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My Son Has Had a Fever Just About Evry Two Weeks for the Last Four Months

I just dont know what to do, I feel like I'm doing something wrong. I have taken him to the doctor several times and they say that they are just normal colds. There is nothing that they can do. Just give him Motrin and tylenol. They just keep coming back with a fever of 101 to 104. There are no other symptoms. Is there something that I can do to figure out why he keeps getting these fevers. Should I ask the doctor to do blood work? My son Luke will be 3 a few days. I had my new landlord get the ac checked for mold and it was fine. There is no mold in the house that we can see. I just dont know what else to look for. When he dose not have the fevers he is just like any 3 year old.

What can I do next?

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Well my son has croup cough. Last night he got up at 12:30 a.m. and had a bad cough and was having truble breathing. So we took him to the Doctor. For days he had no other symptoms. But the doctor said that it will just happen in a few hours.

I did talk to him about the high fevers and he wants me to watch him over the next 2 months and write everything down that we do eat ect. He wants me to mark on a calander when he has a fever and colds so that he can do blood work.

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His immune system is compromised. You can find out what he is allergic to by doing NAET testing. We go to Dr Leslie Fergang in Weston. There are no needles and it works!

That doesn't sound normal. I can see no reason for concern if it was a mild temp but 104!!! I think it is time to look for a new pediatrician!

If his temp is 104 you should be taking him to the emergency room not the doctor. Get a second opinion. There are a lot of things that could be causing him to have a fever. Sinus, allergies, infection, etc... A very long list. Only blood work and tests will let them know what is going on.

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http://vaccineinfo.net is a good starting point

I have 3 children and I would never say that kind of fever is ever "normal". Do not take "no" for an answer- demand proper care and demand to see a new ped or specialist- anyone who can give you answers. You are your child's best and only real advocate/voice- so you must always follow your gut. There may be some coorelation between diet and vax. I would document fevers and ALL symptoms along w/ vax and diet (everything he eats and drinks). Research and read anything you can on the subject- Jenny Macarthy has some good books and I've bought books on the vax subject off amazon myself- I highly recommend you start researching and reading-- the docs won't tell you everything and they certainly won't do the research for you. You are onto something- keep pressing forward and always always listen to your gut!!!

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My daughter was 2 when I took her to an ENT. He found that her adenoids were 5x larger than they should have been ... she was scheduled for surgery the next week. She had them removed and also had her sinuses cleaned out. The biopsy on her sinuses indicated she was positive for a bacteria infection. So,prior to this surgery, everytime she got a "cold" she would be sick 2x longer than everyone else and run high fevers. Once she had her adenoids removed, she wasn't sick for a long, long time. We have since discovered that she is highly allergic to cats, dust, mold and has several food allergies as well.

My pediatrician was the one who suggested we go to the ENT since she kept getting sick every few weeks. I think it was great advice!

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i would get a second opinion on that issue! with a different ped. (mom of one son.)

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I would look at getting a second or even third opinion. 104 is not normal and this could get out of hand. There could be a million things that is giving him a fever (bladder infection, kidney infection, ear infection, etc). You said there are no other symptoms, but the doctor determined it was a cold... did he say how he determined that??

Go to another ped.

Good luck and you are right to question this doctor... you son can't speak, so you have to do it for him.

Does your son go to school? How long have you been in your current home? I don't want to be an alarmist, but I recently heard a story from a friend, she and her kids were getting sick alot. When they went to the doctor, they were told the same thing, nobody new what was wrong. When they moved they found tons of nasty black and green mold all over. Now that they are in their new place, they haven't had any problems. That person had also heard a story about a friend's little girl who kept getting sick and they didn't know what was wrong, until their preschool got investigated, and once again mold was the issue. Do you think that's something worth looking into, or would it not apply for you?

Hope everything gets better soon!

