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My Son Repeatedly Keeps Getting Sick

I have an 11 year old son. He just started middle school this year and is making good grades. He keeps getting sick over and over. His symptoms last about a week and always are at the end of the month. He is weak, nauseated, sore throat, headache,chest congestion/chest pain and most of all aches all over. He has been to the doctor each time. Usually it is a sinus infection or bronchitis,or a virus. It has not been the flu or strep and he has had no fever or neck pain, but I think they are mostly viruses. We took him in yesterday and she did bloodwork to check for mono/anemia, etc. I think his immune system is down and he is just picking up every little bug out there. I just think it is weird that is is cyclical. Has anyone seen anything like this? Thank you.

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My goodness. Thank you, all 52 of you for your reponses. I got so many great suggestions. I have not been able to personally respond to all of you but want to thank you all. We did get the blood work back and it is not Mono or Anemia. We had to go back to the doctor on Friday, due to the pesistant sore throat and achiness. She put him on an antibiotic for a sinus infection and he is so much better. I am going to start out by having him get to bed earlier, get more vitamin C and perhaps cut out a few specific foods. I am also going to take the suggestion to see if the school sprays monthly as one person mentioned. I got so many helpful answers. I am going to start out slowly with the Juice Plus vitamins and see if that helps. Thank you all so much for your suggestions. B.

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I did daycare for a while and saw this in several kids from the same school. They had a company spray for bugs and mold at the same time each month. It was triggering allergies and stirring up illnesses in them.

It might be wise to ask the school if they do anything ,even maintainence, on a monthly basis.

Lots of vitamin C. I also recommend starting him on some immune support like Colostrum, or Moducare (both of with are OTC at the vitamin store). Also if he has been on antibiotics, getting him some probiotics will help repopulate his gut with beneficial bacteria which also help protect the immune system. All are available as chewables if he prefers.

Quality food supplement and probiotics is what he needs. Shaklee is an excellent brand (that is what I have researched and take.) Whole Foods has some good choice as well.

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Dear B.
I am just Dr. Mom but raising children teaches us alot--I have 31 yr. old twin sons and a 20 yr. old.
The symptoms you describe sound like food intolerance.
Profound food allergies can cause the immune system to weaken--symptoms can effect a person head to toe.
Wheat,dairy,peanut,corn are top of the list oftentimes.
If you change the diet, eliminate normal foods and he feels better---you will see dramatic difference.
We usually crave what we are intolerant too.Think about his diet.Eating foods that irritate our systems, break our systems down,creating auto immune illness later in life.
I was just diagnosed with profound food allergies at 55 after yrs. of symptoms--someone just needed to connect the dots--and I found a Dr. who did--now I can help my children. They have headaches, repeat sinus, stomach problems all underlying food intolerance. Just a thought.

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B., I feel your pain. My daughter used to be the same way, on antibiotics all of the time for earaches, strep throat, sinus infections, bronchitis...I finally gave up on Western Medicine and took her to my acupuncturist. His name is Dr. Steve Homoky ###-###-####), and he treated her food allergies and environmental sensitivities with NAET (www.naet.com). No needles, just acupressure, and since then, it's been 4 years w/ no major illnesses. No antibiotics. In fact, she's only missed a handful of days from school, mostly due to pure exhaustion. She has had some pretty severe reactions to drugs, so this was the right path for our family. And best of all, she doesn't have to avoid any foods like most of the elimination diets out there. It's a permanent fix! Good luck, and feel free to call me if you have more questions. There are other docs out there who do these treatments, and they can be found on the website.

B. Biehl

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My oldest son was that way at that age. As it turns out, he had celiac disease, which is an intolerance to the protein found in wheat, rye, barley and most oats (i.e., gluten intolerance). This leads to nutritional deficiencies and can result in anemia. It also results in poor immunce function, as it is an autoimmune disease. If you or your husband are of Northern European descent, then your son should be screened - it's the most under-diagnosed genetic disorder and you don't have to have overt GI symtpoms. I was also like your son (picking up every virus that was around) for years before being diagnosed at 42 (that's how I figured my kids were also impacted and realized that my son's issues weren't normal).
I also agree with the suggestions on probiotoics and NAET (even if it is celiac). Both of these have helped my family tremendously, since the celiac damages the gut, it results in reactions to many foods and many things in the environment.

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We have had the same problem this year. My daughter is 10 and has missed 8 days of school in the last 4 weeks. She has had all different stuff like your son. Everytime she misses i call the school to let them know and they tell me a lot of other kids are calling in sick too. Lasy week 8 out of 20 kids were out in her class. Her dr told me that she isn't getting enough time for her immune system to recover before she is exposed to something else. His only suggestion was to buy her vitimans with extra vitiman c to boost her immune system.

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Love Beverly ideas. I see an acupuncturist too and believe in that path. Here are other ideas. Your health starts in your digestive tract. Go to Sprouts (far but worth it), Mike’s vitamins (McKinney) and get acidophilus. You can get larger pills (my 11 boy can take them, but everyone’s different) or chewable. I like the stuff in the fridge the best. That will build his intestinal floral and his immune system. He is depleted. Also, at either of those places they have essential oils. eucalyptus, bergamot or lavender will all be great. They’ll be able to help you there on how to mix, or drop me an email and I’ll explain. But you do need to mix it, don’t put it on him straight! Rubbing that on his chest, traps, deltoids, down his arms and especially in the top edge of the crick on the elbow. That will help a ton with the lung congestion and phlegm.
It’s a terrible feeling to see you kids sick and not know what to do:(
S. M

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A lot starts on the inside, what we put into our bodies depends on what we get out of them. Try to google immunity foods most are the red and blue ones. Have him take multi vitamins with vit C. It has been a rough year here at our house too. Maybe he can carry sanitizer and use throughout the day??? Remind him not to put fingers in mouth, rub eyes, or nose because that is how those germs enter our body. Overuse of antibiotics will also cause our body to change and it will begin to count on those and won't fit infections itself as much or as hard. Good luck, it is hard to have sick kiddos even at 11 yrs old.


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Is your son getting enough sleep? Is he stressed about school or maintaining those good grades? Is he eating nutritiously with foods that are good sources of vitamins and minerals? If it's as cyclical as you say, lack of sleep or stress can take a major toll on anyone's immunity. His body catches up when he's home sick, which lasts about a month until his body gets to be run-down again. Try monitoring his sleep and stress. Make sure he's not one of those kids who is over-scheduled with little or no "free play" time. Also, try a kids' multivitamin every day with breakfast. Vitamin supplements can do a lot to prevent or reduce the symptoms of a cold. Also, chiropractic care can be very beneficial for people (including children) with chronic problems or even stress.

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B.....Have you considered that nutrition may be a part of the reason his immune system is in a weakened condition? The scientific literature is full of research that supports the concept of eating raw fruits and vegetables to fortify the immune system. The recommended amount is 7-13 serving per day. Almost impossible? It is not unusual for a child to get less than 7 servings A WEEK! I invite you to look at a whole food solution to your son's problem. Please go to my website, www.drfredaurbach.com and look at the information under the "science" heading. There is a way you can get this FREE for you son.
Have a great day,
Fred E. Aurbach, DDS ###-###-####

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