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My Son Has a HUGE Blister on His foot..HELP!

Hi All,

My 2 year old has a huge blister on the heel of his foot. It's definitely a blister and not a callous because it's tender to the touch and a translucent white color. I know he is pain because he won't walk on it and is on his tippy toes. He recently got a new pair of sneakers, which seem to fit him OK, but I can't think of anything else that could have caused this. I've been keeping shoes off him as much as possible. Does anyone know of anything that I can do for him? Do they go away on their own? It's the size of half his heel and I've never seen anything like it! Thank in advance for any suggestions.


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Try not to let him open it up and DON'T put shoes back on until it is better completely. Also watch for infection. If it gets red, hot or starts ozzing get him to the dr. I would also suggest if he needs shoes get a pair of slippers. My friend had a blister and she opened it nd it got severly infected. It made her whole annkle and lower leg swell up and needed antibiodics so please be careful! A.

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Do you recall whether or not he may have had a splinter in his foot, even months ago? I had a huge blister like that as well and it turned out to be a small piece of a splinter that I didn't realize was still in my foot. It bled when it was removed so all was thought to have been out, but this little piece had risen to the surface of my heel and formed an enormous blister. It was extremely painful. If you can, try to puncture a little hole in the side of it to drain and he'll get relief. You'll also be able to see if anything is in there.
Good luck!!

Hi J., my two year old son just got over hand, foot, mouth disease which started with blisters on his feet. He had red dots and blisters on his feet and then the blisters moved to his mouth. If he does get this theres nothing you can do for it except wait it out. Its extremely painful and all you can give him is motrin. I hope he doesnt have this good luck, B.

The first thing you should do is call the doctor. This doesn't sound right. He may not want to see your son, although I bet he does. Maybe he will just give you some advise over the phone on what to do.

OUCH!! My son gets blisters from his crocs. The best thing to do is just make sure to put socks on ALL the time and to watch for infection. Poor little guy...

So, I also have a two year old boy and four year old girl...When are yours' birthdays?

This could also be caused by an infected insect bite. I would call his doctor ASAP. My husband had a huge blister on his toe that we later figured out must have been a spider bite. Some how it got infected and his foot started to become red and tender. The next morning his whole leg was sore. We had to take him to the doctor while on vacation and he had to have antibiotics. The doctor said the infection was starting to spread to the lymph nodes and that it could have been very dangerous.

I would agree to go to the Dr., just to make sure it's just a blister and not a splinter or bug bite, etc.

If it is just a blister, you can try having him wear 2 pairs of socks, a thin one first and then another pair, any shoes will rub on the inner thin sock, rather than his skin. Also there is a band-aid product called "blister blockers" and they work very well...a thicker type bandaid w/ sorta gel within it to make a nice cushion that feels great...I think they are waterproof and conform to areas like heels, elbows, etc nicely...

Since it is such a lousy spot I would call the dr. If blisters are not cared for properly they can easily become infected which is even more painful.

I personally would not do anything with it, J.. Just keep things off his foot. If you brought him to the pediatrician, they probably say just keep him off it and wasted your time. I have a pediatrican office where I can call and get suggestions from a nurse unless she says do you want to bring him in...perhaps you don't need to. I have had problems with that on my feet and I just haveto not wear whatever is causing it. Have you tried nice cold or cool (some children can't handle coldness) wash cloth on it and that can be soothing too? Let us know and I wil readwhat others put in here.

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