Hi B.,
My situation is similar to Cheryl C's. My daughter, now almost four, has been experiencing fevers since she was four months old. We've been through testing for just about everything: urinary/bladder infections, chest x-ray and a lot of bloodwork. She has a fever episode that lasts about 3 days (maxing out at 103) and this occurs anywhere from 3-6 weeks. After consulting with an infectious disease doctor at a local pediatric hospital and additional, more extensive blood tests (ruling out anything nasty - like Cheryl C said), we were given two possible diagnoses: cyclic neutropenia or cyclic fever syndrome. There is a lot of information online about these two conditions. My understanding of cyclic neutropenia is the white blood cells drop predictably every 21-28 days and the children get ill - but usually there is some other symptom, other than the fever, that occurs with it - usually requiring intervention/medication. Cyclic fevers occur anywhere from 2-12 weeks, primarily only the fever is present, but the child can also have mouth sores, sore throat or enlarged lymph nodes. In order to have a diagnosis of cyclic fever, you have to rule out cyclic neutropenia. That involves blood draws 2x/week for 4 weeks then 1x/week for 4 weeks (I think that's the protocol). They have to chart the blood cells and that's the only way to do it. As there are no proven treatments to either condition, we opted at the time (DD was only 2 1/2) not to go through with the additional testing to rule out the cyclic neutropenia. Also, our pediatrician's husband is a pediatric hemotologist (blood doc) at the pediatric hospital we went to - he didn't seem to think it was cyclic neutropenia.

The fevers do seem to be decreasing in frequency as she gets older - we're hopeful that they will subside soon, but I've heard of other children experiencing them until they are 10 years old (there was a story recently on a major network about one such local child).

It is very helpful to chart the occurrences of the fevers, especially mark if you notice any other symptoms (i.e. cough, runny/stuffy nose, mouth sores, etc). Print out an article and bring it to your pediatrician on your next visit.

I hope you found this information helpful - I understand how scary it is when your child is sick and no one seems to know why. Best of luck!

Have the doctor do a full blood panel work up. Take him to a Pediatric emergency room if your doctor isn't able to tell you what's wrong or refuses; fevers of 104 are very serious.You don't run a fever with a cold, the flu yes, but a cold, no. Good luck.

My daughter had the same but hers was about every 45 days like clock work almost! Drove me crazy. from about the time she was 3 months old. I stopped treating with antibiotics cuz i could see this pattern & just treated her for discomfort. Her fever spiked one night to 106 & I freaked. Since i have medical background, I know that little ones can get pretty high without it being a big worry & it usually isn't a problem unless you can get it to go down in 15-20 minutes. I gave her meds & a room temp bath & it dropped back down to about 100 within the hour, meanwhile she just played like normal. She didn't act sick at all. Next day I took her in & had decided to demand thorough work up blood exams whatever it took, but my dr. wan't in & I got stuck with a fill in. Well God works in mysterious ways because she looked at my daughters ears & made mention that she had a lot of wax. I told her that the other Dr. says that all the time too & that she's always got clumps of wax coming out of her ears. She said that due to the history, she wanted to irrigate them. I was opened to anything. Well, what they got out of her ears was mind bogling! they got lots of wax, and a huge ball of dried skin mixed with hair & gunk. She was about 2. About 2 weeks later, it was light a light switch had been flipped my daughter spoke non stop and unexplained fevers stopped. I have since gotten her ears tested & no damage done, and I am so thankful. Keep looking for the culprit and best of luck.

My son had this at 18 months old. And it drove us nuts trying to figure it out. Finally we seemed to pin it on that he had acid reflux and would not eat enough and it disturbed his sleep so he'd get rundown and literally every three weeks have a fever for one day. Then he'd be fine again. It doesn't make sense medically but as soon as he started on the acid reflux medicine, the problem vanished, the sleep problem vanished and he started eating better.....

Follow your ped advice. He is looking for a pattern. Sometimes kids
white count drops and it happens every several weeks. That's when
they get sick. Then white count goes back up. Think it is called
"cyclic neutropenia." Watched a little boy who had it and he was fine.

Hi, B.. This could be a problem with allergies. However, I think your instincts are right, and the doctor should check into your son's condition a little deeper. How often is he getting these fevers? I really don't think a 3-year-old should be sick that often. If it's an allergy to the pollens in the air, there's not much you can do for that. You could try getting a machine that filters the air so that at least he can stop breathing in the allergens at night while he's sleeping.

It could be a food allergy, or it could be simple dehydration. Make sure he drinks some pure water every day. Fevers are hard on the internal organs, so make sure he always has a glass of water every day, especially in the summer. And I would try to get a second opinion; make sure that you can tell the doctor just how frequently he gets these fevers. They should do blood work and test his urine.

I hope he comes out of this perfectly fine.


