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My Pediatrician Says No Need to Worry About High Temp??

I took my 18 month old son to the pediatrician yesterday because all day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday he was suffering with high fevers (anywhere from 101-104.7), really stinky breath, stuffy nose and just all around sick. After a speedy assesment which included listening to lungs and looking in my childs ears, he told me that he had a virus and would be fine. I brought up the fevers again and he said he doesn't care about fevers he cares about what causes them - makes sense right? So I then asked at what temp should I be concerned? He replied with "no need to be concerened even if his temperature is 120" He said that damage from extremely high temps is a myth. So my question to all you mom's out there is has anyone ever heard this before, have you ever heard your pediatrician preach the same thing? I need some advice here, I'm still really worried about my little guy and I can't ignore my burning hot baby. I want to be able to trust his Dr. and not question if he's a quack or not. Please let me know how you all feel about this, thanks so much!!

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Thank you so much to everyone who took time out to respond to my request. It's truly appreciated. I'd like you all to know that my little guys fever did break but he is still not 100%:( Last night was a very uneventful night for sleep for everyone in my house due to my son having extreme tantrums off and on. He's passed out right now so I thought I'd take this opportunity to let you all know where I'm at with him. Let me start off by saying that Dr. Gettlemen, Great Destinations Pediatrix, is no longer seeing my son. I have no problem with Great Destinations or any other Docs there besides Dr. Gettlemen. I called a couple of other Docs this morning for some advice on my son because he is just miserable and I can't even touch him without him throwing himself out of my arms, very frusterating for me since I want to help him:( Both Doctors said that children under 5 yrs. do not get sinus infections and strep isn't possible until he's 3. So as of right now I'm staying home with him today and going to rely on my "mommy instincts":) If anyone has delt with extreme tantrums due to a child being ill and has some tricks of the trade I am all ears. Thanks again and God bless!

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Re: its a myth that kids can't get strep under the age of 3. My daughter was diagnosed with strep throat and scarlet fever on the day my son was born. This was in Houston, now we live here. She was 28 months old.

My 21 month old son had the same thing a month ago. His dr said to try to keep alternating between motrin and tylenol. Also try to give him luke-warm baths. I hope you get some good advice! Good luck!

If i were you I would definitly get a second opinion..Who is this doctor???That doctor sounds like he is a whack job...Just because he has dr. in front of his name does'nt always mean that they care enough to go into the detals.

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Okay honey first yes children under three years old CAN have strep, my daughter was 22 months old when she got her tonsils and adnoids removed from haveing strep for 6 weeks straight. My son is 2 1/2 now and has had strep 3 times in the past six months. What I would suggest is to take him to the pediatrician and have them do a strep culture regardless of there protests, it is possible, is ur son eating normal? When my daughter was sick she was also restless she wasn't sure if she wanted to be held or left alone she was very upset but couldnt tell me what was wrong so it left her frustrated. I would just let her do whatever made her feel better, if that be sitting in my lap or laying alone on the bed. Good luck and I hope he feels better soon. If you have any questions or just want to chat email me at ____@____.com anytime.


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The boston medical journal has this to say:
Many parents fear that fevers will cause brain damage. Brain damage from a fever will not occur unless the fever is over 107.6 degrees F (42C) for an extended period of time. Many also fear that untreated fevers will keep going higher and higher, up to 107 degrees F or even more. Untreated fevers caused by infection will seldom go over 105 degrees unless the child is overdressed or trapped in a hot place. The brain's thermostat will stop the fever from climbing above 106 degrees F. Some parents fear that fevers will cause seizures. For the great majority of children this is not the case. About 4% of children, though, will sometimes have seizures with fever. These febrile seizures are caused by rapid increase in temperature, not by the height of the temperature. Once a child already has a high fever, a febrile seizure is unlikely with the current illness. In any event, febrile seizures are over in moments with no lasting consequences. Treating fevers early in these children may prevent further febrile seizures.

GL and hugzzzzzz

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You are a mama. Your guts are better than any 'ol doctor. Changes doctors. Talk to your friends & see who they go to & who they like. Meanwhile here is an article from web MD talking about fevers, & phobia's. It gives good information on when to worry & when to sit back & wait. http://blogs.webmd.com/healthy-children/2006/04/dont-be-f...

Good luck

go to the ER this sounds like he may have rsv or somthing simalar. going to your ped. might sound like a good idea, but somtimes they don't pay very good attention. so go to the ER and see what they have to say.

