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My Son Has a Rash on His Butt????

Hello all,
My 4 year old son has a rash on one cheek of his butt. He is potty trained. He only wears a pull up to bed to avoid any accidents. It is a cluster that is staying in one area and it looks red and very pimply. Almost what a really bad case of acne would look like on someone's face. I plan on taking him to the doctor but I have another sick child so I have to wait until she is feeling a little better to take her out of the house. In the mean time I was hoping someone would have some sort of home remedy or such to help. Oh yeah it does not itch him.

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Hi everyone, Thank you very much for all the responses. I was able to have my sister watch my daughter so I could bring my son to the doctor.
The doctor is not to sure what it is. She thinks it could be an irritation from the pull up that he wears at night. She told me to put diaper rash ointment. I have decided to go with my gut and put nystatin cream on him. I have a fresh tube of it. Hopefully this works.
Thanks again

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It sounds like impetigo.
As you can see it is either a staph or strep infection and will keep coming back as long as the staph/strep bacteria remain.

I just took my son to the doctor last week with the same symptoms. The doctor said it was a fungus and I needed a prescription ointment to take care of it. It started to get better immediately although it is not 100% gone yet. Hope that helps.

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Have your 15 year old babysit the children while you take your son to the doctor for treatment. Or hire a responsible person to babysit your children while you take your son to the doc. to be seen. He should not have to wait to be seen.

Sorry to hear of the troubles. I would suggest you go to your doctor and not wait. As you can see from all the responses it could be one of many things. I taught pathology for massage therapy and we covered skin conditions thoroughly. There are many more that haven't been mentioned in your responses. These conditions are treated differently. If you apply the wrong treatment you may prolong the condition or enhance it. For instance eczema and fungal infections are ver differenty from one another. The treatment for the fungal infection could make the eczema worse. Hope this helps and good luck.

Sounds like an allergy to the pull ups. My daughter gets the same thing.

It could be prickly heat from the pull ups. Pull ups are hot and do not allow the skin to breath, so they hold in a lot of moisture as well. You might want to put a little cornstarch on it to help dry it up.

I agree with Diane! It sounds like it could be an infection, or some other condition that needs medication. I would call the doctor's office and speak with a nurse right away, and let her know your concerns regarding getting into the office with your daughter being so sick.

When you have time I would at least call the doctors office. My almost 3 year old got a rash on her butt also and it ended up being some sort of a bacteria infection. In the meantime I would put some type of diaper rash cream to see if it lightens the redness...etc...

could be ringworm or eczema. we went to the pediatrian and the dr said she thought it was ringworm. I went to a dermotologist who said absolutely not that it was eczema and we had to put a 1% cortizone cream. Now we use ecurine cream to prevent any other rashes.

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