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My Daughter Seems to Get One Illness After another....what Is the Norm????

Hi moms! I am getting a little concerned about my daughter. She was an exceptionally healthy baby. I nursed her for more than one year, and she spent her first 2 years without a single sick dr visit. At age 2 years and 3 months we took a trip to NYC. She arrived, and vomitted, then proceeded to get a cold, and pink eye. I was really upset that her first sickness happened away from home. She didn't vomit for the rest of the trip, until the night before we left. I was wondering if it could have anything to do with motion sickness, as I used to vomit the night of arrival on any trip (as a child). When we returned from the trip, I brought her to our dr, and the dr siad her ear looked a little infected, but that it might be on the upswing, and to give it a few days. I did, and she was fine...no meds. The NY trip was over Thanksgiving. About 1 month later, she got sick again...another cold, that did turn into an ear infection. I resisted an antibiotic, but after her second night of screaming pain, I had to. She recouped..but now maybe another month later, she got another cold (after I had a cold). This started over 2 weeks ago. She has been doing well in the daytime...you can tell not 100%, but decent. At night, she gets a bad cough (getting better now..but still there), where at the pinnacle, she would cough so hard she would vomit. I did use a little pediacare at night, along with steam vaporizer and vaporub. The coughing spells are/were not all night..just once or twice each night. I again saw the dr a few days ago, and was told she just has a cold, and that all she needs is time to heal. We have just arrived on a one week vacation in VT...and as I mentioned, the cold is on the mend, after over 2 weeks, but when we arrived two days ago, she threw up at night ( I figured motion), was fine yesterday (we took a 2 1/2 hour car ride), and then today proceeded to get really stomach sick all day. She had a fever this afternoon, but it went back down. She was to the point of vomitting water this afternoon, but she kept down a few crackers, applesauce, and pedialite pop for dinner. Anyway, my question, as a first time mom is...IS THIS NORMAL??? I don't feel like it is for my girl, given her great first two years. I am a stay at home mom, so she is not in daycare. We do have playdates here and there, and a weekly library group. My thoughts are to take her to a holistic dr when we get back home, and start working on preventative health by re-buliding up her immune system. We are really healthy eaters...and I am an on top of things mom. She is bundled if it is cold, etc. There is no neglect at all...I am 100% devoted to her well being. I would just love some feedback. Is this par for the course with kids, or is she just too sick?? Thanks so much!!!

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Sounds like the airplane ride caused some stress. It's also the filthiest place on earth...
I can recommend a holistic practitioner. Just let me know.

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A. you have the answer...build her immune system and work on prevention. Unfortunately it is very difficult to do this with a conventional medical doctor so I would seek out a holistic pediatrician as well as a homeopath. Homeopaths will work to strengthen her immune system...I did this with my own daughter. Yes children get sick, it is natural and part of how our bodies cleanse and strengthen. However, recurrent infection is not a good sign and the more meds (antibiotics or over the counter) further weaken the immune system setting the stage for another infection. I would suggest you get her on a probiotic immediately to replenish the lost beneficial bacteria from the antibiotic. This will help to stop the overgrowth of Candida which can cause many unhealthy issues.

A. I am in school for holistic nutrition and I am a Certified L.E.A.N. Coach. As a LEAN Coach I teach a course for parents of 3-12 yr olds called LEAN Start and it is a simple, practical, and fun course designed to help parents raise healthy children. Dr William Sears developed the program to address the serious health and wellness needs of families. It is designed around the 4 pillars of health...Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition and I focus a lot on nutrition and how it impacts behavior, learning, moods, sleep, growth as well as how to avoid nutrition related diseases. I teach at the Boynton YMCA and will probably be teaching at the Soma Center in Lake Worth. I can also teach in private homes to a group of moms, so if you're interested in info let me know.

You said that you eat very well and that is wonderful news. Just keep in mind that there are very essential vitamins and minerals that a growing child needs that you CAN NOT get on a vegetarian diet. This is not to say that you shouldn't eat this way, but you must work with someone who can tell you what your daughter needs as far as supplements. I am not a big supplement person, but in this case it would be necessary. Children need the right fats in their diet to help growth and brain development, and they need the right carbs. Often parents are confused as to what constitutes a good carb and a good fat.

