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My Dog Stinks!

My dog rolled in something in my parents backyard. They don't have dogs, so I know it wasn't dog poop. I'm pretty sure it wasn't cat poop either. We have washed him twice and the smell won't come out. It's not as strong, but he still stinks. It smells like cow poop, but I highly doubt a cow jumped my parents fence in the city and pooped in their backyard:) The only thing I can think of is that he rolled in skunk poop and that's why the smell won't wash out completely. My husband guessed possumn. Bubba, our dog, is a spoiled member of the family so making him sleep outdoors is out of the question. Anyway, has anyone else experienced this and/or how did you make your dog smell better? Thanks for your help!

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You might try what they say works good for getting rid of skunk odor which is a bath in Tomato Juice.

Wash the doggie in Tomato juice,just as you do if sprayed by a skunk and see if that helpss you'll need a few cans so go to Aldi and get 3-4 cans and wash him down. Good Luck

You might want to try tomato juice. I've heard about it but don't know if it works.


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One of the things you might want to do before you give the dog too many more baths is make sure it really is his coat that smells. One of my dogs rolled in something nasty, I bathed her, she smelt better and then she stunk again. Washed her again, same thing. Whatever she had rolled in got on her collar and that's what we kept smelling. Washed it and volia, smells were gone. Just a thought cause leather and suede especially will hold on to some pretty nasty smells.

If it's not the collar, then I'd get a good anti-bacterial shampoo combined with an apple cider vinegar rinse. Rinse the vinegar and then follow with a second wave of shampoo.

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Wash the doggie in Tomato juice,just as you do if sprayed by a skunk and see if that helpss you'll need a few cans so go to Aldi and get 3-4 cans and wash him down. Good Luck

Get a can of tomato juice and let it sit on there as long as possible and then rinse that out and shampoo. The smell should go away.

Kudos to Marla on the dog collar. I had a similar problem with my chocolate lab...we have 2 collars to swap out at bath time so while one is drying we can put the dry one on him.

I would SERIOUSLY NOT use Dawn or Oxyclean on your dog... your dog has oils in his coat that are essential to him...stripping those could make him lose his hair...so NOT cool. The one time I thought my dog had gotten into something rank I used 2 cans of tomato juice on him (put him in the tub and stop it up so you don't loose all the juice down the drain before you get him coated...you might want to make sure it's room temp or a little warmer if he's spoiled like my pooch...diluting with water a little won't hurt it either if you want to make it more like a bath.) Then wash with DOG shampoo...if you can find one with Emu oil it will make his coat really soft and glossy.

If THAT doesn't work, I would certainly call your local vet or Petco/Petsmart store...their groomers will probably have some product they would recommend that won't damage his coat and skin. Remember, there is a reason why there is specific dog and cat shampoos out there...they are specially formulated for these critters...if you use human shampoos on them, it will strip the oils from their coats...AND, they are also sensitive to the smells...put something "frilly" smelling on them and GUARANTEED they will go out and roll in something...my childhood dog always did!

Oh, and my first born son is a lovely 85 lb Chocolate Lab so I'm right there with you sister! LOL.

Try soaking him in lemon juice for a bit then wash him, you can use vinegar too!

We have a dog that likes to roll in poop and what we do is mix a gallon or so (depends on the size of the dog and length of hair) of warm water with oxi-clean dissolved in it. Oxi-clean is great for getting yucky smells out of stuff. So I wet the dog, bathe him in the oxiclean mixture and then usually with regular dog shampoo. Works every time.

tomato juice. something in it neutralizes stinky stuff - it works for skunks. maybe do an online search too. good luck!

If your dog continues to smell like feces, it may be caused by a parasite. I had a similar situation with my cat. He already had an appointment with the vet on another matter, but as soon as the vet smelled him he told me what the deal was. He had picked up some sort of earmites. I had to use some relatively inexpensive eardrops on him and it cleared up within the week.

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