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My Four Year Old - Dallas,TX

he keeps coughing coughing coughing help

What can I do next?

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Please have him seen by a doctor. With all the illness going around I would want a definate diagnosis

Fever? Sore throat? If yes, he may have H1N1. Take him to Dr. That's how my son's were symptom wise and they suspected H1N1. Could also be related to allergies. If there is no fever then there is no flu. good luck

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I know this is going to sound strange but it really does work. Rub Vick's vapor rub (or generic) all over his feet and cover with socks. The socks keeps it on his feet. I thought it was nuts when I was told this but when nothing else worked last winter I tried it with both my 4 year old, my 9 year old, & my husband ! Worked wonderful. HTH and your son feels better soon.

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Please have him seen by a doctor. With all the illness going around I would want a definate diagnosis

mucinex cough for kids works great

K. D.,

Take your four year family physician.
J. I.

Our pediatrician likes the Mucinex granules for kids. There is an expectorant one and one that also has a cough suppressant. It dumps on the kiddo's tongue like a pixie stick. Our doctor prefers this to even the Mucinex liquid...don't know why...but we have good results. Good luck!

Delsym for kids. Also tea with honey & lemon.

If no other symptoms then water water water. When we get dehydrated we will cough. He needs water regardless. Our bodies are 90% water and it affects us when we don't have enough. Try it and see. I guarentee it will help. He needs half his body weight in ounces of water. Example if he is 50lbs. then he needs 25oz. daily. If he is dehydrated which he is if he is coughing, then I would do 30 a day. As a mom of 6 that is what we mostly drink and when we don't get enough they cough or runny nose. Water is so important. Blessings.

You might want to take him to the doctor to rule out the bad stuff: walking pneumonia, asthma, flu or whatever.

If it turns out to be allergies, you can do several things to help:

Get a HEPA air cleaner for his room or the whole house. Give him Benedryl (or generic). This will reduce the number of airborne allergens that get into his system, esp at night.

Rinse his sinuses with a Neti pot (can be purchased at Walgreen's or other places) at night to wash the allergens out of his system. Do this especially at night so his body will not spend the entire night reacting to allergens. Also, if he has been outside then bathe him or at least wipe off his hair and exposed body parts to rid him of airborne allergens.

Use homeopathic remedies to control/reduce symptoms.

If he develops extreme allergies, the recommendation is to remove carpet and fabric window treatments to reduce the allergens!

good luck!

My lung doctor told me to drink hot herbal tea not anything with caffine in it. He said the throat is shaped like an hour glass and the gunk (my word) collects in the small area. The tea helps break that up and brings relief to coughing. Another thing I have used which helps is to drink aloe vera juice. I had to mix it with orange juice to get it down but it also stopped the coughing.`The best aloe vera juice comes in amber colored bottles. It seems to have more potency.

Hot chocolate
Spoonful of lemon and honey
Cloraseptic spray (it's not spelled right)
DELSYM!!! (expensive but works wonders)
Cool mist humidifier

Fever? Sore throat? If yes, he may have H1N1. Take him to Dr. That's how my son's were symptom wise and they suspected H1N1. Could also be related to allergies. If there is no fever then there is no flu. good luck

sounds like drainage from sinus infection or asthma. ask your doctor first, but you could try benadryl for 3-4 days, 2x day. again, ask your pediatrician first before trying that.

My niece had the same problem. It turned out she had walking pneumonia. Your son should really see the doctor to rule that out.

There's not much to go on here-but either he's sick-has allergies or if this is a cough that has outlasted anything like illness then it is highly probable that he has asthma.

My oldest had a dry cough that just would not go away when she was three. Trip to the pediatrician and he felt asthma was the issue. We came home with a spacer and inhalers and she began taking singulair for allergies. She improved dramatically though this became something we had to do with the change of seasons. Especially spring and then again during fall. Summer time she was typically fine and didn't require it. She's 7 now and no longer does this-having outgrown it we think. Coughing can be a sigh of breathing distress-I would have him checked just to be safe.

Oh man!! We are in the same boat! All night long. We're up like every hour and it's been six nights! I've been researching cough suppressants, but it says to ask your doctor and such. I wish I had some advice for you. Maybe someone on here can help us. Not looking forward to another long night!

Hi K.,

For now, call the doctor and speak to his nurse to see what they recommend. To learn about a natural way to improve his immune system so you can prevent a recurrence, email me: ____@____.com bless you and your son!


If you can get him to netti pot it will help. 4 might be a little young to use the netti pot but the pot get's rid of all the snot. Use the gentle netti pot and not the one that shoots stuff up into your nose because it can cause damage. The gentle netti pots are much better for your sinuses.

As another poster mentioned, it could be asthma. My son has cough variant asthma also. No wheezing at all. You could have your child tested.
If you feel the cough is not an ongoing serious medical issue, you might try a bit of Vicks on the bottom of the feet at bedtime. Yes, I know it sounds weird, but some ppl swear this works. It's a reflexology-type thing.

You don't say whether this cough is ongoing or related to a recent illness. Either way, he needs to see a doctor. If he's been sick, he could have developed pneumonia. This H1N1 flu is associated with severe respiratory problems, especially for kids. It can get very serious very quickly. My dad was in the hospital for 2 days last week after developing pneumonia and passing out at a dinner for work. He had been coughing constantly since the flu the previous week. Little kids can go downhill fast. Don't take a chance!

If his cough is an ongoing issue, he could have (among other things) cough-variant asthma. My husband and son have it. Instead of wheezing, they cough when their asthma acts up. My husband developed it when he went to medical school in New York state. The cold triggers it for him, and now smoke, etc. also. It took them forever to diagnose him.

Hope this helps and your little guy is better quickly. God bless!

it could be Croup or a need for a breathing treatment. i would go to the dr. asap.

There is a fabulous new chidren's formula out. It tastes great, is liquid so is absorbed starting in the mouth, and it helps the body to fight off all the viruses and etc.

Look at it htt;//annnoble.vemma.com

Click on Vemma Next to see about it, see the list of supplements, and you can order some to try and see. Our granddaughters love it. Actually did a tasting up at our clubhouse when they had a kids game night last week, and so many came back asking for more. It is for ages 2 to 12. Vemma NEXT Rules!
At a quick glance it's easy to see why Vemma NEXT is the finest and most complete children's supplement available.* Check out product comparison. A.

You have probably received all sorts of advice on this by now. I put Vicks VaporRub on the bottom of my kids feet and then put socks on them. This definitely helps them sleep. I haven't tried it during the daytime.
Good Luck.

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