Also my holistic pediatrician recommended Juice Plus to our family... it is a whole food supplement made from fruits and veggies and grains and helps strengthen the immune system. My children take that, a probiotic and an omega 3 supplement.

I would be happy to give you info on probiotics, JP+ and an omega 3 as well as a recommendation for a homeopath and some holistic doctors in the area. Feel free to email me.

Healthy blessings,

C. Soave M.S.Ed
Certified LEAN Coach
Wellness Educator

Building a wholesome world, one family at a time!

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My daughter has the exact same thing. But not only after travels. We travel a lot. She gets colds all the time, and when I say all the time, I mean a cold every month. My doctor says that as long as whatever comes out of her nose is clear,there is no need to worry about it. However, green or yellow mucus might indicate infection. Now for the coughing spells that lead to throwing up, it might one of two things, or both. From my experience, my daughter had a throat infection at one point and that led to horrible coughing, that in turn, led to her throwing up. That would freak my DH and I so much! Once the infection cleared though, she would still cough, but only at night time. We figured it was allergies, or that the infection was coming back. We went to the doctor, and he suggested this. And this is the exact convo we had...
Doc:"Do you fuss a lot when she throws up?"
Me:"Well yes"
Doc:"Do you rush to her, yank her out of bed, ask her constantly if she's better and cuddle her excessively?"
Me:"Of course! Throwing up is painful and scary!"
Doc:"Ok, so here it is. Her throat is fine. She has noticed that when she throws up, she get a form of attention that is unprecedented! She also has figured out that coughing hard enough will lead to gagging and that will lead to throwing up. The next time she starts coughing and gagging, don't rush to her, calmly ask if she wants water. KEEP YOUR COOL! If she ends up throwing up, don't fuss, don't say a word, get her cleaned up and the bed or wherever it happened, but DO NOT TALK TO HER. Just do what needs to be done and exit the room.

What had happened is that she had gotten "addicted"to this kind of attention. I was freaking out so bad and was so worried that she LOVED it! Kids can be very manipulative... So don't fall into the trap. She did it twice and when she got no reactions from us, she stopped. Now, whenever she gags, I give her this look, and she knows I won't be happy or worried, so she stops.

I know I just wrote a chapter! But I hope it helps... Of course, before doing this you need to be sure that nothing else is causing the cough. But it could at least help her recognize the signs and ask for water before throwing up...Stop worrying so much, you're doing a great job, kids just get sick and that's a good thing for their immune system. If they don't get sick now, it'll be worse later on. Oh and look into the milk thing. It can give her allergies and make her cough...

Good luck!

Hi A.! I think that it is pretty normal for baby's to get sick frequently! I think it is great that you are in to natural products! That should definately help.
By chance, have you checked to see if she is being exposed to mold anywhere? I know that this can make kids sick more frequently (as well as adults). I wish you the best of luck!



Try Homeopatic medicine. is wonderfull on childrens. I use it whith my three (6, 4, 2 years old). alopatic medicine don´t cure, just work on sinptoms and let the body with low defences. causes so many side effects, is horrible. homeopatic medicine you will very diferent when they get sick.
Good Luck

Hi A.- You sound like a first time Mom (no offense intended). But most first time Mom's record every little thing that happens to there child and think there is something wrong at every turn in the child's development. Star is fine! Kids begin to get sick at this age, regardless of daycare. It is a positive thing, as it is helping to build her immune system. If she doesn't get sick now, it will be worse when she does start school. I think the vomiting is likely to be anxiety over the flight. Also, anxiety in kids can lead to a very low grade fever. Do you worry a lot about her well being when you take a trip. I know I get crazy about my kids when we are traveling, especially if I expect for their schedules to get completely messed up. Perhaps, if you are stressed, she is reading off you your behavior. Just a thought. I really wouldnt worry too much about it, as long as she is recuperating. Does she eat well and have a balanced diet. If not, you may talk to your doctor about vitamins for her. You can certainly see a wholistic doctor, but I think she is perfectly normal and you should not worry too much. If she gets a nighttime cough only, it is most likely allergies, which it seems from my experience with friends, almost every 2-4 year old goes through a bout of allergies. Jake would cough at night for 2 weeks sometimes. Only at night and then would be fine in the morning. You can talk to your doctor about Claratin if you want, or just let her get through the phase. Even though the cold medicine may help, I would discontinue it if it is only at night. It is most likely allergies and the cold medicine will be affecting other things.