My daughter is 7-went through the same thing this past school year--she had missed 12 days of school. It ended up being her tonsils and adnoids--she just had them out about a month ago and so far no more fevers.
I don't know if they have checked his tonsils, but I thought it would be worth a response.
Good luck to you-hope he gets to feeling better.

A lot of my friend's kids have been getting fevers from eating bad food, either old meat, too much sugar, or fast food. could be his diet? Also, is it a cold with runny nose? Lots of people I have met who don't eat milk/dairy foods hardly ever get sick. Try that.

we adopted a little boy when he was 4 he would spike a fever of 102 over night without any warnings! we took him to several doctors and they all said the same thing just give him motrin or tylenol.well come to find out there was a scarlet fever virus that one of his biological parents carried,that was passed on to him,they didn't know they carried it.I found out by doing research on my own... But i would have blood work done!!!

It sounds like the daycare/school and/or Home Hygene or cleanliness isn't what it should be. Make sure to teach proper hand washing techniques, water, soap, then sing happy birthday twice (that will give at least 30seconds of washing time) while washing hands from fingertips to between fingers to above the wrist. Teach your child to never touch his face with his hands, always use a tissue to wipe his eyes, nose, mouth, ears. ALWAYS wash hands AND FACE before and after meals.
Also have Antibacterial spray, pump, foam all around home and school/daycare and make sure he knows how and when to use it. Ask the school/daycare about their cleaning schedule, routines etc. and see where they can improve. Talk to other parents to see if their children are as often sick as yours is. Get all the parents to chip in an hour or two a week to help clean the classroom ((Isn't an hour a week better than a sick kid for 3days every other week??)) Be proactive! Good luck momma!


First of all, we need to establish where he spends his days. Is he in daycare or at home all day with you? If he is at home all day with you, is he coming in contact with anyone who is sick? If he is in daycare, his daily environment will speak for itself. Ask any parent how often their child is sick while in daycare and I'm willing to bet they will say often and the word "often" is often an understatement. There is a young lady at my church whose 6 month old baby is sick just about every week. He's in daycare. I don't think I have seen him without the sniffles since she began coming to church two months ago.

Fever is not bad. Fever is bad when it's unexplainable and your doctor will determine if the fever is indeed unexplainable. Illness will almost always present itself with a fever so if he has a runny nose, congestion, cough, vomiting,or diarrhea, then you can bet it's a viral infection that needs to run its course. Fever is the body's natural defense. Sometimes allowing a child to run a temperature without giving acetaminophin or ibuprofen is necessary. You need to remember that a baby/young child can tolerate fevers much better than an adult. When the temperature runs 101 or higher, then it becomes necessary to intervene just so that the child is comfortable and you can also help by removing some articles of clothing to make the child cooler and by placing a cool (not ice cold) cloth on the child's forehead. Colds are viruses that are highly contagious. Viruses enter the body by coming in contact with a mucus membrane and that would be the eyes, nose, and/or mouth. If your son is in daycare and other children are sick, which is highly probable, you can bet he is picking up those germs and essentially ingesting them, which in turn, makes him sick. If you feel in your gut that something is wrong, then you as a mother have every right to demand that the doctor take your concern seriously and if he/she is unwilling to do that, then you get a second opinion.

if u r useing a humidofier dehumidafier check them my daughter found mold in hers ,but it also could be unseen earaches or from teething. Yes if he an infection it will tell for sure. But, ill bet u will really have to demand it dr. dont like blood test ordering......... good luck mom

I suggest you push this with the doctor and also get another pediatrician to look at him. I would also do the bloodwork. My little girl got sick a lot between ages 1 and 2,and she wasn't a good nurser, so I worried that she didn't get enough immunities to fight off the constant colds and viruses going around. I had her immune system checked. But your case sounds very different. No other symtoms besides fever? No congestion, cough, change of appetite, change in bathroom habits, change in sleep when he has the fever? The doctor should be asking you these things. Is he in child care, is there something that has changed besides you moving into a new place? Does he play in the dirt around your house? A lot of questions that I would seek answers to, just to narrow down the possibilities. Keep investigating and push with more than 1 pediatrician!
PS/my daughter got a fever every month that lasted for 4 days. It would often reach 104. She had a febrile seizure and since then, when it hits 101, I have to rotate between Tylenol and Ibuprofin every few hours. But, unless it hits 101, you should only keep him comfortable, maybe a cool cloth on his head or neck and let his body work as designed. Also, if he isn't taking vitamins, start them right away. My daughter likes the gummy ones better than chewables.

