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My Daughter Says She Can't See Out of Her New Glasses...

My 2 yr old daughter was having an issue with a "lazy eye" (her right eye didn't seem to track as well as her left, moving slower and inward). The pediatrician referred us out to a ophthamologist, who did several checks and tests, and determined that she was far-sighted and said she needed to wear glasses.
We were a litte thrown off by this, as my daughter has never shown any difficulty in seeing. She's very observant, loves to read and identifies letter and numbers. We absolutely wanted to do what was the best for her, so we have been talking very positively about her new glasses.
We picked them up today, and she has only worn them a few hours. She is complaining that she can't see out of them. She has no problem keeping them on and wears sunglasses just fine, but to look at a book or watch a movie, she is trying to look over them. When I encourage her to keep them up, she says she can't see.
My question is how long do I try and keep her wearing these glasses, before I call the ophthomolgist and have her reevaluated? The technician at the eye glass place mentioned that they are a very strong prescription, and I have a hard time believing that her vision was that bad and we had no signs.
Thanks for any advice you may have!

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My daughter had something very similar and the eye dr gave her half of the prescription for the first 6 months. He said if he made it as strong as she needed she wouldn't want to wear the glasses. She got used to the first pair, wore them for 6 months and we went back and got the full prescription. We noticed her eye was crossing towards the end of the day at bed time. I think they strain their eyes to see everything, but they can't control it when it is towards the end of the day and they are tired.

I might take her a while to adjust to seeing out of them.
I wear glasses to drive, and it took me forever to get used to them. My eyes just don't adjust easily to things like that. My sons vision was really bad, and we had no idea until he started looking cross eyed, so we took him to an eye dr. He has an astigmatism, and can hardly see out of his right eye!!!
W. m.

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I'm surprised that her eye doctor did not suggest an eye patch to strengthen the weaker eye. That's what I had when I was a child. However, my lazy eye was way too weak to be strengthened, so I have lived my whole life with basically no depth perception and I can read nothing out of my bad eye. In order for an eye patch to work, it has to be started really young. If your child says that she can't handle her glasses, believe her. I've been overprescribed and had to have my perscription adjusted. You might want to get a second opinion from an eye doc who deals a lot with amblyopia and strabismis(sp?). If you want any lasting improvement (not just glasses), this has to be delt with now, while your child is young. Depending on how severe her eye is, this can have a real impact on her life. There is also surgery to straighten the wandering eye. As I was not a candidate, I don't know much about that. Do some research. It's worth it!!

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HI B.~

I didn't read all of the responses so sorry if this is redundant. Our daughter has a lazy eye too and we didn't have any idea until she had a basic eye test at 4 years old!

Your daughter probably can't see out of her new glasses. Our Dr. told us that lazy eye is a neurological as well as vision problem. For whatever reason the brain does not recognize the messages from the lazy eye and the other eye compensates. The way that they make the lazy eye "work" is to blur the good eye to trigger the brain to use the other eye. I would call the ophthalmologist and tell them that she can't see and doesn't want to wear them and that they need to lessen the Rx on the weak eye. She absolutely needs to wear her glasses to get that lazy eye working, but it can be a more gradual process than what they are doing.

I would also recommend a PEDIATRIC opthamalogist. We have used Dr. Miller in Woodland and just got referred to Dr. Sutterfield in Sacramento. If you have more questions e-mail and I'll be happy to share our experience and/or information.

Good Luck! J.

We had the same issue with 22 mo old. The glasses to fix far-sightedness do not actually make thier vision better but make both eyes see the same. One better. One worse. This make the "Lazy eye" work more to strengthen it. We had to get a prescription for Atropine drops to dialate our son's eyes which makes his vision blurry. Then when you put the glasses on it makes them see better until they get used to thier glasses. Talk to your Opthamologist again and see what he can do for you. Just don't give up. Good Luck. Our son loves his glasses now after 2 months and has no problems wearing them all day, everyday.

I might take her a while to adjust to seeing out of them.
I wear glasses to drive, and it took me forever to get used to them. My eyes just don't adjust easily to things like that. My sons vision was really bad, and we had no idea until he started looking cross eyed, so we took him to an eye dr. He has an astigmatism, and can hardly see out of his right eye!!!
W. m.

Hi B.,
As a child I had great vision until about the 4th grade. I remember always having an small adjustment period to new glasses, but it was always a bit of a depth perception problem, never "I can't see out of them". When a person has a serious vision problem and they look through glasses and can see, it is such a delight. I don't believe Scarlett is misinforming you. I wouldn't make her wear them until I had made sure that there was nothing wrong with the prescription or the glasses.

As a side note, my younger sister had a lazy eye and had surgery back in the fifties and has never had further problems with her eye.
Blessings to you and your family.

Hi B.,
As I read your posting, I kept thinking that this sounds just like our story a few weeks ago (with a daughter the same age)! My daughter had the exact same problem with her eye and the same diagnosis. We got her glasses a few weeks ago and at first didn't push her to wear them more than a short time. We also were worried because they seemed so strong. So she just wore them a little at a time and allowed her to say when she needed a break.

Then yesterday we had a followup appointment with the opthomologist which was very helpful with many of our questions. He let us know that she the only way they were going to help her was if she wore them full time. We talked about all of this in front of her and asked him to let her know that it was important for her to wear them at all times other than when she's sleeping or bathing. This seemed to help encourage her to wear them. She still occasionally takes a break from them but we try to make them short breaks (like yesterday when we went for a walk she took them off when we stopped to sit down -- I let her know she could take a break while we were sitting but when we got back up, she'd need to wear them again). She seems to be getting more used to them.

So I just wanted to give you some encouragement to not give up! And to ask questions to your opthomologist. This was very helpful to us.

Good luck, B.

My son had the exact same problem with his eyes. I was also thrown by the fact that he needed glasses. My son didn't take to it that easily. It was a struggle to get him to wear them but after a few days of enforcing it, he seemed to do just fine with them. The doctor also gave us drops to put in his eyes to dilate them-so when he wore the glasses he would be able to see better through the glasses. This didn't really work for us-but you might want to try it. When we first got the glasses they told me that the prescription was very light. I took him back to the eye doctor a month later and they ended up changing the prescription to be a little stronger and now he has to have bifocals. It has been over a year now and he still needs to wear them but his eyes have actually improved. My son does take breaks from his glasses every once in a while. I will let him take them off for short periods at a time-usually when he is tired. You should probably get the prescription checked-as I don't think it is supposed to be very strong. It will take time for your daughter to get used to them though-as the glasses are like a magnifying glass in front of your eyes. It is funny at first but she will get used to it. Good luck!

I'm not sure where in the Bay Area you live but you might also check in with the UC Berkeley Eye Center to see if they will take a look at your daughter. I think they have a program for children there and that clinic is open to the public.

J. F.

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