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My Daughter Started Peeing Her Pants

i have a two and a half year old daughter who was potty-trained this past spring. she decided all on her own she was going to start going potty in the potty, it was nothing we started or pushed on her. in just a matter of a couple months she was completely potty-trained day and night so we put her in big girl panties and she did awsome! i was so happy and so proud! a while ago she started having occasional accidents and then started wetting the bed every night. we put her in pull-ups at night to prevent the bed, the room and her from being covered in and smelling like urine. then things got worse and now she is always having accidents. everytime i put her in her panties she doesn't come and tell me she has to potty until she has already gone in her pants (thankfully she doesn't poop in them). she has started asking for a pull-up after she has had an accident during the day. did i make a mistake putting her in pull-ups at bedtime? my first thought was that since we have been outside more she just gets distacted and busy and doesn't want to stop to use the potty but even on the days we are stuck in the house all day she still wets her pants. i am going to lose my mind!!! i don't know what else to do, i don't understand how she has gone from being completely potty-trained to wetting her pants all the time! any advice would be helpful and so much appreciated...or anyone that's been where i am and has gotten through it with their sanity would be a huge encouragement. thank you for you help!

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i called my doctor and they said it doesn't sound like there is anything medically wrong with her to explain why she is peeing her pants, they gave me some things to watch for just in case. i am going to start working with her like i did when we first started, we went to the store and got potty candy and she only gets one if she stays dry. i think she just gets too busy with what she's doing. we did recently have some changes happen with some family members that are effecting all of us right now so i am just going to take things one day at a time and try to keep the drama to a minimum...thank you everyone for all you help, it's so nice and comforting to know i'm not going through this alone! :)

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Think back to when the problem started and try to remember if there was something that triggered it. If there was a fall or injury to her lower back it can interfere with the nerves that control the bladder. I would look for a chiropractor that specializes in children. www.ICPA4kids.com is a great website for it. I am a chiropractor in Birmingham and have great success with children who have bladder control issues both during the night and day.
Hope this helps!

Children do things at their own pace, she was a little young to be potty trained, but she was ready. Now she wants to go back to being a baby. Does she have a doll that can wear diapers, & go to the potty? Children natuarly want to be their mother, see if this simple act will solve all your problems, then stop the pull up's at night, & say only babies need diapers, your a big girl, stop drinks 1 1/2 to 2 hr before bed time, and talk to her, tell her this will help you not to go pee in the bed. If she pee's the bed, make a small bed on the floor next to her bed, until she can make it through the night. For the beding, & bed use OdoBan, found at Sams Club. And we all know what they say, don't make a big deal out of it, I hope a little doll that goes potty, just water, will help her be a big girl again. Good Luck Bree

Once you analyze what has changed, I would get rid of the pull ups.

E.; yes this is very frustrating, your right some kids get so involved in play and the world around them they forget to do this, when you potty trained her there was not much to her world but to go to bathroom, eat and sleep, and learn to talk , run etc, her world has expanded and so has her mind, its very easy to get distracted from what we want to do and what we have to do, take heart most kids get the full sense of it by the age 4, i would also start to time her, most it takes is about 20 minutes, from the finish of a drink to when she pees, when drink is done time her, and time the time she pees, then next drink do the same, but when the time is up say lets go potty and take her and let her go on the potty, or time to go pee, you need to help her know when its time to go, or time between pees too, see how often she is going, every two hours? or four? it dont matter but check the time and see if you can help her, dont assume cause she had it once she has it down, give her reminders, ok time to pee, or you gotta pee? let go ! another thing that could be happening is stress in her life, something that you dont think would cause it for her could, parents arguing or a freind missing, or a older brother moving out of house, lots of things changes can affect her, so de stress her, and time her, and see how this works, i would also maybe have her help you carry the pee clothes to the washer and help load them in and then wash hands, and or sheets, and i would stay away from pull ups, although they may not of been the cause, they dont help either, stick to big girl pannies, im sure she can do it , have her pick out her own pannies at the store, she might like to keep them clean, oh well, you can say , lets put them in the wash, accidents happen, but i think time her would work, and then you be responsible for part of it too, take care and keep smiling its a time when she needs your support, we all make mistakes and dont get the timing right, how often do we cook somethimg over and over to get the timing right, like when to put toast down so its hot for your eggs, our life is all about timing, just have fun and these grow up and learn things all get learned, might want to also ask your parents how you were and were she got her genes, ahahah she may be just like you or father, and what they did to help if thats the case, D. s


I would go along with the advice of the moms who say to look for anything that occurred around the time she started having accidents or that she is constipated. SOMETHING is going on. Frankly, I do not agree with the mom who suggests she wasn't ready. She obviously was ready! She initiated it!

