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My Four Month Old Son Has Diarrhea

My four month old son has had green diarrhea for a week and a half. He doesn't have a fever, drinks plenty of breast milk, and has at least 4 wet diapers a day, if not more. The pediatrician wants me to watch him for another week before taking him in. Has anyone else out there had this before? My diet hasn't changed either. I'm worried about this and think that maybe the doctor is being too casual about it.

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My doc had to analyze my son's poop to find out he wasn't breaking down the proteins in my breast milk, and we had to switch to Alimentum formula, because it is already broken down. This happened at 4 weeks though, and I hope that's not what's happening with your son, but I thought I'd offer it up for consideration.

It sounds like your son is eating ok, is going to the bathroom, and the major concern with diarreah is dehydration... but you aren't describing the signs of dehydration so your son's Dr. is not being too casual about it, he probably wants to wait and see what if any other sypmtoms will show and see if it clears up by itself. If not, then he M. suggest some adjustments to your diet that M. help. I never was able to breast feed, so I don't know what changes to your diet would be helpful - but I do know that your diet is important to your childs physical responses - Like some foods will cause gas etc. My kids tended to become constipated and we used old wives remedies to help with that... I know my mom used to suggest things like rice milk as a supplement when the stomachs were having problems - thats just the water from making rice put into a bottle - I always found that helpful with my kids. Maybe more rice in your diet will put that into the breast milk and help your son. Just a thought.... Hope he's ok - good luck.

M. - mom of 2 kids 6 & 9

I remember the first le leche league meeting i ever attended... there was a mom there with pretty much the same exact problem. she was so worked up over it she had changed pediatricians like four times!!!

I honestly don't think it's too much to be worried about. If you've started the baby on solids i would stop and not try again until six months old. Try some resources like kellymom.com, mothering.com and/or le leche league for more support!!

good luck...wish i had more advice to offer but hang in there and don't blame yourself!!

Be careful about your pediatrician's advise. While this may very well be just a virus, I'd rather see you err on the side of caution, than being too casual.

Let me explain why I take this stance. Our old pediatrician (Dr. Wenner - who I would never, ever recommend) was FAR too casual about our son's digestive issues, and let him vomit 3x/day for a whole month! I brought him in every week, and eventually our poor little guy went from 65th percentile down to FTT (Failure-to-Thrive).

If your pediatrician won't take your concerns seriously, get your child to a GI (Gastrointerologist) specialist right away!!! Do NOT take any chances with your son's health.

I highly recommend Dr. Adel Abi-Hanna at Dr. Marjorie McCracken's group in Los Gatos. He has a wonderful bedside manner, and helped our son immediately.

Best of luck to you.

I have found that the consultation of a Certified Lactation Consulatant can be invaluable. We have a wonderful one at our local hospital. You may have one in your community as well. I have her on my speed dial! I couldn't have gotten through the first year of my son's life without her. They are some of the only health care professiosnals that truley know about nursing and infant nutrition. Good luck!

My daughter had the same thing. I was told that she was getting too much of the fore/early breast milk. So I made an effort to get her to nurse for a atleast 10 minutes and this seemed to take care of the problem after a few days. Good luck!

Sometimes the stool can change when they are teething.

Hi B.,

I'm a LLL leader and just want to confirm what some other moms have said about the foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. That can absolutely cause green poop and is nothing to be alarmed about. It's best to let your baby nurse completely on one breast and when he has completely emptied that breast (as much as a breast is ever "empty), switch him to the other breast and let him continue to nurse until he indicates he's done. Then just start the next nursing session on the breast he ended with. I used to wear a hair scrunchie on my wrist to remind me which side to start on the next time. By the way, there's nothing "magic" about making sure he takes both breasts at the same feeding. If he's satisfied with one, that's fine too. Also, http://www.llli.org/ is a great place to find a wealth of information, including a local group if you're interested. Memberships are always available but NEVER required to attend meetings.

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