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My Son Is 6 Years Old and Continues to Pee on Himself During the Day at School!

I just dont get it! Any suggestions please. I pick him up daily to find him with wet underwear due to him peeing on himself. I ask constantly what the deal is and his excuse is that "I dont want to stop playing"! Ugh!! I'm frustrated, dont know what to do, I spoken to the school about b/c it's becoming a daily problem, but nothing. He says that it happens during recess. Someone please help, single mom going insane :|

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Well when I took the issue to the teacher, she did state that she would start telling him to go potty before he went outside, but that was all she could do, yea not a receptive teacher at all. I'm sorry her exact words were that's about as intimate as I could get with him. So, my idea was to stop him from going to recess. If he pees today then there is no recess the following day. That way he learns the concept that i have to stop playing and go pee. It would be the same decision making if he were at home, can you believe the teacher told me that she would not comply with my request, that a child needs play time, that I'm doing a disservice to my son. That would be a negative, he would stay inside he was home. It's not going to kill a child to stay in so that learn that their behavior is unnaccetable. Yes, it's difficult. I think I will send another note stating that he is to sit out due to his behavior, and then just show up at the school to enforce that. I dont know, I'm frustrated, and if something was to happen to him health wise due to him peeing on himself, then the school would have a bigger problem on their hands for not handling the situation more responsible. Thoughts?

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Try having the teacher ask him every 25 min.Or you could say if you don't go to the bath room then were going to have to put a diper on you

As a teacher, what I would recommed is setting up some sort of schedule with his teacher. Ask his teacher if he/she would remind him to try "to go" several times throughout the day, even if he doesn't feel like he needs to go.

Buy the underwear diapers that they have for older kids who have trouble wetting at night. Tell him he has to wear those to school because he still wets like a baby. Big boys take time to go use the restroom.

Hope it helps.


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Don't worry, a lot of kids do this some just do it a little more and I find it's mostly boys. He will stop.

hey L.,
have you asked his teacher to MAKE him go to bathroom before recess? maybe that would help.
i wish you the best of luck.
R. b

Hi L., why don't your try the (kind of like pull ups) but not pull ups. They will keep his clothes dry, You can find them at Wal Mart and places like that. I think they are called
GOOD NITES but there is one for day hours.


I don't think that it is uncommon for children that age to have accidents at school. In time though, other kids will tease him and if he truly just doesn't want to stop playing, he will stop to be accepted be his playmates. Also, you may want to consider if he is unable or shy about going to the restroom during the time of day he is peeing on himself. Another problem could be with his urinary system or small bladder. A doctor could check that. Sometimes kids say what they hear, so "I didn't want to stop playing" may be what he hears another adult saying about him. If you can not get the teacher to agree with your proposed solution, take it up the the principal.

Try having the teacher ask him every 25 min.Or you could say if you don't go to the bath room then were going to have to put a diper on you

talk to your doctor there could be a deeper problem here. let us know how it goes! or just make sure the teacher lets him go to the bathroom often

Please have your son evaluated by his pediatrician. It is important also to see what is happening at school, evaluate signs of stress. When did this started? Is he sleeping well? Has he complain about pain, discomfort? Any behavior changes lately?


I actually remember doing that as a child! I would be in the middle of playing and would "hold it" so long that I wouldn't make it to the bathroom. My mother threatened to keep me inside if I didn't quit, and she would make me wash my own underwear. I wonder if you could talk to his teacher about having him miss recess if it happens - it is obviously something he can control, he just needs the incentive! Good luck!

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