My son had these fevers as well. They would come every 6-8 weeks or so and get up to 104.5. They would last 3-5 days and we would treat them with rounds of tylenol and advil/motrin. We did blood testing and everything was normal. We even did blood testing when he did not have fevers but other than the fever he was healthy. No loss of weight, color, well hydrated and fed etc...nothing. I finally resolved to the opinion of my Pediatrician that they were fevers of unknown origin. No known cause as to why they were occurring but that he would grow out of it....and he did! It was about 10 months before they just stopped. It may have been allergies and I could have given him steroid shots but I decided to wait it out and not expose him to a lot of testing and drugs. I'm glad I did. I trust my Pediatrician and I am thankful that he looks at the big picture with my childs well being in mind. I did switch to a multi-vitamin with lots of iron and also added some chewable probiotics to both my children's daily routine. Everyone's case is different but hopefully this will prove helpful to someone. Good luck to you both!

did u ever find out what was wrong with ur son because my 16 month old daughter is doing the same thing and the doc keeps saying its a virus

Hi B.,
That sounds very familiar to me. When my son was in VPK, it seemed like he was sick every few weeks. It wasn't until I had another Dr w/in our office look at him and said, "He is borderline walking pneumonia" Then we ended up with Albuteral in a nebulizer(spelling?) and when that wasn't working They gave us another nebulizer that started with a B.
This, twice a day seemed to keep the creepy crud away for the rest of the year. (Actually, we stop it in January only to have the symptoms start up again, then we went back on it)So that would be a total of almost eight months.
With our colds & Fever we had stuffed up nose with very heavy scary breathing. When we did the Tylonal and Motrin alternating sequence, we would have to spike a Juicy Juice, then he would say it tasted funny and we would reply that is because you are sick. Some of the time he would refuse to drink it. To give him the med with a spoon was impossible.
So, when we were diagnosed with borderline "walking pneumonia", we were told that he would probably end up an asthmatic. But since we have a lot of sensory issues yadda yadda, it would be a while till we could have any testing done. GREAT! Just what parents want to hear.
I really worried about the nebulizer medication. I was hoping that it wouldn't cause the asthma. From May till now, he has been good. We just had our first cold this past weekend. I'm going to wait and see how long until the next cold. We will probably end up on the neb. again.
My suggestion: Next cold that warrants seeing the dr. ask if you can see a different one in the office. Our office usually asks which doctor you want to see, I usually say, who ever is open. (we do have a favorite, but we usually end up talking a lot afterwards and I feel guilty taking up so much time.)

Another suggestion (I am not a doctor, this is just what I have learned over time and this is what we do) you may want to research immune boosting stuff. (For our son we like Sweet Echnacia (spelling?)I make it into a little tea and he seems to get over the colds quicker. Check out the health food store. Also research: Natural Fever Reducers. I liked the article I found on Ginger tea and this is what I use. If things start getting too out of hand I resort back to Tylonal and Motrin. But I start with Ginger tea when colds start coming on. It seems to help keep fevers in check. At least for us it does.

Bottom line: Research everything!
Do an online search: Immune boosting, Natural cold fighters, Natural Fever reducers. See what you come up with. It doesn't hurt to research. I would even do a search titled "What can I do to keep from getting sick every three weeks?" and see what comes up. Since Ask dot com does questions, I think all the other search engines started recognizing questions too.
Try another doctor.

You are your sons advocate! Research, Ask questions then research those answers.

I hope this helps. Good luck.

His immune system is compromised. You can find out what he is allergic to by doing NAET testing. We go to Dr Leslie Fergang in Weston. There are no needles and it works!

That doesn't sound normal. I can see no reason for concern if it was a mild temp but 104!!! I think it is time to look for a new pediatrician!

Go to your closest health food store and see what they suggest. They should have different types of guides from manufactures that will give you good suggestions.

Herbs Etc. is a good brand and they are glycerine based and work very well for children. Good luck.

His body is fighting something- check out WestonPrice Foundation for info on when to let him have a fever- fever speeds up the body"s immune system so it works better.
I let my kids fever just work up to about101- that was what I am comfortable with.
Then I put my kids on alot of probiotics, as that helps the immune system work- lots of natural immunesystem boosters- check with your healthfood store for what they have.