Hi S.-
I have read a lot of the other advice and PLEASE do not use rubbing alcohol you can actually harm your child...I worked in a Pediatric ICU for 7 years and that is BAD... Never use rubbing alcohol (it can cause poisoning when absorbed through the skin) or ice packs/cold baths (they can cause chills that may raise body temperature). If the fever is high put your son in a luke warm bath and rinse him down otherwise put cold washclothes behind the neck, elbows, groin area, and behind the knees..This is what we do in the hospital for critical kids..High fevers can cause Seizures and they DO harm the brain, but it takes to usually a 106 before damage can start..If the fever is a 105 and wont come down go to an ER...
It really does sounds like just a virus, there has been a lot of high fevers going around..As for a sinus infection a doctor (or a good one) will not do anything till it has been at LEAST 10 days of constant green or yellow running nose with cough..Otherwise call the doctor if the fever is not gone tomorrow and ask for a chest x-ray to see about pneumonia..
Whatever happens i would defintly switch pediatricians because fevers CAN and HAVE caused brain damage..You can not live after a body temp of 108...
Good Luck and PLEASE do not do rubbing alcohol...

Wow! I'd always heard 105 was bad and 108 was the maximum a body could take. I'd look for a second opinion. For fever in our 22-month old, we use a staggered dosage of ibuprofen and acetaminophen laid out for us by our pediatrician.

Good luck!

My advice is don't trust this doctor! I have never heard that before, and if I were you, I'd get my child to another doctor as soon as possible! I have heard and read that extremely high fevers can cause brain damage. We are happy with Pediatrix, specifically Dr. Mitra or Dr. Nemivant. The office is at 39th Ave and Pinnacle Peak, in the far north valley. If you live near here, I'd give them a try. If not, find someone else near you, because I would not ever take my child to this doctor again.
Good luck and God Bless. I hope your little boy feels better soon.

That man is a lunatic. You have every right to be concerned and I would change pediatricians immediatly and report him. My friends daughter had a seizure due to a high fever it went up to 105 I think.

Good luck,

I would get a second opinion. You are his mom and you know when something is wrong and if you do not feel he is fine take him to another dr.

Well, I personally do not agree with your pediatrician about the "myth" of brain damage...in fact I'm rather disgusted. I've read that temps over 106 can cause febriel seisures and over 107 can potentially cause brain damage. I would highly recommend finding a new pediatrician. In terms of a regular high fever due to virus, my understanding is that as long as the temperature is coming down even a little bit with treatment (Tylenol, etc) and the child does not seem listless or dehydrated, and if the child is able to interact pretty normally then the doctors usually aren't that concerned. A fever over 103 you should be giving him a lukewarm bath for at least 30 minutes. The water should be warm enough to prevent chills or shivering because that will bring the fever up higher. I'd also ask whoever you do see if there is an over the counter medicine to make your little guy more comfortable with his cold.

I am still shocked that doctor had the nerve to say that to you....I think I probably would have slapped him.

Ummm... I would worry, and if it was me I would be looking for a new Dr. Our Dr. has always said that with a high fever it can be dangerous. Where do you live? I live way out in Queen Creek and I drive all the way out to see a Dr. in Scottsdale! He is that good. They are changing their office and moving in July, they need a new one bad! But you can not beat this Dr. I have 3 sons and I was in there for my middle and he even rememberd that my oldest had an allergic reaction to a medicine before. He in the past has even called me to check to make sure that if one was ill that they were feeling better. Let me know if you want his number. I would be worried, I just know from every book that it says that a high fever can be dangerous. I do agree with it means that something else is going on. At least his ears and lungs sounded good. I hope that he is feeling better!

It is pretty true that fevers associated with infections (mostly due to nasty viruses like the flu) do not cause brain damage. It is also true that these viruses going around are causing fevers to 103,104,105. It would be amazing if a body went to 120 degrees from natural causes such as viruses. It is true that overheating can cause death-- but that kind of overheating is from like being trapped in a car with windows up in the summer time. It doesn't sound like your doctor is a quack, just has a weird sense of humor.
(mommy and doctor)

Re: its a myth that kids can't get strep under the age of 3. My daughter was diagnosed with strep throat and scarlet fever on the day my son was born. This was in Houston, now we live here. She was 28 months old.

