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My OB Thought I Had PUPPP, but Not So Sure Anymore--help!

My OB told me I had PUPPP (pregnancy rash) last week, this morning it spread to my left cheek. I called her and now she is not certain it's PUPPP, because this rash should spare the face. So she suggested I go see a regular physician, since there is nothing else she can do. I have the rash on my legs, arms, back and abdomen. I've used everything everyone's recommended, sarna lotion, eczema lotions, applying coritizone10, taking Claritin during the day and Benadryl at night. I just started trying an herbal supplement, dandelion drops and tea. I've taken baths with oatmeal based gentle body soaps...aveeno, etc...It's been one week now and the itching is especially horrible in the middle of the night. So I'm losing sleep and waking up 2-3 times a night to reapply medicine. I am trying to be strong, but it's so hard to focus on the positive when I'm constantly scratching, itching, etc...miserable...I have 10 weeks left before my little baby arrives...help! What have you tried?

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Thanks for all the support and suggestions. I'm considering asking my OB for prednisone since I am desperate and still have 9 weeks left before my due date.

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are you eating/not eating anything special to deal with it? I don't remember the rules, but I think diet is key. I do remember cutting out beef.

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I had PUPPP bad with my first son. I tried every known over the counter lotion that you have. I ended up having to be put on a course of prednisone. I would ask your Dr. about it because there's not reason to continue to go through the agony of the nighttime itching. I used to scratch until I bled at night - no matter how much lotion/cream I would apply. The steroids helped ease it tremendously.

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Google cholestasis in pregnancy. My SIL had this very badly in the last trimester, so bad that they took the baby early to prevent any liver damage. I am surprised that your OB wouldn't do a lab for that to be sure.

Poor you. I had PUPPP with my first daughter (6 weeks to go with number 2, luckily no PUPPP this time) and though it never got on my face it did get on my neck and pretty much everywhere else. Between my toes and fingers was the worst. Unfortunately nothing helped long term but it did go away pretty much directly after delivery (which was premature but probably not PUPPP related). If your doctor says it is ok you can over stimulate your skin by placing the rashy areas into extremely hot (read: as hot as you can humanly stand) water. It will itch like mad while you are doing it but then the itch will stop for a few hours. My husband taped socks onto my hands to prevent me from scratching myself open and no matter how badly you tell someone it itches they will not understand which can be supremely annoying. Good luck. Oh, I almost forgot, my OBGYN gave me a steroid shot which I guess is fairly common for PUPPP but it did not help.

Oh man, I so feel your pain! I had it so bad and unless you have had it, you just don't know how horrible it is. Everyone making comments about changing your laundry or lotion or whatever.....none of that will help. Your baby is losing the lenugo (skin covering) and it's sluffing off and going through the placenta and some women have an allergic reaction to it. That's basically what PUPPPS is. So the only thing that helps is delivering the baby and the placenta. I tried everything. I went to the store and bought one of everything on the itch aisle. NOTHING helped. I remember being in Babies R Us one day and I was itching so bad that I went into the restroom and into a stall to scratch. I must have been in there for 30 min, or more...just scratching away. When I got out of the stall there was a line of 4 people waiting for me to get out. (not sure how long they had all been there) The other stall was out of order, I guess. HOW EMBARRASSING! But I totally know what you are going through. Mine didn't get onto my face but it was in every other place imaginable. In between the toes and fingers and my stomach was the worst. The Dr. finally gave me an oral steroid because I was soooooo miserable. I wasn't sleeping at all. I went in there one day and just told the Dr. point blank...."I'm having this baby today whether you help me or not." So, they induced me. LOL
Hang in there.....I would try sleeping naked with a fan blowing on you the whole time....see if that helps. It helped a little bit for me.
I hope you get some relief one way or another.

We drink a liquid whole food supplement that helps with the eczema, and many other things, that is very good nutrition for pregnancy also. It basically gives your body what it needs to heal itself. It's called Body Balance. I would recommend to order a 4 or 8 pack, that way you know you have what you need and start by drinking 2 to 4 oz every morning. I believe they have free shipping for first time orders through Sunday. You can go to www.lifeforce.net/20718417 to read more about the product and for ordering. Hang in there! J. L.

I had it too with both my babies and it is no fun but the benadryl helped me to were the itch was not so intense but I was sleepy . But nothing eles helped I wish I could help you with some thing to try . I would try a all natural health food store and see if you can find some thing that can help you .

I would go see your primary physician. You could be having an allergic reaction to something. Your dr. could prescribe an antibiotic and/or hydrocortozone.


Are you using any lotions like cocoa butter lotion? I used that and it caused a terrible rash, I quit and it went away.

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