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My Son Has Been Asked to a Dance... Need Clever Way to Aswer the Girl Who Asked

My sophpomore just got asked to a girls pref dance. She decorated his car on Halloween night while he was gone. My suggestions to him have been shot down, so maybe someone out there might be more clever than me. With it being election time, I wanted him to put a little sign in her yard that said "I vote YES to go with you...etc. but he must be a little young to see any humor in that. Now that the election is over we need some other fun ideas. I would love your suggestions, time is of essance here.

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Thanks for all of the great ideas. My son didn't mind if I teased his brain a bit to be clever. We were going to build a snowman lastnight and have him holding a "Yes" sign but instead we went with the Pizza idea! It was great! In fact, godfathers delivered it themselves and spelled the word "yes" for us. We paid by phone and the driver made sure he said who it was for and who it was from. Pizza plcace thought we were pretty funny. They had fun with it. It was still simple but not boring. Thanks everyone again moms.

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What my daughter did was go to pizza hut and have them deliver a pizza to him with pepparoni in a yes on the pizza

another took a 25 piece childs puzzle and put it to gether and said yes on the back then he would have to put the puzzle together to see her answer.

or baloons with message in side
hope this helps

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Tons of cute ideas. I would just suggest that you let him know he needs to answer right away. Teen girls aren't going to wait too long, and no answer at all can feel worse than no (it sounds like he's saying yes, but still there's no point in keeping her on pins and needles). Just genlty let him know that it won't really matter what he does to answer her, but she won't be happy waiting too long.

a fun, cheap way I did was to take hotdogs and wrap paper "wings" around them and hang them from his bedroom ceiling. I left a sign outside his closed door that said something like, "I'll go to the dance with you when pigs fly".

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When I was dating my husband, I answered him this way for a dance:

I made up a poem that was similar to this:

I'm so excited you asked me, here's what you need to know:
Count the beans one by one and then it will show
the answer to the question you've been waiting to hear
for the (name of dance) is so very near

99 beans and I'm sorry to say, the answer is no. I can not make it, I can not go.

100 beans and the answer is YES! I would love to go, it would be the best!

So hurry and count, do not delay, time is of the essence I must say... count them carefully one by one, and you will have my answer when you are done.

Then, I put 99 jelly beans inside a mason jar...
And I put the 100th jelly bean inside an envelope that was delivered later with a stuffed animal an hour later with the card that just said YES! and my name.

Just a suggestion.

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my sister was answered once with a bag of flower and said count the flour if it's even the answer is yes if it's odd the answer is no.
15 min. later a boquet of daisy's came with 10 flowers in it and it said sorry wrong flower I'd love to go
it was really funny and creative we still joke about it and it's been a good 12 years

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This is what I did once, i was the one asking but it would work for answering too.

I got an extra alarm clock and set it for like 1:00 am then hid it under his bed so he couldn't find it (i asked his mom if it was alright first and she thought it was great and helped me out) then I taped a note on it for when he found it. it said something clever about the time but I dont remember the saying. your son could say something like "dont ya think its about TIME I answered"

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Have him buy a plain, light colored, cheap t-shirt. He can then take some washable markers and write all different types of answers (no way, absoluteley, okay, of course, yes, no, etc.)all over the t-shirt. Then have him take a permanent marker and write the actual answer with it. He then can give the girl the shirt with instructions to wash it (he can even provide laundry detergent if he wants), then the answer will be the only thing left on the shirt when she pulls it out of the wash.
Or, he can buy some of those glow in the dark stars (get special permission from her parents to go into her room) and write the answer with the glow in the dark stickers on her ceiling. When she goes to bed at night she will see the answer glowing on the ceiling.

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"Of all the fish in the sea, I am glad you chose me!" And give her a bunch of candy fish...

The String
This one is adorable and fun and I would so fall for it.

1. Get a long long string.

Easy enough.

2. Write messages.

Write things like, "Just stringing you along" and "You're almost there" to tape along the string.

3. Set up the string.

Start at her house or her work or wherever and make it lead to where you think she needs to be next, such as from home to work or to school. Or you can make it lead to you and you can answer her.

Make a poster with your answer and cut it into a puzzle. Put it in an envelope and write on the front, "Puzzled about my answer? Don't go to pieces. You'll put it together soon."

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What my daughter did was go to pizza hut and have them deliver a pizza to him with pepparoni in a yes on the pizza

another took a 25 piece childs puzzle and put it to gether and said yes on the back then he would have to put the puzzle together to see her answer.

or baloons with message in side
hope this helps

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I didn't read all of the previous responses, so sorry if this is a repeat. I did this in high school to ask a guy for a Halloween dance and it's so easy and fun that most of girls in my group did the same thing to ask their dates.

Since she asked on Halloween, he could hurry and reply with a sort of Halloween themed thing. You get caution tape and tape her driveway off and have some sidewalk chalk to draw a chalk outline to make it look like a crime scene. Then write somewhere, "Yes, I'm dying to go to the dance with you." It's extremely simple but makes a big impact especially if you do it at night.

Let us know what he ends up doing!

PS Another idea is to saran wrap her car, if she has one, since she decorated his car the first time around. That's something fun and interesting too.

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you can have your son send her a pizza delivered to her house with the word "Yes!" spelled out in pepperoni signed by him, ofcourse. well, you'll have to update us on his decision! blessings to you & your son!


p.s. i loved your idea too!

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