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My Husband Has Been Bleeding from His Rectum on a Regular Basis.

I am very concerned about him, and told him to call a doctor, but you know guys. Obviously, this is too serious too blow off. Any suggestions as to what it could be and what kind of doctor would work best with him? I dont want to waste any time. The blood is very bright and seems to be quite a bit.. Not just drops. The water is completely red and sometimes there are clots.. Please help!

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Good advice from all the responders. Have you made the appt yet? He needs to do this for you and the family. Please let us know how you/he are doing.

I use to work for a GI. From this site:
Click on Physician Profiles:
I recommend: Markus Goldschmiedt, M.D. (or anyone from his practice)

Bleeding from the rectum is not normal. He needs to see a Dr. ASAP!

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K., your husband needs to go and see a Colon/Rectal specialist. They treat all problems relating to this area of the body. If your insurance requires that you get a referral to a specialist, have your husband make an appointment with his regular doctor ASAP. If you can go directly to a specialist without a referral, do that. This is NOT something that just gets better on it's own. Bleeding is always an indication of a problem. It could be as "simple" as hemorrhoids or a fissure or something more serious. They can help. Have him take care of this ASAP. Dr. Hashimapur in Plano is an excellent doctor, he has helped me a great deal in the past. Good luck.

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Go to either a gastronentorologist (sp?) or a good Internal Medicine guy. Medical City is good at figuring these things out - that much blood can be a sign of a serious problem. Make him go. Let us know what happens.


I can't even explain how serious this is! This used to happen to me not as bad but He could lose some of his intestines. FORCE HIM! Take him yourself. There could be a million reasons why this is happening.

It sounds like he has a hemorroid or some sort of fissure. He really needs to be checked out by his PCP who may recommend him seeing a general surgeon depending on how bad it is. Losing blood is never good and it may be coming from another place. My father was passing blood as well and he passed out in the bathroom one year. Turned out he had a bleed in the lining of his stomach.

My husband has been having this same problem for some time, so we recently had him looked at by our family physician. She did blood tests and found that he was anemic. She then had him do a three day culture test and the test results came out positive for blood in the stools, but they couldn't tell if they were from hemorrhoids or internal bleeding, so she sent him to a gastroenterologist. He did a colonoscopy and the results were negative on any polyps or such, but he does have really bad internal and external hemrrhoids. His doctor has told him, he will need to have the rubberband surgery on some and more extensive surgery on the others. He also needed to take iron for the anemia. That is how my husbands issue turned out, but bleeding like that can mean other things. It is not something to play around with, especially if he is over 35 and if he has stomach or colon cancer in his family history. He needs to see a doctor, just to be on the safe side, for you and his children. I'm don't want to scare you, but it is better safe than sorry and it only takes a few hours for the GI doctor to do a colonoscopy. It's only outpatient surgery, and he probably will have to take one day off, but it is worth the peace of mind. Please don't hesitate.

I don't want to scare you, but he needs to go to the DR. immediately. He may not have what my Dad did, but he had the same symptoms, and waited until he had lost an incredible amount of blood. My dad finally got to the point to not being able to walk. He had a very common illness called Diverticulitus. (The spelling could be way off. Sorry) Anyway, It's like seeds in your colon. You can look it up on google. He's going to need to see a gastro Dr. Good luck to you and your husband.

K., your husband should first make an appointment with a Gastroenterologist (aka GI doctor) to have a colonoscopy done.Once you receive the results of this test then you/he will know which direction to go. It maybe something as simple as diverticulitis. Then again, it could be much more serious. I know how men are and it's like moving a mountain getting them to go to the doctor. Maybe you need to reverse it and ask him if he would want you to be going through this and not go to get it checked out. I am a single mother and it's different. The possibility of raising your kids by yourself because of something that could have been prevented shouldn't make him feel good at all. He is probably just as scared as you are if not more. Only you know the things to say to move him. You may have to try trickery.

I second Dr. Jacobson at North Texas Colon & Rectal Associates. He's a fabulous doctor and easy to talk with. He is male - which might be easier for your husband to go to.

I use to work for a GI. From this site:
Click on Physician Profiles:
I recommend: Markus Goldschmiedt, M.D. (or anyone from his practice)

Bleeding from the rectum is not normal. He needs to see a Dr. ASAP!

I work at a day surgery center. We do colonoscopies as well as other things. The clots concern me. Please call a doctor ASAP!!!! I don't want to scare you but this must be addressed quickly. May be a mild condition or could be very serious. Only the gastroenterologist will know for sure.

Good advice from all the responders. Have you made the appt yet? He needs to do this for you and the family. Please let us know how you/he are doing.

I just lost a very dear friend in July to colon cancer. Please get him to the doctor ASAP - even if you have to literally drag him in kicking and screaming. It can be signs of many things, but I know that one of them is cancer which can be treated successfully if it is caught early enough. I will pray for you and your family. Get him to the doctor!

I'm with the other moms. My husband had serious issues for years and went to Texas Colon and Rectal Surgeons located at Medical City Dallas, and Dr. Don Read did wonders for him. He was tested for Chrons, IBS, Cancer, Ulcers and any and everything else. My husband is 6', dropped to 138 pounds. It was awful. Dr. Read got him back on track, and he has maintained 180 pounds for past 15 years.

We were referred to him by a friend who has Chrons Disease. Dr. Read removed part of her intestines and with continual maintenance, she had a baby and has maintained a very active life. Dr. Read may be on a consulting basis now but Dr. Burleson is fantastic also. Those are the only 2 I know from the practice, but don't think you can go wrong.

Good luck and the sooner he gets checked out the sooner he can address the issue.

Good luck.

Dr. Dale Burleson, he is a colorectal surgeon and has an office in Frisco as well as plano. I don't have his number but I am sure you could find him on the Baylor Frisco website. www.bmcf.com

It could be hemroids. My step dad used to bleed on the sheets. but yes he needs to go to the doctor. I just cannot figure out how they can get that bad and they do not beg to go to the doctor. Mine get little and in so much pain. G. W

He might have hemorrhoids, either internally or externally. My husband just had this problem, his were on the inside he went to his regular doctor at first then they reffered him to another dr, can't remember what he is called but he had to get a colonoscopy done to make sure thats what it was. He did say that when he had a bowel movement it felt like razor blades were coming out. Hope this helps a bit.

I am a nurse and I say he needs to get to his primary care doctor pronto! This could be something as simple as hemmorrhoids or as serious as colon cancer. A gastroenterologist could do a sigmoidoscopy in the office (to take a look at the distal portion of the colon), but I would also recommend he get a colonoscopy. This is a pretty simple diagnostic test to rule out anything wrong with the colon farther up that the sigmoidoscope may not see. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me. ____@____.com

I would recommend Dr. Jacobson at North Texas Colon & Rectal Associates. If you have insurance that requires a referral, I would think you can call your family doctor and have them refer you without an office visit. Seems obvious enough that he needs to see a specialist. Sometimes you have to encourage the husband with the "do it for me and the kids" line. I have had to see Dr. Jacobson and I just kept telling myself I don't have anything he hasn't seen before! ;-)

Get thee to a doctor...NOW! Men can be such idiots! I would think blood coming from my butt would be all the incentive I would need to get to the dr. ASAP! hello!? I used to joke a lot w/ my husband about his "butt falling out" due to lack of veggies/ fruits in his diet...my not so subtle reminder about those important little items helping stave of colon cancer.

Good luck. I assume her loves you & your new baby & wants to be around for you both? If not, just make sure the life insurance policy is big & up to date!


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