I would say that he is definately a QUACK!!!! I have 3 sick kids in the last month. All with the same symptoms as yours and they had ear infections in both ears and Strep throat. I would change dr.'s immediately. I would definately refer anyone to mine. It is Desert Valley Pediatrics on 107th ave and Indian School. It is a little drive for me but, I have been going there for 5 years and no distance is too far when it comes to my children!

hmmm, This is the first I have heard that we are not concerned about high fevers, although 101 does not concern me particularly. The 104.7, on the other hand, is very concerning.

I would question the physician's ability to practice safely. Does he have a person he works under? I would contact the person he works under. If he works for a hospital system then there would be a risk manager who would be very interested in his response. Or better yet, call a news station and see what they say about investigating the doctor.

At the very least I would be concerned about febrile seizures. Additionally, I am concerned about the baby's bad breath as this is unusual in infants. I generally associate that more with something bacterial. My first thought was a possible sinus infection, and this was confirmed as POSSIBLE diagnosis by and article in pub med. If this is in fact the diagnosis, there can be potentially serious sequelae if left untreated. I would consider a second opinion.

Good luck.

I love the "its viral treat the symptoms and let it run its course", I have heard that so much I finally found someone that has more to say than that, and the temp thing our dr says head to the er if it reaches 105 it can start to cause a more serious problem at 106. I would definately find a new ped dr right away your child/ren and you deserve more!!! good luck who was it so we can all try to avoid him?

Hi there,
My name is A. and I have a 6 month old baby girl. I have never heard of ANY dr. telling a mother not to worry about a fever. My daughters pediatrician told me that a baby's temperature can run a little on the high side. But anything over 100 was need to worry and shold be brought in. Anything over 103 was extremely dangerous and should be taken to the hospital. I think if I was in your situation, I would be getting a second opionion and go from there. I think I would be looking for a new dr also. I hope your baby is ok. If you would like to you can respond at ____@____.com luck,


In my opinion, he's a quack. It sounds to me from his symptoms like he has a sinus infection - I know because my daughter gets them frequently. The stinky breath is a telltale sign.

My daughter had a high fever over a weekend that ranged up to 105 and we were unable to reach her doc, so we took her to the ER and they told me the most important thing to do was to get the fever down.

You need a second opinion, and fast.

What worked really well for DD was alternating doses of children's Tylenol and Motrin to bring the fever down. She was not 18 months though, she was 3 at the time - so please check this with a medical professional before giving any to your son, as I'm not a doc nor do I play one on TV :-)

Definetly see another doctor - get a second opinion from someone you trust - if you can, get a recommendation from another mom on a good doc to go and see. Always trust your instincts when it comes to your child and never let the doctors scare you off when you know in your heart there's something wrong. You know your child best, always remember that.

Good luck and hope the poor little guy feels better soon.

S. - I don't think our doctor has ever said anything like that. He has told me to worry if I can't get the fever to drop within 30 minutes to an hour after giving something to reduce it. I don't know who your doctor is but if it was me I would be going some place else for another opinion. I love my sons doctor he has been great. He apologizes if you have to wait to see him and he gives you his cell number for weekend problems and will also meet you at his office on Saturday or Sunday if you need him to. We are blessed to have found him.

I completely trust my pediatrician & was told if fever is the only symptom, all you can really do is Ibuprophen and/or Tylenol. I prefer Ibuprophen because it lasts longer than Tylenol. My daughter had a fever for almost a week. I took her to the dr. twice to have her ears checked, etc. There was never anything else going on. Sleep, Ibuprophen, Pedialite Popsicles, less clothing - anything to make him as comfortable as possible. Check out "Your Child's Health" by Barton D. Schmitt, M.D. It was recommended by my pediatrician when my first child was born & is my BIBLE! It says you should call your dr. immediately if the fever is over 105, your child cries inconsolably, cries if you touch or move him, difficult to awaken, stiff neck, purple spots on skin, drooling. And if you have reservations about your pediatrician, I'd start looking for a new one. Get some recommendations here at MamaSource for your area! Hope your little guy gets well soon!

I would worry about the high temperatures and high fever. When I was 6 months old, I had a high fever and lost some of my hearing so please do see another pediatrician if your present one doesn't take your concerns seriously!!


