the spray anyway : ) so might as well just talk them about all of it! Hope this halps I need help too my son keeps getting sick too hopefully the vaporizer and change in OTC meds helps us ! GOOD LUCK!

I know what you are going thru!!! My 4 year old son goes thru the same thing!! They have run blood work, we have seen an infectious disease Dr. at Cooks, you name it! Same thing, it is viral! He gets a little cold and his immune system bottoms out, then he picks up EVERYTHING out there. I feel bad for him, but he acts like it does not bother him. It seems like before we get him over one thing he has picked up something else!! The worst part is he gives it to the whole family!!! Our home is like something out of a horror movie, we are always sick!! I have tried vitamins, more fruit and veggies, ISOLATION, nothing helps. He went to daycare for 3 mo and it was a nightmare and we pulled him out, now he will be starting Kindergarten and I am terrified!!! I will be watching to see if anyone has any advice for you! Sorry I couldn't help, but it was nice to vent to someone else with the same problem:)

Wow, looks like you have gotten a lot of advice on this. I hope you take the time to read this. I had an extremely similar situation and here's what we did.

My daughter kept getting sick -- just as your son did. She was feeling ok on Mondays but terrible on Fridays. Our doctor did blood work to find that her Vitamin D level was extremely low. Evidently Vitamin D is what runs your immune system. We get most of our vitamin D from the sun -- well in my daughter's case with more homework, etc. she was coming home from school and staying inside so basically she wasn't getting any. Our dr recommended 2 things -- get her outside as much as possible (but with cold weather that's hard to do) and to put her on a Vit D supplement until summer. The other thing was to make sure she was getting enough rest!!!

After being on the Vit D for about a month now, she is healthier and even looking better. She has good color in her skin and is much better. She also seems to have more energy.

I hope this helps!

I have a 6 year old that gets sick every week by Thursday or Friday. Better enough to go to school on Monday, but then is sick again Thursday or Friday. This happens every week!

When I took him to the doctor and said, I'm done...we need to figure out what is going on....then we found out.

One, he never really got well. Physically he seemed well enough on Monday to go to school, but truth is he was still in a weakend immune state and he just picked up other bugs on top of what he had.

Second, we tested his classroom and found mold....tons of mold in the air. It was weakening his immune system. He was simply allergic to it, and there was a ton. Infact, there was a ton in the whole school and now the school is recommended for demolition, though it's not scheduled to be done for another two years.

There are so many hidden things it could be. He has three bottles of handsanitizer at school, one he carries in his pocket so that he can do his hands constantly.

When I pick him up from school I have santizing wipes and I do his arms, legs, face, hands...everything.

It has helped a little. But you need to find out the root of the problem and don't give up.

Yes, my 6yr old son seems to due the same thing. Ever since he started going to preschool last year he keeps getting colds, ear injections, strip throat. Not always with a fever! Im am getting very frustrated and concerned and the doctors don't seem to be worried. They say, it's part of starting the school thing! Last year he kept getting this cough, kept taking him to the doctors. Thought I was crazy, because they said it was alergies. Will guess what he had a bad lung infection. Go figure.
Can anyone give me advise?

Check out www.mercola.com and the body ecology diet. A lot of these things are diet, exercise and/or emotionally related. You can find a good source of probiotics, fish oils, and other herbal/home remedies that could really help either on the internet or your local health food store. The mercola newsletter is free to your e-mail twice weekly.

I haven't seen anything like this specifically, but my 2 year old started always getting the stomach bug. Almost every month on the month. So this year when my 6 year old went back to school I started them on vitamins with extra vitamin C. Not just regular vitamins make sure they have extra vitamin C. Neither of my daughters have been sick since August and I even had Strep throat around them and they didn't get it from me. Hope this helps.

Have you considered allergies? My kids and both their parents (me & Hubby) have allergies, mostly outdoor. They are caused by a defficiency or weakness in the immune system (that is usually inherited).
Our symtoms when they flare (sound like your son's, by the way)are:
-They seem to come on fast
-no fever
-run us down (tierd)
-sore throat (usually first symtom) followed by sometimes and slight runny or stuffy nose and sometimes cough, and, if not resolved, cause sinus infections, strep throat, and or bronchitis/RSV (all of which at least one of us has had this winter!)!

