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My Son Has Had a Fever Just About Evry Two Weeks for the Last Four Months

I just dont know what to do, I feel like I'm doing something wrong. I have taken him to the doctor several times and they say that they are just normal colds. There is nothing that they can do. Just give him Motrin and tylenol. They just keep coming back with a fever of 101 to 104. There are no other symptoms. Is there something that I can do to figure out why he keeps getting these fevers. Should I ask the doctor to do blood work? My son Luke will be 3 a few days. I had my new landlord get the ac checked for mold and it was fine. There is no mold in the house that we can see. I just dont know what else to look for. When he dose not have the fevers he is just like any 3 year old.

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Well my son has croup cough. Last night he got up at 12:30 a.m. and had a bad cough and was having truble breathing. So we took him to the Doctor. For days he had no other symptoms. But the doctor said that it will just happen in a few hours.

I did talk to him about the high fevers and he wants me to watch him over the next 2 months and write everything down that we do eat ect. He wants me to mark on a calander when he has a fever and colds so that he can do blood work.

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His immune system is compromised. You can find out what he is allergic to by doing NAET testing. We go to Dr Leslie Fergang in Weston. There are no needles and it works!

That doesn't sound normal. I can see no reason for concern if it was a mild temp but 104!!! I think it is time to look for a new pediatrician!

If his temp is 104 you should be taking him to the emergency room not the doctor. Get a second opinion. There are a lot of things that could be causing him to have a fever. Sinus, allergies, infection, etc... A very long list. Only blood work and tests will let them know what is going on.

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http://vaccineinfo.net is a good starting point

I have 3 children and I would never say that kind of fever is ever "normal". Do not take "no" for an answer- demand proper care and demand to see a new ped or specialist- anyone who can give you answers. You are your child's best and only real advocate/voice- so you must always follow your gut. There may be some coorelation between diet and vax. I would document fevers and ALL symptoms along w/ vax and diet (everything he eats and drinks). Research and read anything you can on the subject- Jenny Macarthy has some good books and I've bought books on the vax subject off amazon myself- I highly recommend you start researching and reading-- the docs won't tell you everything and they certainly won't do the research for you. You are onto something- keep pressing forward and always always listen to your gut!!!

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My daughter was 2 when I took her to an ENT. He found that her adenoids were 5x larger than they should have been ... she was scheduled for surgery the next week. She had them removed and also had her sinuses cleaned out. The biopsy on her sinuses indicated she was positive for a bacteria infection. So,prior to this surgery, everytime she got a "cold" she would be sick 2x longer than everyone else and run high fevers. Once she had her adenoids removed, she wasn't sick for a long, long time. We have since discovered that she is highly allergic to cats, dust, mold and has several food allergies as well.

My pediatrician was the one who suggested we go to the ENT since she kept getting sick every few weeks. I think it was great advice!

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i would get a second opinion on that issue! with a different ped. (mom of one son.)

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I would look at getting a second or even third opinion. 104 is not normal and this could get out of hand. There could be a million things that is giving him a fever (bladder infection, kidney infection, ear infection, etc). You said there are no other symptoms, but the doctor determined it was a cold... did he say how he determined that??

Go to another ped.

Good luck and you are right to question this doctor... you son can't speak, so you have to do it for him.

Does your son go to school? How long have you been in your current home? I don't want to be an alarmist, but I recently heard a story from a friend, she and her kids were getting sick alot. When they went to the doctor, they were told the same thing, nobody new what was wrong. When they moved they found tons of nasty black and green mold all over. Now that they are in their new place, they haven't had any problems. That person had also heard a story about a friend's little girl who kept getting sick and they didn't know what was wrong, until their preschool got investigated, and once again mold was the issue. Do you think that's something worth looking into, or would it not apply for you?

Hope everything gets better soon!

Hi B.,
My situation is similar to Cheryl C's. My daughter, now almost four, has been experiencing fevers since she was four months old. We've been through testing for just about everything: urinary/bladder infections, chest x-ray and a lot of bloodwork. She has a fever episode that lasts about 3 days (maxing out at 103) and this occurs anywhere from 3-6 weeks. After consulting with an infectious disease doctor at a local pediatric hospital and additional, more extensive blood tests (ruling out anything nasty - like Cheryl C said), we were given two possible diagnoses: cyclic neutropenia or cyclic fever syndrome. There is a lot of information online about these two conditions. My understanding of cyclic neutropenia is the white blood cells drop predictably every 21-28 days and the children get ill - but usually there is some other symptom, other than the fever, that occurs with it - usually requiring intervention/medication. Cyclic fevers occur anywhere from 2-12 weeks, primarily only the fever is present, but the child can also have mouth sores, sore throat or enlarged lymph nodes. In order to have a diagnosis of cyclic fever, you have to rule out cyclic neutropenia. That involves blood draws 2x/week for 4 weeks then 1x/week for 4 weeks (I think that's the protocol). They have to chart the blood cells and that's the only way to do it. As there are no proven treatments to either condition, we opted at the time (DD was only 2 1/2) not to go through with the additional testing to rule out the cyclic neutropenia. Also, our pediatrician's husband is a pediatric hemotologist (blood doc) at the pediatric hospital we went to - he didn't seem to think it was cyclic neutropenia.

The fevers do seem to be decreasing in frequency as she gets older - we're hopeful that they will subside soon, but I've heard of other children experiencing them until they are 10 years old (there was a story recently on a major network about one such local child).

It is very helpful to chart the occurrences of the fevers, especially mark if you notice any other symptoms (i.e. cough, runny/stuffy nose, mouth sores, etc). Print out an article and bring it to your pediatrician on your next visit.

I hope you found this information helpful - I understand how scary it is when your child is sick and no one seems to know why. Best of luck!

Have the doctor do a full blood panel work up. Take him to a Pediatric emergency room if your doctor isn't able to tell you what's wrong or refuses; fevers of 104 are very serious.You don't run a fever with a cold, the flu yes, but a cold, no. Good luck.

My daughter had the same but hers was about every 45 days like clock work almost! Drove me crazy. from about the time she was 3 months old. I stopped treating with antibiotics cuz i could see this pattern & just treated her for discomfort. Her fever spiked one night to 106 & I freaked. Since i have medical background, I know that little ones can get pretty high without it being a big worry & it usually isn't a problem unless you can get it to go down in 15-20 minutes. I gave her meds & a room temp bath & it dropped back down to about 100 within the hour, meanwhile she just played like normal. She didn't act sick at all. Next day I took her in & had decided to demand thorough work up blood exams whatever it took, but my dr. wan't in & I got stuck with a fill in. Well God works in mysterious ways because she looked at my daughters ears & made mention that she had a lot of wax. I told her that the other Dr. says that all the time too & that she's always got clumps of wax coming out of her ears. She said that due to the history, she wanted to irrigate them. I was opened to anything. Well, what they got out of her ears was mind bogling! they got lots of wax, and a huge ball of dried skin mixed with hair & gunk. She was about 2. About 2 weeks later, it was light a light switch had been flipped my daughter spoke non stop and unexplained fevers stopped. I have since gotten her ears tested & no damage done, and I am so thankful. Keep looking for the culprit and best of luck.

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