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My Son Is Coughing

Hello Moms
I know there is a similar request, from Rachel A. but I might as well ask again.
My son is coughing like crazy, I don't know how to help him.. I tried everything, just like Rachel A. said (humidifier, steam, etc). I gave him honey also and nothing seems to help him. He cannot sleep and he is really tired. Does anybody have any experience with alternative medicine? I am from Mexico and there we use a lot of homeopathic medicine. I went to Whole Foods and I saw some stuff but I am afraid to buy something without doctor consent. My son is 20 months. Any suggestions?. Thank you!!

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Thank you very much moms for all your kind responses! I went to see the doctor and it turn out that my baby had a pink eye (=( and a mild ear infection.. I don't know why the cough but he is not coughing anymore.. Anyway, it was good to have all the natural/alternative resources and make sure I will use them next time.. thank you very much for taking the time to share you knowledge and your valuable experiences and resources with me. All the best! M.

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Spread a liberal amount of vicks vapor rub on the soles of your sons feet and cover with a pair of socks. I do this with my young daughter and it works EVERY time!!!!! Good luck!

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Vic's Vaporub on his chest and on his feet (yup, on his feet!) seemed to help a little(check with your doctor first, but it's probably fine). We took our son to an allergist and found that daily nose spray and Singulaire helped his cough, and that he did have slight allergies. Consider buying a Hepafilter (an air purifier), too. There's a store in Morton Grove that sells them, and that has helped, as well.

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M., I would check with his pediatrician right away. My 8 yr old daughter was coughing continously also and ended up with slight case of pneumonia. If no luck with the pediatrician, take him to the ER, they will at least take xrays as soon as they hear him cough.
Good luck!

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M., when my son was around the same age he once had a cold and developed a cough that was nonstop. He couldn't fall asleep because he was coughing so much. Finally after a few days I took him to the doctor and the doctor said he was having an asthmatic attack. I didn't know that an asthma attack could manifest itself in that manner. My doctor said that once a cough starts interrupting sleep and a child becomes very tired from a cough then definitely take him in to be evaluated. You never know if it's something more serious. So I would say take your child in to see the doctor to rule out anything more serious.

If it's just a simple cough from cold then I suggest (in Spanish) "te de gordolobo". You can buy gordolobo at any Mexican grocery store or those "naturista" stores on 18th or 26th street (not sure where you live....)

good luck and I hope you're little one gets better soon!

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A spoonful of honey to coat the throat can help. If he only coughs when laying down it's probably congestion from his noes that drips into his throat. A decongestant can help, though is not "natural". If you can get him to eat spicy food or minty food that helps too - good luck with that one!! If the cough is productive then take him into the bathroom, close the door, and turn the shower on hot to make some steam. I wouldn't do much else.

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Just a side note; You cannot use Vick's on kids under 2yrs old, I saw some other posts and there was a warning last year about it. Good luck!

We used Hyland's cough syrup made with honey, it worked well, I'm expecting and used it too when I had a bought with bronchitis (helped little there, but it worked well for my 2yr old) it is a homeopathic brand. They also have cold plus vitamin c tablets and just plain vitamin c tablets. Also boost his immunity with vitamin d3 drops and probiotics. I wrote an article in my family health column, feel free to read:


There is one too on vitamin d3, you'll just have to click on the topic to your right.

Good Luck

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Hi M.,
so sorry to hear that your son is coughing a lot. Have you tried the Munica honey. It's from New Zeland and of course it's raw. this honey has natural antibiotics. I always use it when I feel my son is getting a scratchy trough. Also, you can go to JDMills, on Chicago ave. Evanston and buy Tulsy cough syrup. It's 100% natural and is OK for children and adults as well. It's made from herbs. If you have a minute listen to this:http://bit.ly/54iBfO
Hope this helps

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Hi M. sorry to hear about your little boy!! FYI my two year old daughter has been coughing like crazy only at night for over a week I finally took her to the doctor today and she has a double ear infection! I was shocked because she seemed fine except for the coughing...it was the fluid from her ears dripping into her throat that was making her cough! Hope your son feels better take care

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Hi M.,
Definitely check with your pediatrician, but my son had a cold earlier this week, and I found a great homeopathic cough syrup with honey that I love! It worked, and FAST! And he loved the taste of it. It's made by Boiron, you can find it at Whole Foods, and it's called Chestal. I bought a whole "kit" of three different homeopathic meds for flu, cough, colds and got it for almost 1/2 off. If you need more info, please just PM me.

I hope it works for your son like it did for mine.



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I agree with Jasmine (and I read her articles too! She's great) We are currently using the Hylands all natural honey cough syrup and it helps a lot for my two year old. He has no other symptoms besides his cough (no fever, runny nose ect) He coughs a ton in the morning and we give him a teaspoon of Hylands and it calms the cough for several hours. We have been giving him a little before bed and he is sleeping good without the coughing.

For the last 6 months or so we also give him (and our family) probiotics everyday as well as liquid vitamins in his juice. I increase his vitamin C & D3 during these winter months and so far the only thing he has gotten was this cough, and it is not nearly as bad as the coughs I am seeing around. My husband was a sceptic about vitamin and holistic health until he has seen all everyone else in our family (outside our home)get sick! He is amazed that our son only has a cough, and says he has never seen a cough without other symptoms! He is now a believer in holistic preventative medicine!

Hope this helps! Hope your little guy gets better soon!!

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