If your son truely has a virus, it may be caused by allergies. But, many viruses go un-detected, or there is no way to test for most viruses, so that might be what the dr. says when he comes up with no other cause.

You would be surprised how many people have allergies and never even know it. I've had them my whole life and never even suspected until I was 19.

My suggestion: Find and allergy dr. and take your son there! It can't hurt him and a visit/consultation is no more than any other dr. visit. Talk to the dr. and see if what he/she has to say makes sense to you! You never know-it just might be the cause and there you may find your "cure"!

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions, but I can tell you that when we get sick, most of the time it is allergy related that turns into something more severe. Also, I have a great dr. if you are in N DFW (denton/Lewisville).

Best of luck!

Quality food supplement and probiotics is what he needs. Shaklee is an excellent brand (that is what I have researched and take.) Whole Foods has some good choice as well.

call this 24/7 hotline for more info give me call we will talk or just email me
H. rn

Hi B. G,

Sorry to hear your son is ill. I have personally gotten sick like he is repeatedly and have known of a few kids who have. Has he been tested for allergies? If no virus is causing this, there is a very good chance that he has environmental or food allergies, or a combo. Allergies mess with the immune system then once they weaken the sinuses will drain and cause all sorts of upper respiratory issues. I know of a good allergy doctor his name is Alvin Aubry in Irving ###-###-####. I did go to see what exactly I was allergic to, but opted for holistic alternatives for my treatment which have worked. Medication/Drugs only mask the symptom and never treat the issue. Also if he is on processed foods, get him off. If you can get organic, try some of those products, if not use Braggs apple cider vinegar to clean your veggies. Eliminate toxic products especially in his room. Shaklee has good non toxic products and you can buy 7th generation detergent from any Krogers. If you need additional information, drop me an email and good luck.

Vitamins to build up immune system are B complex. Keep a journal of what he eats and see if you notice reactions. He might be delayed meaning it could take him a few days to react. When he gets sick is it mostly during the school week?
Good start is to allergy proof his room 1st.

Looking for good kids vitamins check out my website at:


http://www.shaklee.net/brittcarroll/product/20007 - CHEWABLE

email: ____@____.com

Get Juice Plus ASAP! Juice Plus really does make a huge difference for those who tend to get sick a lot. You can even double the amount in the begining to speed results. I took it during my last pregnancy and didn't get sick the entire time. My baby girl was born 5 weeeks early (because of food poisoning) but required no special care. Bottom line -- Juice Plus works!
You can learn more and purchase at www.juiceplus.com/+mn04439

Good luck!

Yes! We went through something very similar with our son. He is also 11. My son started having a strange recurrent illness beginning in 2005. I noticed a pattern so I started marking it on the calendar. It came every 6 weeks without fail. He would get very tired, start to run a fever, become nauseated (sometimes with vomiting), have a sore throat, and his body would ache. When the illness came on, it would drain his energy. He also had bad headahces.He would sleep all day and all night. He didn’t have an appetite. When I took him to the doctor they would diagnose it as being a virus. They did blood work and various other tests trying to figure out what was wrong. What we couldn’t figure out was why the illness came every six weeks. We thought maybe it was diet, so we took out red dye, sugar, wheat, eggs, and all other foods we thought it might be. We were desperate and left no stone unturned. Something was knocking his immune system down. I thought maybe it was allergy related. We bought an EcoQuest Air Purifier. That only made everyone in the family have headaches. Since we were trying anything and everything, we decided to install a new central air unit in our house with a very expensive "pure air" filtration system thinking that perhaps we had molds up in our ventilation system. We also redid all our ducting in the attic. I tell you all of this just so you'll understand that we tried EVERYTHING!! We bought the anti-allergen mattress and pillow covers for his bed. We bought a Kirby vacuum cleaner with the high powered HEPA filter. I vacuumed and dusted daily. I bought expensive vitamins for him and healthy energy drinks trying to boost his immune system. Nothing we tried worked. He continued to get the mysterious "virus" every 6 weeks.