I would first think about any kind of event that occurred...like a fall, changes of any kind in her routine, did you take a trip, did you have an extended visitor... whatever. Kids love routine and disruptions can REALLY disrupt things. If you really can't think of anything that may have happened, then start looking at physical issues.

A good chiropractor can help with many issues. I prefer chiropractors who graduated from The National Institute of Chiropractic in Lombard, IL. Their program is very comprehensive.

There is something going on, do some investigation and I'm sure you will find the root cause. Then, it will be a matter of getting her back on track. Stay calm and be supportive. Good luck!

The same thing happend with my daughter. 1st off don't sweat it. She will be potty trained by the time she starts school.LOL.
My daughter was fully trained in 5 days at 2 1/2 yrs old. She then decided about 4 months later to not use the potty. I didn't make a big deal about it. It was spring/summer time we played out in our back yard alot. I took the potty chair out with me. I didn't put a pull up on her. If she wet, not a big deal we ran through the sprinkler. Had her friend come over. Her friend used the potty & that helped alot. Once again I didn't make a big deal out of it. However I did the good pee-pee dance when she did use it.
One night at dinner she said she wanted a swing set. Her dad told her fine if you use the big potty all the time. The next morning she refused the pull up and has only had a few accidents since. Not even at night. She is now 5.

Don't sweat it. No one will give you a bad grade on it if she isn't trained by a certain time. However I would let your Dr know, just incase there is some sort of infection like the other mothers said.

I can think of two possible reasons. One has anything changed in her life. Emotions can cause a regression. The other thing is could she have an infection. This can some time cause a person to become incontinent. If there have been no big changes in her enviroment I'd check with her Dr.

My son regressed when I had my second son. Did anything change in her world?

From all the potty training books I have read - you have to start over. Don't do pull ups - she knows she can pee in them and not really feel it.

My son "forgets" to go when he is busy (he is almost 3 now). I just purchased the potty watch from One Step Ahead that reminds them when to go. He will not go if I ask (control issue) but if I set the timer on the stove he will go when it goes off. I decided to get the watch so I am not constantly setting the timer. It is $10.95. by the way he potty trained wonderfully the first time too.

I wish you luck and look forward to reading the other responses.

My 2 1/2 yr. old just did the same sort of thing. She was completely potty trained during the day back in Feb. She didn't have any accidents. We went to Florida in April where she was told to pee in a bucket when we were in the boat. That messed her up. We came home and she started to pee in her pants and even poop. It took a good 5 weeks for me to retrain her. I basically started the whole reward thing all over again with her. I bought plain m&m's and gave her 2 or 3 everytime she peed in the potty. She started to just sit on it and say good girl, treat now. Anyways, she's back in panties all day again. I always put a pull up on her at night incase of accidents. So I don't think the night time thing is it. She will be 3 on Oct. 17. Just hang in there, she'll go back. Good luck.

I had the same experience with my now 4 yr. old. All said & done (pediatrician, urologist) we found out that she was actually 'constipated' (which I wouldn't have thought) & that was causing pressure on her bladder which in turn was causing her to have a 'high pressure' bladder. She CANNOT hold her urine, so it sneaks up on her & she'll wet. We TOO were frustrated beyond belief. To make it worse, my 2 1/2 yr old trained like a champ & doesn't wear pull-ups to bed, but her sister (the 4 yr.old) does!! She is now on meds (something to calm her bladder & mirolax for constapation) but it's only been about 3 weeks, so not like MAJOR improvement but small steps!! At least she is not wetting every day-this week only 3 times! And, she seems to be getting to the bathroom in time. This is NO serious problem, but something that needed to be addressed. Not sure if it's something to bring up to your childs pediatrician!!
Good Luck with it-I know TOO well how stressful & frustrating it can be. The sad thing is, we thought she was just being lazy & we'd sort of 'punish' her when it wasn't her fault at all. That made me feel HORRIBLE. But, I think we are on the right track now!!
Best of luck to you!!!

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