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My Son Has Another fever...How Often Do Toddlers Get Fevers?

I know children/toddlers get fevers to help build up their immune system, and to fight off any viral or bacteria infection in them. It seems like ever since my son started playing with other children, he gets a fever just about every other month, or every three months. I know kids will get exposed to germs and get sick and that's part of growing up and building up their immune system. But every few months? My son will run a fever between 103-105. Like this morning, he woke up with a 105 temp. It's gone down since with what we are doing for it, but I'm just wondering if it's normal for three year olds, or any other toddlers to get fevers this often? What has been your experience with your toddler?

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Well, I took my son to his doctor yesterday morning and he said there wasn't any concern with his fevers, or cough. He listened to his chest and chatted for a while, and basically did nothing for my son other than saying to keep up what we're already doing with the tylenol/motrin.
Last night at Midnight (it's 5:30am now the next day), my son spiked another fever. We gave him motrin and stripped him of his clothes. An hour passes by and no changes in his fever. I took his temp and it was reading 106-107. Didn't sound right to me. So I'm thinking may be my ear thermometer is reading incorrectly...Well taking NO chances...We take him to the ER. By the time the triage nurse did vitals, his fever was broke completely. We go ahead and stay and wait for the doc. The doctor's assistant heard wheezing and crackling in his lungs when he was breathing. (note: this was happening with my son all weekend and his pediatrician did not catch this and of course what ever I said didn't matter cause I'm not the doc), anyway, so he ordered a chest x-ray. We also did some breathing treatments. We also did an RSV test..which that came out negative. Thank GOD! Come to find out my son has Bronchospasm, and a slight case of pneumonia. We got an antibiotic and we're having a nebulizer machine delivered this morning. FINALLY we're getting some treatment for my son. That poor boy of mine is a mess. I'm so glad to finally have some treatment. Now I'm relieved, and he's on his way to feeling much better. So if you are ever in need of an ER...The last few times we've been to Banner Estrella hospital, we've had nothing but excellent treatment/care. It's obvious they are very thorough. Now if only the price of an ER visit would go down...LOL Like that would ever happen...ha ha ha..
Thanks again for everyone's advice/suggestions! You're awesome!!! Take care.

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I think that sounds like pretty frequent fevers. More than normal...at least compared to my kids. And a 105 fever is not something to mess around with. If I were you I would have him seen my a good pediatrician. Best of luck and let us know!

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My youngest son used to get fevers "out of nowhere" with no other symptoms. When there is a fever, it means that their body is fighting something. That's what fevers do--and from that standpoint, they are good, so we would not medicate if it was only 100-101 degrees. Anything higher and we gave him something to cool down because a high fever can cause serious damage--and 103-105 is pretty high (although a fever that high would be worse for an adult than a toddler, or so my pediatrician told me.) Anyway, eventually, we figured out that he was getting urinary tract infections and that was what was causing the fever. Once we knew, we were able to take other action to prevent the cause. I'd check with my pediatician and see if they can figure out an underlying, recurring cause.
K. Winters

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My daughter was 6 months when she started running a fever and it would spike really high. Luckily we took her to Children's Hospital in Parker (ER) and they tested her for Urinary Tract Reflux and sure enough that was the issue. I am convinced we would have had alot more problems had they not tested her then, but Children's knows what to look for, more so than other ER's. With your child's fever being that frequent, ask your pediatrician if you could get a test to rule it out.

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105 seems quite high. A child running a lowgrade fever every now and then isn't too bad, but 103-105 is a dangerous temperature. According to my pediatrician, you should contact your doctor whenever it reaches that level. They should be able to tell you whether this is something normal or not. It could also be that your son is fighting an infection that is just not going away. My son was sick on and off for three months in a row. Whenever I took him to the doctor they would tell me he just had a cold, no outside signs of a bacterial infection, the kind you can fight with an antibiotic. But my grandma is a retired nurse and she told me to have the doctor run a CBC (complete blood count). They did and turned out my son had a bacterial infection and more than likely had had it the full three months that I thought he had only been fighting a cold. I guess my advice would be to ask your dr. and have them run some blood tests to determine whether there's something else going on. Good luck!

Sadly enough, I could relate to your issues with your child, My youngest daughter used to have fevers all the time as well. Her first hospitilazation was at 6 days old, then again about every 3 weeks for a long time.
I finally took her to the ENT doctor to have things looked at internally ( Ears, nose , throat ) and found that she was experienceing ear infections and needed tubes in her ears.
wa'la, .... our pediatrician couldnt figure it out, the regular doctors couldnt figure it out,
so try something new...
My daughter is now 10 years old, and is doing super great.- of course, now with out tubes, i had them taken out a few years back.
It might not be your childs exact issue, but it could be a underlying problem.
If you have ruled out everything else, it might be internal, like the ear drums..... etc.
Hope to hear how it goes... keep me posted.
Sincerely, T. from utah

G. 105 temp is to be of concern. Yes, children do tend to run a fever quicker than an adult and yes often running a fever can be the bodies on defense mechanism which acts to destroy harmful microbes. But, when the temp rises above 103 in a child you should take him to the Dr. first call and tell the nurse how high his temp. is and go from there.High fever may pose a risk for people with cardiac problems, dehydration and even brain jnjury if the fever stays that high for prolonged periods of time. If it was my child I would want to know more of the whys? and whats?
God Bless you and your little one!

Hi G.,
I have a 2 and a half year old son and he used to get sick every two weeks last winter. It was his first year at school two days a week and he was ALWAYS sick. And everything he got turned into an ear infection. It was a nightmare. This winter there has been such a huge improvement. He actually has only been sick twice. The best advice I can offer you is to wash his hands with soap and water often. This is the biggest way to prevent the sprad of germs. Also keep in mind, little kids run high fevers but I know how scary it can be when they are so little. Good luck.

My son, now 3-1/2, has had a bout with fevers this last year and the doctors just tell us that without any other symptoms, it's just a viral fever. He was getting every month for 5 months in a row and they would last for about 3 - 5 days, with a fever over 100/101 up to 105. The doctors and nursers said that kids can get between 8 to 10 viruses a year. Since this past spring/summer, he hasn't had them as often and his most recent bout only last three days with a fever of 103 tops. I guess all that I can tell you is to wait it out, especially if he's not showing any other symptoms. If he is, then definitely take him into the doctor to get checked out. The very first time it happened, we put our son through a barge of tests to try and figure out what was causing it and it broke me heart to have them draw blood, take a chest x-ray, suction snot out of his nose, etc. when he wasn't feeling good. The test results were inconclusive, so that didn't help me feel any better either. Hope your son gets better quick!

J., 35, Married/Working Mom of three and half year old boy and one year girl.

The time frame doesn't seem to out of the ordinary, but that high of a temp is VERY concerning. You need to talk to his doctor or take him to urgent care. He may be more sensitive to virus's and you'll just need to take extra care, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Our ped. always says to bring the kids in if their temperature gets above 102.

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