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My Daughter Wants to Be Naked All the Time

My 2 year old daughter wants to be naked all of the time. she is constantly taking her clothes and diapers off. She does not do this out in public, but as soon as we are home, she strips down. I can put her diaper back on and within minutes she goes and hides somewhere and disrobes again. I feel that it might be a power struggle, or maybe it is just normal for a 2 year old to want to be naked???? I am just looking for some suggestions.

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I've known a lot of kids that do this, so I think it's normal. But if you want her diaper to stay on, you can try duct tape on the tabs. :)

I have a 3 yr. old nudist, too! I have read that this is normal behavior. I don't make a big deal about it or try to fight it. This usually happens when she's getting dressed in the morning or ready to put on PJs at night. If this is going on when I'm trying to get her ready to get out the door, I tell her I understand she's having fun, but that it's not OK to go outside the house naked. Usually, she'll ask why and then when I explain, she'll comply and get dressed.

Sorry I'm not more helpful with suggestions.

Oh yes this is normal. And you are so lucky that she doesn't do this in public. All of kids went thru this phase around 2-3 and 2 of them loved to run down the street naked. They would stand at the bottom of the stairs and disrobe and take off as soon as they could get the door opened and it was always when I was in the bathroom. My nieghbors always laughed at me chasing after them. it doesn't last long and I can't really remember anything in particular that worked with every child, Sorry.
Good luck!!

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Ahhh, C. - welcome to the wonderful world of "I can do it myself"! Your daughter has "discovered" a new ability - tht ability to strip naked, yahoo. My 3 year old does this, too. Try to focus her on getting dressed, instead. Say something like "Hey, let's see if you can put your socks on." Get her to try to dress herself. It won't TOTALLY take the focus off of stripping off, but it should help some. Also, what I do is tell my daughter that at "tubbie time" she can take her clothes off. That usually will keep her happy. I just try to focus her on other things she can do on her own. I know it's frustrating - that's what I think when I'm yelling at my kids "You DO realize it's -19, right???" Oddly - they don't care, the nut jobs! I feel your pain, but there is nothing abnormal about it - she's proud she can do something on her own - she's growing up!

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My 2 year old son wants to be naked too. It is probably just the age. I guess it really doesn't bother me at home and it is kind of funny. He doesn't take his clothes off in public or anything. So, no advice here, but you aren't alone.

I think it is a phase, my daughter did it too, and at 4.5 she still likes to have less clothes on (when we're in the house). The one that is more challenging is that she CHANGED her clothes very frequently and so be glad at this point that she's just taking them off and not pulling other things out of her drawers to wear for maybe 5-10 minutes, and at that age, that's all it takes to get something on them...I pretty much do a supersized load of Pink clothes every weekend. She's my one and only too, and the light of our lives. Enjoy being a mom and don't worry too much, (its unproductive wasted energy). If everyone is safe and happy, then your doing a great job as mom.

Hi C., like everyone else I think this is completely normal behavior. Both of my daughters went through the naked stage between 2 & 3. The only thing I want to add is that you may want to use naked time as a way to introduce potty teaching. We did that with our youngest and it worked out great. Best of luck and enjoy your little streaker, it doesn't last long!:)

In my experience, it is normal - both of my kids did this at around the same age. At least yours is only doing it at home. My daughter liked to disrobe in public, and it took me awhile to convince her that this is not okay.

I handled this by allowing for "naked time" at home in the privacy of our house or our fenced, private back yard. Both of my kids just liked the feeling of wandering around in nothing but their own skin. So I set up the ground rules - only at home, in private, not with company, not without asking first - and let it happen. As my son said, "Mommy, I feel good wearing skin!"

I actually found "naked time" helpful for potty training, too, because folks who had accidents in the house didn't get naked time. I carried the kid potty to wherever we were playing, used a doll to model what to, and helped the child decide when to try. Very helpful for learning to pee in a potty!

Congradulations, you have raised a child that feels free and open when she is at home. What is the major concern?
Does she need her diaper? If she is not toilet trained then you get to explain to her that you need to have her wear her diaper to keep the house clean.
Sorry, I'm on your daughter's side here.
Perhaps you can explain to me why clothes is a necessity.
With my whole heart, C.

Oh it is so totally normal! This month's Parent's magazine has an article about this and other quirky toddler behaviors and what to do about them. It is a good article, I recommed buying the issue if possible. Little kids just like the feeling of being naked better than being clothed, but they will start to learn modesty when they get a little older, like 4 or 5 usually. My 6 year old has just started to be too embarrassed to change in front of anyone but me or her Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa are no longer allowed to help her change. So just be patient for awhile, and discuss where and when it is OK to be naked and where and when it is not. Also, maybe you should cut the tags off her clothes, and use undershirts if she is bothered by the texture of her clothes. Good luck!

Totally Normal!! My son went through the same faze. He was pretty good about keeping his diaper on, but clothes were a constant struggle. We live in Montana and at the time of his nakedness it was the middle of winter. I was constantly turning up the heat to keep him from getting too cold. (If it had been summer there wouldn't have been a problem....I say let em go naked....saves laundry) I eventually realized that it was partial comfort and partial power struggle. Like your daughter, he was good about clothing in public, but as soon as we got home he wanted out. I eventually got the problem solved by having some of his favorite and most comfy clothes (ie, sweat pants, soft t-shirts, etc...) readily available to him. Once we returned home I would allow him to take off his clothes and then pick out what he wanted to wear from the "comfy" pile. They were all clothes he felt he could move and lounge in as well as put on himself easily. He seemed to be more comfortable and also feel like he had some control and independence with the situation. Hope this helps. Good Luck!

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