One day I was talking to a friend of mine about the situation. I was in tears because I couldn’t figure out what was wrong or how to help my son. Our other children were healthy as could be. No one in the house caught the “virus” every six weeks. I was telling her how we had tried everything and I was so discouraged! After listening to my story, she told me that she went through the exact same thing when she was a child. She said with great conviction, "GET HIS TONSILS TAKEN OUT!!" She said that when she was a child she was sick all the time. Her “illness" also use to come in cycles. After 6 years of her being a very sick child, her doctor finally removed her tonsils. She said that as soon as the tonsils came out --the mystery cyclic illness was gone.

Hearing this, I immediately scheduled an appointment with our family doctor. I told him what my friend had told me. He explained that the tonsils are a part of the body's defense system; however, if they are weak or not working correctly they can actually be toxic. Since we had already done so many other tests --and tried so many different things (diet, allergy prevention etc) our doctor said there would be no harm in referring us to an ENT (Ear Nose and Throat specialist) for a consult. We went to see Dr. Michael Bryan in Southlake. He said with our recurrent illnesses that there were grounds to remove the tonsils. On June 15, 2007 my son had a tonsillectomy.

I cannot tell you what a life changing experience that was!! After my son’s recovery, he has not been sick at all! No colds, no allergies, and most importantly the "mystery illness" that came without fail every six weeks is GONE!! He has not missed one day from school this year. We went from missing an average of 15-20 school days per year, to missing ZERO days! He is so proud that he has achieved "perfect attendance" so far this year. After his surgery, he has more energy, he is happier, he loves school, he makes better grades because he isn't falling behind due to sick days, his allergies are improved, he doesn't catch every single cold going around....I could go on and on and on!

Getting my son's tonsills removed was the best thing we ever did!!

This stuff is going around and it is hard to fight. I am a strong believer in All Natural Vitamins. That is one thing that will lift his immune system to fight off these viruses. They did wonders for my daughter. She all of a sudden developed Asthma at the age of 14 and we did not know why. We found out through her doctor that it was the cleaners we used also that were bringing her immune system down and causing her to be sick all the time. Have you read what is in those cleaners? So I put her on immune building vitimins and went to all natural cleaners. If you want to check it out, go to my website.
It made a huge difference when I switched. This is the same company that Oprah Winfrey gave away on her Favorites show. It will change your life.
Have a great day.

My daughter did something similar 2 years ago. We had every test imaginable done on her. After hearing it was stress, food choices etc., making her immune system really week, we sought natural healthcare advice. We think the foods she was eatting with all the preservatives etc was just really weakening her immune system. After lots of research I found a product called Juice Plus. It has been a life saver!!! She has been so healthy for the past 2 years and really thrived. She has even been able to stop taking her inhalers. Her goal this year is to get perfect attendance at school this year. Look at this website if interested in learning about it. www.juiceplus.com/+bp60980

I think that doing a blood test was a smart move. I know that mono has been going around. I work in a daycare and there are a couple of kids who keep getting sick - one was diagnosed with mono and the other they are pretty sure it is due to seasonal allergies. It could be the same trigger presenting itself in different wasy. You may also want to see if he is getting enough sleep towards the end of the month or if his schedule gets more hectic. I know that my own kids and even I are more likely to get sick when not getting enough rest.

Good luck and keep us updated

From my own experience...my kids and I have alot of allergies and my son was getting sick alot until I started him on probiotics and garlic daily! He is better now!
Mullien,which is an herb, is what we use for congestion.It is a natural expectorant and it really works well for my family.
When we were living in England my doctor or child's doctor would not administer antibiotics for them because he believe's the body has to learn to cope with, mild to moderate illnesses, on it's own. I had a friend who kept giving her son anti-biotics over and over again and now they don't even work for him at all! The body can become immune to antibiotics if given too much,in other words.
Best of luck to you!!