If your baby is still this sick, I would consider taking him back to the doctor. Many doctors chose to wait and watch for a few days with little children because many times the problem is a viral infection. If the baby is still sick like this and still running fever and not starting to get well, then the doctor needs to recheck the baby because continued fever and bad breath can come from strep throat or a bad sinus infection. Illness like this that lasts more than three days needs to be assessed further with other tests such as a CBC or Chest x-ray.

I have never heard that before. My son's pediatrician has said that hiher fevers are normal in little ones but he has made it a point that if it is over 105 that I should bring him in immediatley. If you are having doubts about what your son's doctor is saying there really is no harm about getting a second opinion.

As far as throwing the tanturums, my son also does this. The only thing I have found that works is to get him interested in something that he has to sit on your lap for. Like reading a story. I hope this helps a little and Good Luck! Hope your little guy gets to feeling better!

As a child, I had a 105* fever and ear infection which resulted in my having chronic Bell's palsy (facial paralysis). Fevers can be serious because high ones, can cause seizures. Fevers are a reliable symptom of the body fighting infection/disease. High fevers or long-lasting ones should definitely be treated. The doctor is right about finding out the cause however. My youngest daughter tends to run high fevers when she is sick, so I know how worrisome it is to have a hot kid :)

Some things that may help are tepid/warm bath - never cool - which can cause shivering and more temperature problems. Drinking cool liquids, cool washcloths, and Motrin. Here is a good link:


Good luck!

It sounds to me like he is a QUACK!!!!! High temperatures can cause brain damage! I would see another doctor immediately! When my children were little, I would put them in the bathtub with tepid water. (lukewarm) and use a wash cloth to wet them down. You have to be careful when you take them out because they can get a chill and make things worse. I usually would close the bathroom door and make sure there is no cool air blowing in and I would keep them in about 5 minutes at a time. make sure you use a soft wash cloth because when they have a fever that high, their skin is very sensitive. Just make sure you keep them wrapped up in a towel once you get them out and take their temp. Keep repeating until the fever subsides. I hope this helps! Let me know how everything goes!

Get a new pediatrician, and check this one's credentials. High fevers in babies can lead to febrile seizures (very upsetting) and extremely high fevers (over 112 degrees) can lead to brain damage. Don't ignore the fever, but tepid baths are usually all that is required- but do get a different doctor who will actually listen to you. When he says 120 degrees won't hurt. he's probably being sarcastic- not what you need with your kid's doc.

oh my goodness ... my response is the same as the other mothers, find another doctor. it sounds like this one is not even concerned about your little one and more about how fast he can get you in and out of the office.

a really bad bug has been going around the valley lately and if you feel its more than just a cold/mild fever than I would get a second opinion.

this fall my son had a temp 101-103 for three days and the urgent care dr. said that children do spike higher temps and to keep them hydrated and warm baths to keep them as comfortable as possible, but she also said anything over 103 to take to dr. right away.

good luck and hope your little one feels better soon

Babies can sustain higher temps than us but to not worry is insane! I know its usually infections that cause the temp but I would find a different doc because at 120 I doubt he'd be alive! My daughter ran high temps like that for like a week and when i took her to ER they acted as if it was no big deal but as a parent I was very concerned! She had pnemonia!

Look around for your sons sake... Good luck

I would be extremely concerned if my pediatrician said that to me. Fevers do matter and so do temperatures. Have you thought about finding a new doctor? I know when my son is sick, they always take his temperature and ask about any fevers. They have always told me anything over 102 is too high and I would need to contact them.

I have never heard of that! My daughter's pediatrician said to bring her in if her temp EVER went about 102-103 degrees. She said baby temps are naturally higher than adults but it is dangerous for temps to be very high for very long. I dont know what your babies doc is talking about and would not trust it.


I would definitely worry about high temps! I'm not a doctor but everything I've heard indicates that high fevers can cause seizures, brain damage, etc. I would find a different doctor. Not only because of the current doctor's non-chalance but because he really did nothing to alleviate your fears! Like any employee, you can fire him!!!!

i think its not right what he is saying. if you need to you should get a second opinion. everytime i gone to the doctors office and my child was burning up with a fever they make a big fuss and say i should give them tylenol or motrin. like i said i think getting a second opinion is okay, and dont worry about your doctor getting offended it just shows hes unprofessional if he gets upset in the first place especially if it turns out if he was wrong!!