I'm officially tapped out on advice. Just don't worry so much. I'm sure she is a perfectly normal, healthy little girl.

Hi A.

I know it's hard to see your child sick it seems all the time. This might sound funny but she is building up her immune system. This will be a great thing when she starts school. If she wakes up with a earach take spme peroxcide and put it in her ears fill it up the the top of her ear. You will start to see it bubble. Her pain will stop in mins. Leave it in for 10 mins. Then turn her head on a towel and and it will drain out. I find really good information on www.earthclinic.com These are natural remedies you will find around your house.

Good Luck
C. :)

Different places have different pollens. Wellington is a nice warm sunny place. And New Your is the opposite more people biggeer crowds and it is Flu season. also Star may have emotional problems with travels ( they are going to take me and leave me). At 56 I still hate to travel and large crowds. When she wasnursing she got her health protection from you. I'd get her som multi vitamins and be sure she gets enough protein since meat is not a choice. It could be attention getting too.

For the vomiting after a plane or car ride, I would assume it is motion sickness. Some people, including babies DO get motion sickness in cars. My sister is one of them. She is fine if she is driving but if someone else drives, she gets sick. You mentioned she vomited AND had fever? Anytime anyone has a fever, you can count on it being a legitimate illness (cold virus or infection of some type). You mentioned that you had a cold and then some days later she caught it. You have to understand that colds are viruses and they spread very easily from one person to another, no matter what age the person is...and they spread quickly! Perhaps you and your daughter shared a spoon or a sip of a drink and you've just shared "germs." Since it's impossible to keep her hands clean at all times, you have to understand that anytime she is in a public setting (playdates with other children who might be sick or going to the library and touching objects that are infected by sick people), if she puts her hands in her mouth, eyes, or nose, she will get sick. Also, keep in mind that most colds take 2 days to show signs of being sick...you can carry "germs" with you before you even show signs of being sick so even if your playdates don't look sick, they very well may be coming down with something and then your daughter will catch it. Are you giving her vitamins? Vitamins are good, but they do not keep you from getting sick. I've spoken to my doctor about "boosting" the immune system and he has told me that there is no sure fire way to "boost" the immune system. Eating well, taking supplements, getting adequate sleep, BUT keeping those dirty fingers out of the nose, mouth, and eyes are your best defense. Children get sick...so do adults so I wouldn't worry that there is something wrong with your daughter. Her immune system is young. Try not to worry. Just treat the symptoms and if your instincts tell you something is wrong and your pediatrician is reluctant to take you seriously, then I'd get a second opinion.

Sounds like the airplane ride caused some stress. It's also the filthiest place on earth...
I can recommend a holistic practitioner. Just let me know.

I guess you could say that your situation is a little different than mine as my son goes to Mom's Morning Out 2 times a week. And ever since then he gets sick A LOT. It's all part of building up the immunity. There is a lot of stuff going around not only for kids but for adults too. And I would think that definitely traveling frequently you can expect to pick up a lot of stuff. I do believe that your child being sick often is normal. But then what do I know since I'm not a doctor. My son too had a terrible cough for like 5 weeks. And got really bad at night like you mentioned. The only thing that was suggested by our doctor was the vaporizer, mucinex (over the counter) and vick's vapor rub on the bottom of the feet with socks over that. That seemed to help. But if you ever have wheezing or shortness of breath, due take that very serious. My child had pneumonia around last Thanksgiving. Good luck and hope the sickness gets better for you. My son's been sick free for about 2-3 weeks. Crossing my fingers.

Your beautiful Star is totally normal. Remember colds take around 7-10 days to run its course.And when she vomits, she is getting rid of phlem. It also comes out when she poops. Everything you have done is entirely right. Keep it up and enjoy your child 100%

Well, my daughter, just turned 4-also started getting sick (no motion stuff) but like every december she would get an ear infection, okay no biggie. Then late 2 going into 3 she just would seem to have a crazy cough and okay, keep it at bay until it kept her up all night or made her throw up-she was diagnosised with "sinusitis" and given antibiotics, okay that would go away...but she would cough sometimes and it was always in the back of my head. Make long story short-a couple visits to the after hrs clinic and saturday clinic in feburary, she has allergies, but not sure to what yet because RAZ test came back negative. We started her on a sinus rinse, very very helpful, and she is on singular. Right now we are still in limbo, getting referred here and there, but we are pretty sure its a combo of allergies and asthma (or something close from her running). This wont really help you too much. I think you are right about the motion sickness. But ear infections, although I do use the antibiotics, my daughter wasnt breastfed and gets them at least one a yr and the one she just had in Feb was putting pressure on her and making her throw up everything. I hope your little one gets better.