--M. (____@____.com)

It sounds like he might have allergies. Ask your dr. for a referral to a pediatric allergist. Allergies wear down your immune system. I would load him up on Vitamin C and make sure he get enough rest and hydration-all the time, not just when he's sick. After the allergy tests, the dr. can let you know if he needs allergy shots. My husband suffered for 20 plus years until I had my children tested and he decided to as well. He took allergy shots for a year or two, as did my oldest child, and they are so much better now. Hope that helps!

Me and my cousin household has been getting sick for the last 2 month. We both have 3 kids. My son for sick with the flu and was out of daycare for a week. The next week my cousin daughter was sick. Since then my oldest daughter got sick, and her son the same week. Just this weekend her and her other son got sick. Now my daughter and son are sick. They have all had the same problem you described. I think it is that we both have kids in daycare and some parent bring their kids to the center sick. Which in turn play with our kids and they bring it home. Good luck

Yes, my daughter just finished her 1st year in Middle School (6th grade) and is having the same issue. She had Pnuemonia twice earlier this year and since then her immune system is extremly low and she keeps getting sick every week. During the summer she slept in her sweat shirt and three blankets. Im having blood work done on her in a few weeks but in the meantime she's miserable and I dont know what to do.'What can I give her to improve her immune system?

Take him to the chiropractor.

It sounds as if your son needs cleaner air in his envirnment. A particle you can see in the air takes 524 days to hit the floor. Imagine how long the microscopic germs stay in the air?
I recommend an air purification system, not a air filter. Please email me or call me.
P. Hammer
EcoQuest Distributor

My son is 9 years old and is having the same problem. I also wonder if he has an immunity problem. Our doctor told us to use a hand sanitizer and wash his hands all the time. She put him on a longer dose of antibiotic, much to his dismay.
Another suggestion was to use disinfecting wipes on his desk at school. I am at a loss at what else to do.

Debbie H.

If you have ruled out anemia, mono, etc. and he continues having symptoms (and you know it's not stress related due to new school), I would check around with other parents at school for similar issues. It is very possible that there is an environmental issue at the school (mold, carpet fumes, etc.) that are effecting the air quality and consquently his health. Then you could talk to the school about getting some air quality testing done (this may be a battle but worth checking on and a valid concern if you have exhausted all other possibilities. this goes for your home as well).
Meanwhile, I would put him on good bacteria (acidopholis from Whole Foods...in pill form or in GOOD quality yogurt...not the junk from the grocery store) and a good multi vitamin mineral supplement and/or whole food supplement. The good bacteria will help rebuild the good guys that are killed from antibiotics and the vitamin and whole food supplements will just help boost his nutrition (stay away from Lil Critters brand due to lead). Check out www.consumerlab.com for some safe recommendations. The reason I say school environment is the nausea and aches. Those are not traditionally associated with just seasonal allergies (from trees) and if the school is new to him, that could be a factor and something worth checking into if you have exhausted everything else. Lastly, it is the season for crud so it just might be the season. Weather changes and confused trees and grasses certainly seem to make things worse in our household as well. Good luck!

Hi B. G., I am actually a pediatric nurse and prior to reading all the way down to the end of your post I automatically thought of possible mono. I would wait until his lab results come back, but we typically have been seeing a lot of these symptoms recently. If mono is ruled out, more than likely these symptoms are just viral. Good Luck.

Has you son been evaluated for allergies or had tonsils/adenoids checked? My middle school daughter has had the same problem and needed her tonsils and adenoids removed.


We all know it is not hard to pick up germs. Your son is probably exposed to more in a bigger environment like a middle school. The advice to constantly wash yours is not emphasized as much as in a grade school. You also need to think about your son's immune system and if he is eating the right things to give him the boost he needs.

At that age boy are already starting or are about to start their growth spurts. You add in the hormonal changes and you are asking your body for a lot of support.

As a nutraceutical consultant, I help people with eating the right foods and customized nutrition. It does not matter if you buy it from me, but you need to consider some extra nutritional support for your son. A good Aloe product has been helpful to fight viruses. My family has taken more this season, because of the flu bug.

Too many sugars and processed foods also weaken your immune system. You don't have to totally change your son's diet, but some little steps can go a long way.