As far as I know, mold does not cause fevers. I would take him to another doctor immediately. He could have something very serious.

Hi B.,
I'm no doctor but from my experience fever that high does not come with just the common cold. With my kids, when they have fever above 101(that does not go away after 3 days) it's always some kind of bacterial infection and I would definitely ask for blood work as well as his urin sample checked since it might be urinary infection causing that fever. My son had e-coli bacteria for a while and fever would jump up to 104 all the time.
I hope your son feels better soon! Good luck!

Your question caught my eye because my girlfriend has been going through the same thing with her 2 year old. She did have blood work done figuring there was an infection (a sure sign of a fever), but nothing was showing up positive. This last visit, the doctor tested for tonsillitis (I think it's a swab test, not blood) and it came up positive. Their figuring tonsillitis is recurring and she may need to have her tonsils removed to keep the problem from recurring. I don't know that this is the case with your son, but you might have him tested for this.

Anytime there is a fever in the body, there is an infection the body is trying to fight. It may not necessarily be a serious illness, but it does need to be addressed. If no diagnosis can be made, I suggest working on boosting your son's immune system with vitamins and a healthy diet. There are also natural immunity boosting supplements. We use one for kids made by Irwin Naturals from luckyvitamin.com. Good luck. I know it's scary anytime your child is sick, especially when fever is involved.

Ok...sounds like he is not getting rid of the virus, his immune system must be extremely low. I am a certified homeopath and I would get him on some homeopathic remedies and immune boosting herbs and vitamins. Are there any other symptoms?

have his urine checked. my daughter had no symptoms but she would spike high fevers. It was a bladder infection

Medicine is not the answer. More and more medicine will not nourish the body's immune system. You should call Dr. Annalee Kitay who is a specialist in alternative medicine. She can find out from a holistic view what is going on with your child. She has helped me and my kids enormously. Her number is ###-###-####.


My 2 year old gets fevers frequently as well. No other symptoms, just a little more less energetic than usual. Dr. said just to watch him and keep it down.

Dear B.,
Please Insist on it! If it was my child-I'd insist that they do the blood work, just to be safe. It is truly better to be safe then sorry! May God bless you both-Always,
Kathy N.

I know exactly how you feel, my son is now 6 years old and he has had a high temp every single month since he was born, he gets them and in a day or 2 they go away. ive taken him to several different doctors and 2 different hospitals and done every test imaginable to him and they can't figure out what is wrong. for a 6 year old he is very clean, and i keep the house extremely clean cause well i cant stand mess myself lol as far as mold and mildew goes im like you there is no trace of it in my home,

I don't know why I'm just coming across this post, but did you ever find out what the problem was??? My nephew has had the same problem for the past year and he was diagnosed with periodic fever syndrome... Just thought I'd throw that out there if you are still having problems with the fevers... Hope all is better.

How old is your son? If he is old enough to talk to you and tell you any/all symptoms, that is easier than if he is an infant and can't tell you what's going on. Is he in daycare or school? If so, what is their policy on sick children? I know at my son's school they have very specific rules about sick kids at school, and if you send them and they are sick they will make you come get them. Maybe he is passing germs with the other kids. I know a lot of teachers get lots of colds at the beginning of the year because of exposure to all the kids germs. Could he be re-infecting himself (i.e. germs lingering on toys and soft surfaces, as well as doorknobs, phones etc)? Lysol, bleach, etc can help cut down on that. How is his diet? Does he take a vitamin? Maybe you could increase things like fruit juices. If you want to go the natural route you could look into a kids formula of echinacea (sp?) to support his immune system. I know how frustrating it can be when no matter what we do our kids still get sick. As a last resort I would suggest having him tested for allergies. We had a problem with my son getting recurring sinus infections. The doctor finally figured out that the underlying allergy was (at least partially) to blame. He has been on allergy medicine and has not had one sinus infection. Good luck!


I am tossing this out there as I felt terrible when almost every month my daughter would have a high fever and I was told to treat it with Motrin and Tylenol and then it would subside and then come back again a few weeks later. One day following my daughter having used the bathroom, but forgetting to flush, I noticed a strong odor from the urine and when I did a little research I called up my pediatrician and requested that they do a urine test to determine if she might have a urinary tract infection. They did the test and wouldn't you know it that is what it was. She had no other symptoms but the fever. I understand it happens less in boys, but it might be worth a mention. I felt terrible that all those months had gone by and she had this in her system, but since there were no other signs they completely overlooked it. I hope this helps.