It doesn't really sound normal to me. I can see the motion sickness but that should get better in a day. My daughter had a cold and then the cough woudl just be at night also. After a week of this I took her to the doctor to rule out broncitis or pnenoia(sorry for spelling). She said it was allergies. Make since since i have seasonal allergies too. She started on Claritan and Flonase each day. I was skepical of it as I do not like to medicate if I can help it. But it did work. I stopped after a month or so and sure enough it came back. So we are on it again and she is good. This may not be it but I would get things checked out.
Granted kids get up to 6-10 colds a year. But it may be allergies also.

It's not abnormal. You travel, get exposed to bugs your body isn't familiar with, you get sick. Kids can go through cycles of being healthy for awile, then getting everything that comes down the line, I wouldn't worry. We just returned from a five day trip to Disney with my four year old and five grandchildren, two of whom just flew in from Texas. I expect by the end of the week they will all have something or another.

I believe it is totally the norm. She's been sheltered, like i've done with mine, which is probably why it has taken so long for her to get sick. It's difficult to see your child suffer, but i'm sure your suffering is greater than hers. My pediatrician is anti over medicating, but she insists on antibiotics in the case of ear infection, because you do not want to mess with ear infections. Medicines are fine if they are used when necessary. Probiotics are great when using antibiotics and when not using antibiotics. I wouldn't worry. Humidifiers or steamy bathrooms are good for congestion. It is believed that otc meds don't work on children under 6, but vicks can help with loosening the congestion. You are doing everything right. She, and all children, WILL get sick. Sometimes it seems like its just unending. I've gone through that with both of mine. It never seems to fail that when we travel, one or both gets sick. The great news is that your daughter overcomes the sicknesses. This means her little immune system is working. Coughs can take a long time to completely leave the body, so don't worry too much about those.

Also, there has been research that leads to believe that first children are more prone to sickness and allergies. I have seen this with my own children, with me and my siblings, and among my husbands siblings. Just keep doing what you're doing. She'll be fine. Better now when she can be at home with nurse mommy, than when she's older and in school.

Hi, my son was this way and everyone including the doctor kept saying he was building his immune system??? Well finally at 5yrs of age they found that his adenoids had completely blocked the back of his nose and his tonsils had to come out. Finally after him having the surgery in August he has not been sick once since then. He also had to have tubes in his ears tho he only had one ear infection in his life he had fluid trapped in his ears which affected his hearing and the fluid in the ear was infected and kept him getting sick. Just something to check into. Good Luck!! S.

A. I was just talking to a girlfriend who has the same problem with her daughter. I don't know if you've tried yet but she went to an ear nose and throat specialist and ended up getting her adenoids removed...Not that she needs anything removed but my husband and I have gone when we've had recurring throat issues and they really seem to know what's wrong. Also my little boy always seems to throw up when he has a cold b/c he has a strong gag reflex and the mucus in his throat makes him vomit. I would recommend FL Otolaryngology - Dr. Huhn on University Blvd. Ph. ###-###-####. I would say some of it is par for the course but use your Mommy instincts! Congrats on Baby No. 2

Good luck,

Hi A.,
My 3 year old since he was about 1 1/2 he started getting car sick badly, we literally had to have extra clothes and bip in the car. Then he got a little bit better....he hasn't been sick too often..u know a cold here and there when the temperatures changes. But then he started going to pre-k and omg, he was getting car/bus sick on his way back on the bus every day. And for the past 2 months has been sick, w/flu, pink eye, infection, now he started yesterday w/diarreah and vomit! i'm so upset because I think it's the school classroom, but the teacher told me that she cleans, but you never know. I would suggest you to check w/a specialist, change doctors (like I did) and do blood test (which is my next stepts just to make sure), and mostly check his surroundings. And good luck! Hope she feels better!

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