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My Son Keeps Turning on His Stomach!

My 8-month old son keeps turning on his stomach to sleep & every time he does I run in there & turn him back on his side or back.. Im SOOO paranoid & scared of SIDS.. I feel bad for interupting him because he's alight sleeper & always wakes up when i move him. I always thought that when a baby was old enough to crawl/turn over that its ok to sleep on their tummy , BUT then on Oprah a few weeks ago when Mike Tyson was on the show, a man in the audience told his story about his 17month old Healthy baby girl dying. He said that he & his wife found her face down in her crib & she died from SIDS. This Terrified me evn more, that poor little girl! Now I dont want him on his stomach for YEARS! That little girl was 17months old... Any thoughts?? Am I Overly Paranoid or am I doing the right thing by turning him back on his side/back EVERY Single Time?

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My baby has slept on his stomach since he was two months old. He would never sleep on his back for more than 10 minutes so we didn't have much choice. His pedi said it was fine because he was already pushing up on his arms. He's 8 months now and totally fine. Don't let these freak stories scare you. SIDS by definition is a baby that dies UNDER one year of age with no explantion. A 17 mo baby cannot die of SIDS; there must be some other cause. Just make the crib environment totally safe (sheet only, no toys, blankets, or bumper). I also use a small fan in my baby's room to help with air circulation.

We were told by the peds. doctor that if they can roll over on their tummies, they can sleep that way. we always put the kids to sleep on their backs (even now at 6 and 3 YEARS, they get in bed & lay on their backs in bed) , but once i leave the room, all bets are off.

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I'm sure there were extenuating cirmcumstances which Oprah didn't mention because she wants RATINGS.
Quick safety check:
Is the mattress medium firm - not soft?
Are the mattress cover and sheet on tight?
Is your baby wearing a sleep sack or warm PJ's instead of a blanket?
Do you take out all of the toys, blankets and stuffed animals before putting Baby to sleep?
Is the room a nice cool 68-70 degrees?
A gentle fan to circulate the air is a good idea too.
You can buy a plug-in carbon monoxide alarm and put it in the room.
There are mixed opinions on whether a bumper guard is o.k. or not. If it's stretched on tight and firm - not mushy I think theyr'e o.k. - my son banged his head a few times so I put it back on.
Life is what happens when we are busy worrying about what COULD happen.

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Im sure if he can pick his head up on his own he should be fine. Just make sure the crib sheet fits and no big blankets. I think the little girl that was 17 months old and died from sids was an unusual case. They probably didnt know what she died from so they called it SIDS. Which is called sudden INFANT death syndrome. I dont think they are considered infants at 17months.

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IMHO there is always more to the story than is being told. All my babies have been belly sleepers *gasp!* and all are alive and well. =) Relax momma.

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My daughter has slept on her stomach from day one, it was the only way that she would sleep. Actually, both of my daughters were this way. At first it kinda freaked me out because of the whole SIDS thing, but when I spoke with my Dr. about it he said that I should let her sleep however she sleeps, and that 10 years ago, they said always on the stomach to sleep and that he really doesn't think that the position that she slept in mattered. He also said that you just need to be sure that they don't have anything blocking their face like a blanket or the little cushions that go around the side of the crib.....I don't know - my older daughter is now 7 and she never had a problem from sleeping on her stomach. I think it is really important for babies to get enough sleep. I think about how grouchy that I get when I don't get enough sleep, and then to consider how much more sleep a baby needs than an adult, I think that you should just let him sleep. Good Luck with whatever you decide!

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I think you may be a little paranoid, but who isn't when it comes to their kids? My kids slept on their stomachs since they were able to roll over on their own and they were fine. I couldn't see going into their rooms throughout the night to turn them back over.

From what I remember, SIDS is what they call any unexplained death. It doesn't necessarily mean that the child suffocated because they were sleeping on their stomachs.

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There is a difference between SIDS and kids who suffocate in their cribs. Most recently there has been a lot of change in the medical field of doctors coding kids who die with SIDS who actually die from other things. Very little is certain about the possible causes of SIDS, and there is no proven method for prevention. Although studies have identified risk factors for SIDS, such as putting infants to bed on their stomachs, there has been little understanding of the syndrome's biological cause or causes. I really don't believe that 17 month old died from SIDS - the risk of SIDS after 12 months is extrremely rare. The risk goes down by 50% after just 6 months. The initial risk is .50 out of 1000 live births.

I would not worry. If your child rolls over that is a sign that they want to sleep on their stomach. Just make sure you don't have a bunch of heavy blankets in the crib or the heater up to high.

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I know you dont really need 31 responses to this as everyone is saying the same thing, but I wanted to make sure you are able to get some sleep and maybe just one more message will work :o) Go to sleep, relax, follow all the advice below....Baby is fine and your making him a tired boy who is in need of a good sleep! You must be exausted and that alone will make a natural worrier (mommy) more stressed. Most feel, as I, God alone will decide when the angels leave and letting that little one be "comfy" at 8 months is no sin! now...smile...and REST and LET REST.
Big Hugs*
C.- mommy to 3 natural tummy sleepin boys.

So there are always going to be things to be paranoid about forever, you have to take them in stride... a few things I know about SIDs is that the liklihood of it occuring after 6 months is very nil, and once they can turn over by themselves that particular danger has passed. Also remember that all unexplained deaths in infants and young young children is called SIDs. The fear about stomach sleeping is related to carbon monoxide intake and the inability to turn over... if they can turn over then it is really not a danger. Things can always happen but that particular danger is not a real one, and its bad for baby and you to wake and turn him every time he gets comfortable. A few things you can do if you are still afraid is to have a fan or moving air in the room, or have him in the room with you. Good luck and don't stress its bad for you and him

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