L. A.

My daughter had a fever/infection for 6 weeks. It started with conjunctivitis, turned into an ear infection, then into bilateral ear infections. She ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. If his fever is up to 104, you need to take him to the ER. Does he have any other symptoms? They may do a chest xray, plus blood work to rule out the flu and infection.

I would definitely ask for blood work. That's a pretty significant fever to be occurring that frequently and for so long in my opinion. On the other hand, I am a pediatric nurse and worry over just about anything with my son...LOL. But yes, the mommy and the nurse for me would request blood work. Good luck and hope everything is ok!

Hello B. , I'm sorry that your son has been sick lately . My son has spike fever of 102 I take him to the pediatrician imidiately , My son also has a history of asthma , Fever is an indication of an infection . A fever of 104 is extremely dangerous , I would ask for blood work , Ex-ray if he has a dry cough because it can be an indication of pneumonia , My son had three episodes of pneumonia this year already , but you most be on top of Dr , and stress your concrens if this Dr is not listening to you , go to another one , Rememmer we are our kids advocate , I hope he gets better soon !!!

~ A.

is he in daycare? that might be the source of the problem.

If his temp is 104 you should be taking him to the emergency room not the doctor. Get a second opinion. There are a lot of things that could be causing him to have a fever. Sinus, allergies, infection, etc... A very long list. Only blood work and tests will let them know what is going on.

I think blood work would be good just to rule out infection. When I was a baby, my mom took me to the doctor for something like that. She kept telling the Dr. to check for bladder infection, but he wouldn't. Eventually he did and I had a pretty bad one. I don't know what your sons symptoms are, but if he's just getting random fevers, blood work is probably a good idea. I hope they can figure it out.

Hi B.,
I have the same situation with my son who is now 6. You should definitely have blood work done to rule out anything scary. My son started w/ high fevers when he was about 1. When he was 2, 3, and 4, he would get the fevers every two to three weeks. The doc did blood tests and besides being a little anemic, there was nothing else wrong.He has also had MRI's in the past and nothing was found. I could mark on my calendar when the next fever would pop up and would plan vacations, etc. around it. It is that predictable.In the beginning I would take him to the Doc and they would say "viral" and send me home. One day the nurse practioiner suggested it could be a condition called "cyclic neutropenia" or "cyclic fever". Look it up. it expalins a lot. They told me eventually he will grow out of it and he seems to be doing just that. He still gets "fever of unknown origin" every three to four months, but it is not as frequent as it was. He missed a lot of preschool when he was younger. He has no other symptoms when he gets the fever, and I no longer run to the doctor unless it lingers longer than four days. Also, when he gets a fever, check his mouth/gums for mouth ulcers. My son tends to get these and that is caused by a virus (Stomatitis). Just know you are not alone and I know how maddening it can be. And people will look at you funny when you tell them what it going on/ why your child missed school or soccer practice. They will question you about it.
Good Luck!

Hi B.,
I'm sorry in advance if I repeat...I didnt read through all of the responses. I just wanted to give you some support. My son, almost 2, is going through the same thing. His fevers started when he was 4 months old. He started out getting them about every 2 weeks and they would spike anywhere from 103 to 106. Now, he usually has them every 4-8 weeks apart and the temp ranges from 101 to 103 and lasts a few days. He never used to have any other symptoms but now he is starting to have swollen lymph nodes and joint/stomach pain. None of the docs we have seen have listened to us about his problem and all of them just said "infection...here is some antibiotics". All tests have come back fine. So, about a week ago, he had a bad one...high fever, swollen lymph nodes in neck and groin, and a lot of pain. So, I emailed a doctor I found online that does reseach on PFAPA and other periodic fever syndromes. She told me my sons situation sounded like Hyperimmunoglobin-D Syndrome (HIDS). She suggested seeing a Pediatric Rhumetologist or a Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist and getting a bloodtest done to check the his IgD levels. This is where we are right now on our road to finding a diagnosis. We plan to bring all of this up to his ped, get a referral and go from there. I just wanted you to know that you are not alone! If you need to talk to someone who is going through this too, Please feel free to contact me! Good Luck!!

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