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My Pediatrician Says No Need to Worry About High Temp??

I took my 18 month old son to the pediatrician yesterday because all day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday he was suffering with high fevers (anywhere from 101-104.7), really stinky breath, stuffy nose and just all around sick. After a speedy assesment which included listening to lungs and looking in my childs ears, he told me that he had a virus and would be fine. I brought up the fevers again and he said he doesn't care about fevers he cares about what causes them - makes sense right? So I then asked at what temp should I be concerned? He replied with "no need to be concerened even if his temperature is 120" He said that damage from extremely high temps is a myth. So my question to all you mom's out there is has anyone ever heard this before, have you ever heard your pediatrician preach the same thing? I need some advice here, I'm still really worried about my little guy and I can't ignore my burning hot baby. I want to be able to trust his Dr. and not question if he's a quack or not. Please let me know how you all feel about this, thanks so much!!

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Thank you so much to everyone who took time out to respond to my request. It's truly appreciated. I'd like you all to know that my little guys fever did break but he is still not 100%:( Last night was a very uneventful night for sleep for everyone in my house due to my son having extreme tantrums off and on. He's passed out right now so I thought I'd take this opportunity to let you all know where I'm at with him. Let me start off by saying that Dr. Gettlemen, Great Destinations Pediatrix, is no longer seeing my son. I have no problem with Great Destinations or any other Docs there besides Dr. Gettlemen. I called a couple of other Docs this morning for some advice on my son because he is just miserable and I can't even touch him without him throwing himself out of my arms, very frusterating for me since I want to help him:( Both Doctors said that children under 5 yrs. do not get sinus infections and strep isn't possible until he's 3. So as of right now I'm staying home with him today and going to rely on my "mommy instincts":) If anyone has delt with extreme tantrums due to a child being ill and has some tricks of the trade I am all ears. Thanks again and God bless!

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Re: its a myth that kids can't get strep under the age of 3. My daughter was diagnosed with strep throat and scarlet fever on the day my son was born. This was in Houston, now we live here. She was 28 months old.

My 21 month old son had the same thing a month ago. His dr said to try to keep alternating between motrin and tylenol. Also try to give him luke-warm baths. I hope you get some good advice! Good luck!

If i were you I would definitly get a second opinion..Who is this doctor???That doctor sounds like he is a whack job...Just because he has dr. in front of his name does'nt always mean that they care enough to go into the detals.

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Okay honey first yes children under three years old CAN have strep, my daughter was 22 months old when she got her tonsils and adnoids removed from haveing strep for 6 weeks straight. My son is 2 1/2 now and has had strep 3 times in the past six months. What I would suggest is to take him to the pediatrician and have them do a strep culture regardless of there protests, it is possible, is ur son eating normal? When my daughter was sick she was also restless she wasn't sure if she wanted to be held or left alone she was very upset but couldnt tell me what was wrong so it left her frustrated. I would just let her do whatever made her feel better, if that be sitting in my lap or laying alone on the bed. Good luck and I hope he feels better soon. If you have any questions or just want to chat email me at ____@____.com anytime.


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The boston medical journal has this to say:
Many parents fear that fevers will cause brain damage. Brain damage from a fever will not occur unless the fever is over 107.6 degrees F (42C) for an extended period of time. Many also fear that untreated fevers will keep going higher and higher, up to 107 degrees F or even more. Untreated fevers caused by infection will seldom go over 105 degrees unless the child is overdressed or trapped in a hot place. The brain's thermostat will stop the fever from climbing above 106 degrees F. Some parents fear that fevers will cause seizures. For the great majority of children this is not the case. About 4% of children, though, will sometimes have seizures with fever. These febrile seizures are caused by rapid increase in temperature, not by the height of the temperature. Once a child already has a high fever, a febrile seizure is unlikely with the current illness. In any event, febrile seizures are over in moments with no lasting consequences. Treating fevers early in these children may prevent further febrile seizures.

GL and hugzzzzzz

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You are a mama. Your guts are better than any 'ol doctor. Changes doctors. Talk to your friends & see who they go to & who they like. Meanwhile here is an article from web MD talking about fevers, & phobia's. It gives good information on when to worry & when to sit back & wait. http://blogs.webmd.com/healthy-children/2006/04/dont-be-f...

Good luck

go to the ER this sounds like he may have rsv or somthing simalar. going to your ped. might sound like a good idea, but somtimes they don't pay very good attention. so go to the ER and see what they have to say.

Hi S.-
I have read a lot of the other advice and PLEASE do not use rubbing alcohol you can actually harm your child...I worked in a Pediatric ICU for 7 years and that is BAD... Never use rubbing alcohol (it can cause poisoning when absorbed through the skin) or ice packs/cold baths (they can cause chills that may raise body temperature). If the fever is high put your son in a luke warm bath and rinse him down otherwise put cold washclothes behind the neck, elbows, groin area, and behind the knees..This is what we do in the hospital for critical kids..High fevers can cause Seizures and they DO harm the brain, but it takes to usually a 106 before damage can start..If the fever is a 105 and wont come down go to an ER...
It really does sounds like just a virus, there has been a lot of high fevers going around..As for a sinus infection a doctor (or a good one) will not do anything till it has been at LEAST 10 days of constant green or yellow running nose with cough..Otherwise call the doctor if the fever is not gone tomorrow and ask for a chest x-ray to see about pneumonia..
Whatever happens i would defintly switch pediatricians because fevers CAN and HAVE caused brain damage..You can not live after a body temp of 108...
Good Luck and PLEASE do not do rubbing alcohol...

Wow! I'd always heard 105 was bad and 108 was the maximum a body could take. I'd look for a second opinion. For fever in our 22-month old, we use a staggered dosage of ibuprofen and acetaminophen laid out for us by our pediatrician.

Good luck!

My advice is don't trust this doctor! I have never heard that before, and if I were you, I'd get my child to another doctor as soon as possible! I have heard and read that extremely high fevers can cause brain damage. We are happy with Pediatrix, specifically Dr. Mitra or Dr. Nemivant. The office is at 39th Ave and Pinnacle Peak, in the far north valley. If you live near here, I'd give them a try. If not, find someone else near you, because I would not ever take my child to this doctor again.
Good luck and God Bless. I hope your little boy feels better soon.

That man is a lunatic. You have every right to be concerned and I would change pediatricians immediatly and report him. My friends daughter had a seizure due to a high fever it went up to 105 I think.

Good luck,

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