Funny that the peds said they can't get strep before the age of three, my twins have had it and they are not three years old yet. They both had a positive throat culture for strep. The only symptom Nicholas had was a high fever and a cough, he never complained about anything else. There is a lot of viral stuff going around right now that causes the high fever, but a UTI could also. I have always been told to not let a fever go over 104, and some that won't respond to Tylenol or Motrin alone, we have been told to alternate and give one then two hours later give the other and so on. Congrats on finding a new doctor!

I have never heard that EVER!! I have though heard of just the opposite. People die from it all the time. I had fever convulsions when I was about 18 months old. My fever got too high and started to cook me. Go figure. My mom was told to put me in the bath with ice water until the ambulance got there. You need to switch docs. Anyone that would say that should not be practicing medicine.


Anything over 104 your baby should be seen or taken to an urgent care/ er situation. If their temps get too high they can have seizures!!! And at 120... your blood would be boiling.

Worry! Alternate Motrin with Tylenol I gave Motrin then 30 min later Tylenol... my Dr says that is safe to do.... Give cool bath.... Now, when I was a teen my bestfriends sister's son had a high fever, and he ended up asking for Social Security Disability, something about the high fever caused it.... so I really do not know myth or fact, but I would say control the fever, yes it is a reaction to "what causes it" but it is still not a good thing after 102, my after hrs Dr staff, says take to ER if over 102! So what is that about? huh? I'd say change your Quack Dr. Any Dr that minimizes your concerns is not one that I want,when I go in and want to be put at peace not brushed off with a your too stupid to understand, stand.

Um, find another doctor, right away! On his website, Dr. Sears says that a fever over 104 that does not come down to 101 or 102 with medicine/cool drinks/lukewarm bath/etc. is one to call the doctor about. My understanding from my son's pediatrician is that if his fever is ever 105 or higher, it can cause brain damage. It's always a good idea to trust your mama instincts. If you think there's a problem, get another doctor's opinion.


I have not heard that before, and I take a pretty "hands off" aproach and therefore see Dr.s with the same general view as I do. From what you said of symptoms, sounds like a pretty classic case of a sinus infection (especially with the very bad breath...that is a tell tale sign). I would trust your gut (mothers instinct is usually right- if you think there is something wrong, get a second opinion.

My advice is find another doctor. 4 days of high fevers is something to worry about. When my son was 3 months old he started running a high fever. It turned out he had an ear infection. A few days later it shot up even higher and I took him back to the doc. They sent me to the hospital. He had menengitis. A second opinion cant hurt.

Here's the deal. Children's temps run much higher than adults. A fever of 105 is very bad for you, not so much for a child. Also, seizures from fevers are common in children with fevers much lower than 105. The concern with a fever is whether it goes away or not. My daughter suffered from a "virus" that caused her to get a fever EVERY time she went to sleep. She'd instantly go up to 105. If we gave her a bath, or meds, or something cold to drink it'd go away. That's key. If you give meds and it doesn't go away, then there's a concern. As long as your child isn't becoming dehydrated from other issues there isn't much an ER can do for them.

Trust me on this, it'll save you from worrying. I have 3 kids, the oldest is 6 and we have gone through so many illnesses that shoot up to 104-105. The ONLY thing I learned from going to the ER is that you can rotate Advil and Tylenol every 3 hours. Prior to that I was sticking with one type of med, not using both. The other thing to keep in mind is that we all react to illnesses in different ways. Again my daughter will shoot up to 104 and my son will stay at 102 with the same illness. Some people are just prone to higher temps.

I have never heard anything like that. High fevers can cause cesures. If you have some rubbing alcohol, put it on a cotton ball or a face towel and rub him down. That usually helps break the fever. You might want to get another opinion...seriously.

I'd get a new doctor. Even if he is suffering from just a bad virus, this needs to be addressed. You can keep a child comfortable with Motrin and Tylenol (under directions from ANOTHER doctor.) If I were you I'd definately make another appointment somewhere or just take him to the er/urgent care. AND it is NOT a myth that high fevers don't do anything. It's a fact that high fevers can cause brain damage, seizures and other issues. You can also keep him comfortable with cold compresses behind the neck and knees. I used to work in a pediatircians office and most of the time if we had a very high feverish child we'd recommened the cold compresses and Tylenol / Motrin alternating for comfort AND a recheck in a couple of days if no changes in the child's condition.
PS. don't do ice baths or rubbing alcohol!!

