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My Ears Are Plugged and Ringing After Ear Infection

Hi Everyone! I'm currently taking antibiotics for an ear infection and my ears are completely blocked - plus they are ringing horribly. I have a "A" going in one ear and a high whine and a hiss in the other. I'm curious if anyone has had experience with this or with alternative methods to relieve congestion?

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thanks for all of your ideas! Truthfully, I just had to suffer through it - my doc put me on prednisone for inflammation which helped a lot but not completely. I went to ENT who said the tinnitus would get better but would probably always be there to some extent.

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I've had ear infections all my life. The ringing and funny sounds, and the plugged up feeling will fade once the infection is completely cleared up. Hang in there. I know how frustrating it can be. There have been times when I can't hear anything. I resort to reading lips. I even had my tonsils out and I still get them. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!!!!

I have had this happen a few times. I get ear infections a lot. I have found that, on top of the antibiotics, that over the counter decongestants work well. Anything that will break up the congestion helps, sudafed or musanex. Hope this helps. The whining is so annoying. I hope you get feeling better soon.

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I have a remedy in my email files that i can send you.
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not sure if it will help with the aftermath of an ear infection, but Kyolic garlic drops can help kick the actual infection very quickly. couldn't hurt to try it... garlic is a super strong natural antibiotic.

i used a few drops in each ear several times a day, for my 2-year-old daughter when she had an ear infection -- in a day and a half her loose stools caused by the infection had stopped and her ears weren't hurting any longer. traditional docs has suggested a 10-day course of antibiotics... not necessary as it turned out because of the garlic.

you can buy Kyolic drops at Whole Foods Market or any natural food store or vitamin shop.

Good luck!

If you decide you need medical help, I have an amazing doctor. Dr. Barbara Esses at Denver Ear Associates - ###-###-####. She's an ENT with a Neurology specialty and ears are her primary area of expertise. I'd had vertigo for 2 years and been to innumerable doctors, therapists and alternative/natural healers, with no success. After the first visit, she prescribed some super mild diuretics and my vertigo disappeared within 2-3 days. I still have the ringing, but it is better. She said that many people who have been in car accidents often have tinnitis. Doesn't sound like that's the case for you, but still, Esses was recommended by about 4 different people in the medical community that were in very different areas of town and specialties.

Good luck!

And thanks to the rest of you for suggestions on natural methods. I'll try some of the oils.

Eating spicy food has worked for me. Especially spicy Indian food will do the trick. Or there is an Asian citrus tea that helps as well. It is basically finely grated orange peel and honey that you put some hot water into, and that works for me. If it doesn't go away within a week or so though, you should go in and get it checked out by an audiologist.
Best of luck!

I had a wicked ear infection a few years ago- I had the ringing for a good 2 weeks, it almost drove me batty! I saw an audiologist, and everything checked out fine. Last year I had a mild ear infection, but no ringing- I was with a friend telling her about it, I felt like my ears were plugged- she said she had a roommate who used to put a blow dryer to her ear and she swore it worked, I tried it the next time I was drying my hair- and lo and behold it worked- it helped the blockage get warm and dissipate- it didn't get rid of it completely but it was relief, and I used it a few more times before I was better.

I'm sure others will resond with the same advice -- garlic oil! You can find it at health food stores near the vitamins and nasal sprays, etc. Not only did it relieve the pain immediately but actually cured both mine and my sons ear infections. We didn't have to take antibiotics. Yeah! The oil comes in a small dropper bottle. What you do is the put the bottle in a glass or bowl of hot water to warm the oil. Then drop about 5 drops of the warm oil in BOTH ears. I'm almost positive this will help you immmediately!


I just had the same situation and just finished taking my antibiotics. The ringing lasted for about 5 days but my Dr recomended doing a saline rinse I think it is called neil Med it pulled all of the congestion out of my face and helped some what. Hope you feel better soon

I feel for you with the ringing and all. I have had ringing all my life and find it gets worse with infections. Right now tree pollens are very high and the mold spores too. This can aggrivate your ears. I'd ask your doc about some meds for allergies for this. An ENT doc is best for this area.
Good luck, A.

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