My Son Has an Ongoing Fever That Comes and Goes for 5 Days.

Updated on April 10, 2008
B.A. asks from San Jose, CA
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It started the day before we moved. My son had a sore throat dry and could he could not speak. after the next day he started having runnning nose that was thick white sometimes green. Now it is clear and his throat is a lot better. but he has an ongoing fever that comes and goes. I need help our doctor says give him more Tyenol. We have a humidifier and use during the nights. My son is 6 months old.

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So What Happened?

Well my son is a lot better. Thay little boy is such a fighter. I used the humidifier every night. His sickness just took longer than usuall because during the day there are other toddlers runnning around. He is a lot a better. Thank you everyone for your advice and support.

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I am wondering if you have been keeping him on Tylenol or letting the fever run it's course at times. I have found with my youngest daughter that she gets fevers for just about everything and if I let it run it's course without meds (unless she's miserable and not able to sleep or getting close to 104) she gets over illnesses pretty quick. In fact, sometimes, she never has any symptoms other than a 102 - 103 fever for 2 days and then she's done! Trying to keep the fever down will only give the virus or bacteria a fighting chance. Humidifier and lots of hydration are great!!!



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this might not be to helpfull
but my baby boy was about 6months as well and had a low grade fever on and off, he didnt have any other symptoms but the fever kept coming and going the dr would say that he probably had a virus just to give him infant tylenol and to watch him , if the fe er got worse to take him in agian. Well the fever never got above 101 but it wouldnt go away. So i took him to the emergency room and it turned out to be that he had been fighting a urinary tract infection, i was so angry at the dr because i know how those infections hurt. So hopefully this helps you but in a way i hope it dosent because i would hate to think that dr's over look things like that alot.

Good luck



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Everyone I know with a child right now has a SICK child - this is including my 2 year old, the 12 month old that I nanny, and her 3 and 9 year old siblings. I am sick, their parents are sick, MY parents are sick because my sick household infecting their household --- and on and on. Sounds like your son has a cold, and unfortunately, at his age there are no medications (other than tylenol or motrin) to really make him feel better. My daughter and have both been running a low grade fever on and off for about 5 days now, along with the runny nose, sore throat, and horrible sounding cough - a fever is a sign that they body is fighting off infection, so as long as his doesnt spike to 104 F or higher, the fever is actually a good sign that he will be better soon.
I would, however, suggest you giving your son baby motrin as opposed to tylenol - it does a MUCH better job of keeping the fever down, and makes all the discomforts that come along with a cold go away (sore throat, achiness, etc). Keep the humidifier on at naptime and during the night to keep away the croup (my two year old has had that croup sounding cough for days now, but the humidifier has kept her from getting full on croup sick). You just have to let it run its course ---- is just a cold, and expect many MANY more of them.
Don't worry, he will be fine. These are all normal things that all babies and small children experience when they have a cold.


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If the fever is higher than 101, it is considered a true fever, and my experience is that my doctor treats those with antibiotics because they are more often than not bacterial, especially if the fever followed cold symptoms by a day or so. Sure enough every time so far, my kids have felt much better within 24 hours of being on antibiotics. If the fever is less than 101, your baby probably has a cold that he'll get through.

I hope he feels better, soon.



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YOu have great adice so far. The only thing I would add is this. If the sore throat continues, insist on a strep culture. They will tell you babies don't get strep, but they do! My son is 7 months now and had it 2 months ago. The DR was very surprised. Keep up the good work and love him lots. Blessings



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Try alternating, infant motrin, and infant tylenol. You can give the recomended dose every two hours. Tylenol first, if that doesn't help then 2 hours later give the Motrin, if that doesn't work go back to the Tylenol, two hours later. Also try a luke warm, damp, wash cloth, just to keep his skin a little cooler. If he his fever gets to be more than 101, and stays that way, (I mean if you can't break it.) I would take him in to the doctors office or to the emergency room. Good luck, I know it stinks when they don't feel well..



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My 6 yrs old son did the same thing a month ago. Fever at night & in the morning, then it would go away. He would be playing one minute and down for the count the next. After missing two days of school, I took him to Dr. DiNicola who heard a little noise in his chest but nothing to be too worried about. One breathing treatment in his office & an antibotic and my son was good to go in 24 hours. With Bakersfield air, you can't be too sure what's flying around. Nor can we always trust that doctors know best. Good Luck

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