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My Son Has Red Bumps

My son woke up yesterday with weird rash on his belly followed by red spots on the bottom of his belly by the diaper. I brought him to the doctor and he said it was just a virus, now the spots look bigger, redder, and he has a few more on his arm. Could this be the chicken pox?

What can I do next?

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I agree with Rana, it is probably Roseola. The daycare where my son goes had a couple of outbreaks of it.

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Hi I think I would call the Doc's office and at least talk to the nurse. And if it is nothing to worry about you will feel better and if not you bring him into the Doctor again. Good luck!

Are the bumps raised, more like blisters??? Then I would think chicken pox.

I agree with Rana, it is probably Roseola. The daycare where my son goes had a couple of outbreaks of it.

did he have a fever last week? has he been exposed? usually dr's would know if it was chickenpox and it's harder to get these days because of the vaccinations.. it could be a heat rash of some sort.. my kids get little rashes all the time and it never pans out to be anything.. keep an eye on it.. if they start to ooze and get itchy, then it probably is cp, but if they just go away, then I wouldn't worry about it.

My son had the same thing. Has he had all the vaccinations he is suppose to up to now? If he has he has had a shot for chicken pox. I was told just to watch it as well as watching for a fever. If a fever starts take him back to the drs. My sons went away in a couple days. I was told it always looks worse before it looks better.

There is a rash going around that is part of a virus.

My son had Roseola when he was 9 months old....He had a high (103º-104º) fever for 3 days, was in a terrible mood, then he got a bumpy red rash on his back and abdomen. I had him at the doctor twice, and the ER in the middle of the night when his fever was above 104º.

my daughter had the same thing

Well did they have white in the middle?...my son who is now 4 had this real bad rash all over his body it looked like bug bits, thats what I though it was anyways I didn't do anything about it the the next morning it was everwhere and it started to look like ringworm we went to the hopspital and it was this funky rash I never even herd of but the doctors where right.

Usually now children are vaccinated for chicken pox. Has your son recieved that vaccine yet? My son had the same thing and I paniced and took him to the childrens ER. The head Dr. there told me it was hives and showed me how to tell in the future. You need to find a spot on his skin that is clear, no rash or redness. Then very lightly scratch the skin. If a red mark appears that looks like the rash then he has hives. Also, another way to tell is to watch the rash he already has, if it changes location, shape and size, then it is hives. Hope this helps.

9 months of age seems a little early (to me) for your son to have chicken pox. The rash seems to be localized to the abdominal region. To help rid your son of the rash-type bumps, you can give him a baking soda bath. Its completely safe to do. You can follow that w/spreading some cornstarch on the affected area (after he's dried, of course).

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