D. W.

You might try some Vitamin A. It's a natural antibiotic. It will also help in viral infections too. I have been taking it since the begining of January and given it to my kids that have asthma and allergys that normaly where in the dr's office sevaral times a month till I started them on it.

Middle School can be very stressful to children. I have 2 daughters in the 7 th grade. Sometimes the stress of school can make your child ill. Even though he may seem fine and tell you everything at school is good, something could be bothering him that he is not telling you. If the doctor can not find anything
physically wrong with him, it might be emotional due to stress.


Hi B., is your son on good vitamins? That truly is key to boosting the immune system. I am a Speech Language Pathologist and I have worked in public schools for 27 years. This is the first year in 27 that I have not been sick. Why? I have been taking Arbonne vitamins for over a year. Arbonne has vitamins for younger children that are in a powder form that you add to water and drink. We also have chewable vitamins for teens. If you would like a sample or more information please email me at ____@____.com. I hope he gets better soon! Blessings,

stop vaccinating!!! See vaccinations under curezone.com

SOunds like your are a great , caring, mother! COngrats! You are a blessing to your family! I have tried super lysine in such very common situations. It is found in health food stores.
Also, fish oil, vitamin C from health food store, chewable, if he will take it , and research on the web for natural food and vitamins for immunity.
Also, airborne is good. SUper lysine does have allergies for some people so I would suggest using it a week to see.
Lots of rest, bed by 10, cutting down on some activities, etc. may help.
Prayers and blessings for you an yours!
C. N

He could mono, Epstein Barr virus, chronic fatigue...there is a clinic in Dallas that does extensive testing when a person has these kinds of symptoms. You can find out about it at www.fibroandfatigue.com. Another resource is Dr. Gonino in Rowlett. His website is www.goninowellness.com. Many conventional doctors will misunderstand these issues and won't take it seriously. Both clinics are staffed by medical doctors who are very thorough and competent to diagnose and treat people who have chronic illnesses. I strongly encourage you to get him some help! It really sounds like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, or Epstein Barr virus. Good luck to you!

my sister's boys are that way when her husband smokes in the house

Why not strengthen his immune system? Sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, getting rid of mold, etc. are band-ades. Besides, what kind of life is that for a child, when he can't play in the dirt and jump in the mud puddles. If he's getting sick a lot, it's because more should be done to make his immunity stronger. There are many natural and healthy ways to do this. Feed him veggies, whole-grain, whole wheat breads, cut out the sugar, lots of fruit, fruit juices, and jams or jellies sweetened with fruit juice instead of sugar, etc. Cut out all soft drinks. He should drink pure water, teas sweetened with maple syrup or honey, (or even stevia), and minimal ammounts of meat, and definitely no processed (boxed) foods. Fresh foods are the healthiest and the best. Sugar will weaken the immune system, and cause digestive problems. You may be surprised to learn that most of your immunity comes from your gut...i.e. stomach, liver, pancreas. So eating foods that cater to the digestive organs are essential to strong immunity. Also, give him a good dose of Echinacea tincture every day, and particularly Golden Seal which has extremely beneficial properties to benefit digestion. Let him spend at least 15 minutes a day of play time outside to soak up the healthful rays of the sun. And finally, ensure he gets ample sleep and rest time.


I did daycare for a while and saw this in several kids from the same school. They had a company spray for bugs and mold at the same time each month. It was triggering allergies and stirring up illnesses in them.

It might be wise to ask the school if they do anything ,even maintainence, on a monthly basis.

My sister was sick for 2 1/2 years the Dr. never could find what was wrong then she had a Hair Analysis done took the vitamins they said she needed and she was fine in a month.
When the Dr. is done running test if they can't come up with anything. Check his diet make sure he is getting all he needs fruits and veggies. All kids can use vitamins I also use Colostrum you can get it at Whole Foods,you may want to ask one of the workers there what else you can do to help him. Give him extra Vitamin C. And keep him away from smokers. Some of his friends may be smoking already so make sure he understands to go outside or another room if his friends light up. I know it sounds bad put when I was a kid there were kids on my block 9,10, and 11 that were smoking.

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