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My Son Can't Seem to Stop Moving!

I know this may sound strange, but my 5 3/4 yo son is so non-stop it is driving me mad! We try to talk to him and he can't stand still! If we are trying to talk to him and he's playing with his hands, we'll ask him to stop, and his feet start going, we ask him to stop that, and his knees start bobbing, we'll ask him to stop THAT and his head will start rocking. It's like he HAS to be in motion! I know there are plenty of times when he's working on his drawings and such that he is sitting still, but for the life of me i can't figure out how to GET it to happen. Like at meals - his arms, hands, legs, head - he's ALWAYS moving something! Anyone else out there dealing with this??

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This is a small response to some of the great advice: He is ok during school, and when he wasn't in school, we could get him to sit and concentrate on some learning activities as well without difficulty. It seems to be extra energy after maybe having to sit for that long..?? But even on weekends he's like that. I would absolutely consider (if I seriously thought for a moment these were ADHD symptoms) ADHD - LATER. I do not believe you can accurately diagnose such a small child with so much energy with a debilitating condition such as this. I will continue to keep my eyes open for any other symptoms of course. I think for the most part I was looking for others out there who seem to have the same situations. Because my 2 other children (girls age 4 and 2) are not that way. I know all children are different, but I have spent SO much time around small kids all my life and NEVER have I seen this! Thank you so much to all who gave advice! It is sure great to hear there are others out there who do know what I'm experiencing and who care! (OH - and I will also be talking to his pediatrician and to his teacher to get their take on things as well!) Thank you!

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I'm glad to hear you know he doesn't have a disorder! If you are enforcing enough discipline to where he is behaving in general, you probably just have to wait out the high energy "constant motion"....or be like Michael Phelps's mom-throw that hyperactive kid in the pool! Or on the soccer field etc. Let him run as much as possible whenever possible! Good luck!

what do they say at school daycare? If same problem there then might just want to talk to the pediatrician first.

ADHD is quite real and there are also many cases that are not diagnosed and wait until adulthood.

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It sounds to me like you have automatically closed your mind off from ADHD. I, too, believe that this is over diagnosed in children today but I will tell you this...if one of my kids where exhibiting classic symptoms of this disorder I would certainly at least acknowledge it and explore it as a possibility.

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LOL over your post! Sounds like MY 5.5 yo! I think some kids are just high energy...I also agree with your opinion on the ADHD topic. Granted, some instances are very real, but I think my son is just a real corker! Even when he's watching a cartoon or something, he's also racing cars, playing something else.....hmmmm....come to think of it he reminds me of...ME! I have a hard time NOT multi-tasking, too.
Just go in his room and look at him while he's asleep if you want to see him motionless! :) That's what I do!

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i dont want to upset you or suggest that its adhd - but its a really good possibility - i agree that its over diagnosed - but i can speak from experience - i wasnt' diagnosed until age 30 and the struggles i went through my entire life i wouldnt wish on my worst enemy - so to me its a sadder story when a child is NOT diagnosed - there are also non medication ways to help the problem if its adhd - but medication does work too- i am a testiment to that.

is it "normal"? who knows what normal is - there aren't any textbooks on that - is it normal for your son? maybe was it normal for your other kids? maybe not -

another thing to think about is that there may be something else that might be bothering him - similar to a restless leg syndrome or something like that - you never know - i personally would ask the peditrician and try to rule things out before asssuming he's being disrespectful.

S. w

My son sounds the same way. He will be 5 years old in one month. He can NOT sit still at all sometimes.
He was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Dysfunction when he was almost 2 years old.
It's hard to say if your son has any of the other symptoms or not without knowing more. I would suggest reading up on it a little to see if anything fits. Oh, and just so you know there are a wide range of symptoms and they all won't fit. Every child with this disorder wouldn't be the same.
Maybe this can help. I know that the symptoms for this can be very similar to ADHD.

My son is only 5 mos., but I had to respond! :) I used to work with kids, and some are just WAY more active than others! I believe it's a sign that they will be really good at multi-tasking when they get older! I agree with you about the ADHD, besides he is MUCH too young to even think about it! It sounds like he is just a high energy kid, and while it may be frustrating for you it is just normal for him! :) As long as it does not affect him in school or disrupt sleep or anything, I would not worry about it. If you talk to your doc, depending on what kind
of pedi you have, he or she may mention ADHD but do some reading if they do and make your own decision! My little bro was EXACTLY the same way when he was a baby/little guy, and his teachers in the 2nd grade mentioned that to my mom (she was SUPER pissed!) and now he is 20yrs old and perfectly fine !:) Hopefully you will not have to wait 15yrs. for a child to stop tapping his feet at the dinner table though! :)

To Jaime K- this website is for moms to seek advice from OTHER MOMS have maybe dealt with something similar. How dare you be so ignorant as to suggest K. is doing anything wrong! You have an awful lot of nerve using the words "rude" and "pompous" to describe anyone but yourself. You ought to be ashamed.

It sounds like he may need some physical activity / play time after school and before dinner (or homework time or any other "sit still" time). Some time outside, a sport, or a small trampoline to jump on (they have those ones with the handle for smaller kids) - something to burn off some pent up energy. Also, realize that he's been sitting still & being good all day long - and ignore as much of the excess movement as you can.

If it were AD/HD, the symptoms would typically be seen in more than one setting (not just school and not just home, but both places). It doesn't sound like that is happening.

I have 2 high energy boys who came after a very laid back daughter - it takes much more of my energy to direct the boys in a positive manner - sometimes it is frustrating, but when it comes right down to it - I wouldn't change their personalities for the world!

I'm going to try to be delicate about this..... uh, no its not normal. And it does sound like a hyper active/nervous disorder.

"(And PLEASE don't tell me he may have ADHD or something because I am convinced that there are WAY too many children in the world that are diagnosed or medicated for such things and I think it's ridiculous!)"

I think that if you want help you should't exclude getting a responce that might help you vs. living in possible denial. Why are you asking us instead of going to a doctor ? Is it posssible that you are so afraid that you might be wrong? These things are real, and so are the children these disorders affect. Your post comes across very rude and pompus. But who cares what we think .....go see your ped!!!!

I'm glad to hear you know he doesn't have a disorder! If you are enforcing enough discipline to where he is behaving in general, you probably just have to wait out the high energy "constant motion"....or be like Michael Phelps's mom-throw that hyperactive kid in the pool! Or on the soccer field etc. Let him run as much as possible whenever possible! Good luck!

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