I have never heard any doctor say that a high temperature (104+) isn't something that needs to be checked out. It sounds as if your doctor doesn't listen to your concerns. I think I would consider finding another doctor that will take your concerns more seriously.

One thing I learned a long time ago is that no doctor is God. A pediatrician once yelled at me for wasting his time because I brought my daughter in with symtoms similar to what you described. I left his office and called another doctor that some friends used heppily with their children. He asked why I was changing doctors and I told him. He leaned across his desk and said I am the doctor and I will decide what this child needs but you need to call me and come in so I can do my job. He treated her until she no longer was treated by a pediatrician. (The same rule applies to other doctors). Good luck!

That's INSANE!!! Kids temps. can't go higher than 105 due to seizures! Anytime my child's temp. goes higher than 103 I was told to do give Motrin and Tylenol at the same time. Also give the child a cold bath! I have been in hospital with my first at 3 with high tempts. and they never let them get higher than 105. It was always aggresive measures right away such as wet compresses all over the body after she's taken meds. This doc. makes me mad! At 120 degrees your child can have searious damage and may die! Take your baby to someone else right away! So sorry you have to go through this!

My daughter is a HIGH FEVER Queen. No kidding she never gets a low grade fever 105 every time!. Most of the time they were just virues but for your DR. to dismiss you like that is unacceptable. My DR. tends to be short but he is nice about it. I have been contiplating switching to a female Dr. mostly because my daughter is 9 and uncomfortable seeing a guy and I think females just understand moms more. You need to trust your gut and take her to another Dr. if you are wrong...no harm but if you are right, you just kept you little guy from being miserable.

Fever is a symptom that can accompany many childhood illnesses. If your little one is alert, active, playful it shouldn't be too concerning. For most children it is not the number, but how your child is acting that is important. Some children can be fine with a temp. of 104 and others deathly ill at 101. If your child becomes lethargic, very irritable,rapid or weak pulse, refuses to drink or eat, or is ill appearing after fever is brought down, or a high temp. more than 24 to 48 hours you should call your doc.(as you did). I am concerned that your child's breath is smelly. This can be a sign of strep throat. I also am not very happy with how the doctor treated you. He has at best a poor bedside manner. I would switch if I were you. I would recommend the group Maryvale Pediatrics or Dr.Subhasis Maitra. Good luck to you and your little one. Remember, as a good mother you know your child. You did the right thing.

I have had a pediatrician tell me something similar. My son had the same problems and the doctor told me it was a virus and he would be fine. The problem is I know he is not fine and the things the doctor said to try did not really help. I doubt that the high fever thing is a myth because it has happened to people in the past. I am having a hard time beliviing doctors around here. I called once and they told me to get him an appointment immediately and if I couldn't to take him to emergency. I got an appointment and they said he was fine. So if I had taken him to emergency they probably would have though i was crazy.

My 18 month old baby's pediatrician has always said to bring her in if she has a temp higher than 102 because it is very dangerous if it gets too high. I have heard a lot of people lately saying that some virus is going around and that there is really no explanation for the high fevers. I always thought that high fevers were associated with an infection? When did this change?

My 21 month old son had the same thing a month ago. His dr said to try to keep alternating between motrin and tylenol. Also try to give him luke-warm baths. I hope you get some good advice! Good luck!

I'm glad to hear you found a new doctor. I'm a nurse and was shocked to hear what he said about temps. And as for babies with strep, my daughter was almost one when she was hospitalized for strep infection and a different viral infection, so at least to my own personal experience, yes babies can get strep. As for soothing your sick little guy, I have found that playing some soft soothing music, and blowing a cool mist humidifier nearby relaxes both mom and child. Let me know if that works and as you've already mentioned, 'mom instincts' are a great tool as well. God Bless...

I am a pharmacist and I was shocked by the attitude of your doctor as you describe. I am sure you have gotten many responses to this but I think you are 100% correct to worry about a fever in a child. High temperatures (approx above 103) can lead to seizures and therefore should be treated with afebrile medications (tylenol and motrin) dosed appropriate to age. I recommend you find another doctor for your child. I can make some recommendations depending on where you live.

I would take your child to another ped. Mine says he needs to be evaluated with a temp of 102 or higher. High temps can cause seizures.
Good luck

If i were you I would definitly get a second opinion..Who is this doctor???That doctor sounds like he is a whack job...Just because he has dr. in front of his name does'nt always mean that they care enough to go into the detals.

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