My Dining Floor Is a Mess! Baby Spills All in Carpet and I Need a Solution ASAP!

Updated on June 28, 2008
P.V. asks from Costa Mesa, CA
4 answers

I need advice in how to deal with my dining carpet floor getting dirty day by day. I try to clean after my baby throws food on it... but I can't avoid having stain and small particles of food after each meal. With time, my floor has gotten nasty looking and all stained. Not only I worry about the appearance of it, but I am sure that a lot of bacteria is generated in the carpet and I need to take action. I will definitely clean the carpet this weekend but I need to find a solution for this problem once I clean the carpet to keep it clean.

I have thought about buying like another small carpet and out it on top, but that won't fix the problem because it will also get dirty with time. The best thing I have thought of so far is to find a large plastic mat similar to the ones we use under computer desks, so I can easily clean after meals and not worrying about carpet anymore. But where do I find large plastic mats? I need one that's way bigger than the ones for computer desks. Does anyone know where to get it?

Any other advice or tip would be appreciated!

Thank you!

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We have a large clear plastic tarp that we got at a fabric store (Joann's), believe it or not. The nice thing about going there is that you can have it cut to size. I've seen ones specifically for high chairs at Toys R Us and Babies R Us, but I found they don't cover nearly enough floor for the projectiles my son has performed.



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I know you can buy a mess mat (thats not what its called) it collects food on the ground at Babys R us and goes under a high chair. Check that out. You could also buy a plastic tarp from Lowes and cut it to size. It would be easy to fold up after feeding time and really easy to clean. See if this work...just an idea...



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I remember my mom going thru the same thing with my lil bro (we are 5 yrs apart so i remember a lot about his infancy, great for torturing him now!). He was terrible about throwing food on the floor! She put a plastic table cloth (the re-usable kind and you can pick a design that goes with your decor) under his highchair and that helped a lot as she was able to wipe it up with a sponge and it protected the carpet. I would clean the carpet with a steam cleaner first then after carpet is dry put down the tablecloth. If you don't have a machine at home it is cheap to rent a rug doctor from the grocery store. The steam cleaner will take care of any grems.



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I have used a large plastic mat. I found some at babies r us. Also, since it is summer, we have been eating outside a lot.
Good luck

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