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My Kid Puts One Foot in When She Walks!

My 2-year-old girl puts her left foot in when she walks, and I realized that she also trips because of it. I talked to her pediatrician and he told me to leave it alone and that is not that big of a deal. Dose anybody has or had a similar problem?

What can I do next?

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I would get an EI (Early Intervention) eval. This way you can feel better knowing that she either does not need intervention or you can begin intervention now if need be. you have nothing to lose and EI is free.
Good luck

My daughter did the same thing and her pediatrician told me to put her into ballet or gymnastics whenever possible . I put her into ballet and the feet resolved themselves! She loved ballet and still goes three years later.

My advice to you is that you either visit a Podiatrist or Orthopediest. The problem may come from bones in the foot or leg or often tightness in the hip. Children don't always growth out of it. special shoe or streching exercises might be the answer.

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My daughter has the same thing with her right foot. She is 4 now and it has straightened only a little, but she has become much more coordinated and rarely falls or gets hurt when she does. Our Ped said the same thing as yours and we brought her to a pediatric orthopedist when she was 2.5. He said this is the thing they used to try to cure with a bar between the feet at night; something he called "cruel and unusual punishment" and "useless." He did say she could have surgery when she was older if it continued to cause problems. By that point we had already been to the ER twice for stitches in her forehead and lip, and she had already lost one of her front teeth, all from tripping. The main things we did were: make sure she had slim, lightweight shoes on so she could maneuver her feet better, make sure she never, never walked or ran with her hands in her pockets, and minimized the normal tripping hazards for that age. We found crocs to be lightweight enough, but too fat at the toe and she tripped with them. We just used a narrow sneaker.

We also had her vision checked to rule out any perception issues.
M., Momma to 3 under 5.3 and one on the way.

I had the same problem when I was about that age. They called it "pigeon-toed". I remember them putting a brace on my feet when I slept. I'm sure they've come a long way since then (1960's). But I had to have special arches put in all of my shoes. It helped for a long time but once I became a teenager I noticed it happening again. I wasn't using arches then. I would take her to a specialist. Don't let it go without seeking other advice. Good Luck.

Get a second opinion. I wish I had. My pediatrician told me it was because of the diaper that my son turned in and looked like he was bow-legged. Then when he was a bit older and out of diapers I took him to an orthopedist who told me it should have been dealt with when he was a baby or toddler, if we were to do anything when I took him to the orth. it would have meant breaking bones and putting him in a body cast for 6 months. Needless to say we opted to leave it alone and now he walks just like his cousin. Yes he still turns his foot (or in his case both feet) in and he is now going on 21 years old. Don't make the same mistake I made. I truly wish I had followed my instincts, after all in my case my best friend is one of the top pediatric orthopedists in the country. Boys can get away with walking or running funny, with girls it gets noticed more.

My advice to you is that you either visit a Podiatrist or Orthopediest. The problem may come from bones in the foot or leg or often tightness in the hip. Children don't always growth out of it. special shoe or streching exercises might be the answer.

My son who is now 7 went through the same thing. I took him to the pediatrician and he told me to take him to a good shoe store and get him a good pair of sneakers and have Medial Arches glued into them. They helped a little, but at the time I was working at a hospital and I was telling a friend of mine who is a podiatrist and he told me to bring him into the office. he looked at him in many different positions and walking and he told me that he noticed the problem. He put my son in orthotics and a brace that he had to sleep in at night. It all helped!! He also suggested that he be in a good pair of sneakers that were purchased from a professional shoe salesperson, not a 16 year old making extra money. The podiatrist tole me something that really made sense. he told me that this if very common in 1st born children. He said that with the first pregnancy the muscles of the mom's uterus are tighter and therefor the baby has a harder time "fighting" the muscles and the feet (which are small muscles) are more likely to just stay on one position. With subsequest pregnancies the uterus has already been stretched and it is easier for the baby to move the small muscles. the podiatrist also told me that some children will grow out of this on their own. If I were you I would have a podiatrist or orthopedic look at your daughter. they will be able to tell you if it is something that whe will grow out of or if it needs to be treated. in my opinion it would be better to take her now. it she does need to sleep with a brace (like my son)or in severe case they need to cast the leg, it would be better to do it now while she is young. i couldn't imagine my son now 7 years old having to sleep with a brace on. Good Luck and let me know if you have any other questions!!!

My daughter has been toeing in with the left foot as well. She's 2 1/2 (3 in June), and my pediatrician told me to watch it but not to do anything right now. He said it will likely naturally correct. My husband is slightly pigeon-toed, so I think it's hereditary. Have you checked to make sure her shoes are wide enough? Sometimes it can look like a child is toeing in, but it's more of a matter of the big toe pushing out too far because the shoe isn't wide enough. Not sure if that makes sense :). I will say Jillian doesn't have a problem running or jumping. I notice it less now than I did say 6 months ago.

My son had both feet turned in when he walked. A friend suggested putting his shoes on the wrong feet. It worked!

I would take your daughter to a orthopedist. My daughter's one foot pointed in and it effected her development in running. We had a therapist work with her once a week and had to ensure that her sneakers were lace ups.

Honestly, for appearances it didn't look like any big deal but the orthopedist said it could cause her problems when she was older with running.

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