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My Daughter Keeps on Throwing Up

This past tuesday evening, my 6 year old daughter woke up at 3 am and threw up. she continued to throw up every 10 minutes for an hour and two more times after that. she literally got rid of everything in her stomach because she was dry heaving and nothing was coming out. the next day i kept her home from school and made her drink lots of gatorade. she seemed completely fine. she had no temp, her stomach didn't hurt and she was playing with her sister as usual. i figured she could go back to school the next day. so that night at 1am, she woke up and had thrown up in her bed and on the floor. she sat by the toilet while i cleaned it up. she didn't throw up again but i kept her home from school again and brought her to the doctor. the doctor checked her and did a strep throat culture (she just had strep 2 weeks ago) and it was negative. my daughter has not had a temp or any other symptoms of anything. so the doctor said it must have been a stomach flu bug. well last night (sat) she woke up and threw up again. she has been complaining of her stomach hurting (mine usually feels sick if i'm going to barf) i have no idea what's going on and i will be calling the doctor again on monday, but i was just wondering if any of you moms have any idea what could be going on. thanks so much!

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I don't want to scare you but that's what happened to me when my appendix perforated. I was sick then fine, then sick again. Just ask her if it's her tummy (stomach) or lower. See if she can pinpoint it. Pain should be on the right but as it goes it spreads to all over due to inflammation. Like I said I don't want to scare you but don't rule it out. Hope that's not it!

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My son and I were just sick with these symptoms -no fever, but throwing up again and again until there's nothing left [and I had diarrhea to follow even though my son didn't]. I also had pain/cramping that was obviously in my stomach/instestines] that just went away a day ago even though we were sick last week and have been getting better. I called a nurseline a couple of times while it was going on, and apparently lots of people are coming down with this stomach "bug".
Still, there's always a chance it is something specific going on with her- I think I would just keep calling the doctor and let them know if anything changes or she does not start getting better.

As a grandmom, I would suggest you keep a diary of everything your child eats . It is important to understand that when the human body gets too acidic, it inhibits the immune system from fighting off problems and healing illness.
Most importantly, start their day with fresh fruit, not citrus because of its acidity, rather fresh fruits like banana, or strawberries or blueberries. If they prefer a smoothie made of only .blended fruit, that's fine Do not use canned fruit. A normal size portion. Stay off dairy for the time being. It can introduce mucus t the digestive track and trigger acid in the stomach.
Then after they eat the fruit, wit at least 30 minutes before trying a small serving of toast with just a little bit of honey OR a bit of butter on it. (no jam)
Then a bit of vegetable soup later in the day. If that stays down okay, offer a bit of mashed potato, with some mashed carrot and a bit of butter. Keep her diet simple during this day and note if there is any discomfort or vomiting. If she wants more fresh fruit, make sure it has been at least three hours after she last ate.

My daughter had something like that a year or two ago... she was going over 24 hours between vomiting episodes. Our doctor said whatever stomach virus she had was still in her system and to lay off of foods/drinks that my irritate it. Stick with bland foods (dry toast, white rice, bananas, etc.) and stay away from dairy and acidic foods (OJ, etc.). He also said these stomach bugs can take a week or so to run their course.

My daughter did that when she was about three or four. She actually spent 7 days in the hospital with no diagnoses. Later they found out that it was like an acid reflux. I had to put her on Zantac and prop the head of her bed up higher. Talk to your doctor, because this is the time my child was always throwing up (at night and fine during the day) I was told that this happens more at night because they are laying down which puts their head and stomach in line and make it easier for everything to come up. Hope she feels better and hope this helps.

Sounds like a stomach bug. I was sick two weeks ago with one, and then this weekend it came back for one morning.

Just in case though, I'd like to point out that allergies to food can lead to vomiting. My older son is allergic to peanuts and his only symptom is that he throws up an hour after eating even a tiny amount of peanut, and continues to vomit for hours. Only if your daughter happens to have eaten the same thing before going to bed those three days, then I would think about this possibility.

I don't want to scare you but that's what happened to me when my appendix perforated. I was sick then fine, then sick again. Just ask her if it's her tummy (stomach) or lower. See if she can pinpoint it. Pain should be on the right but as it goes it spreads to all over due to inflammation. Like I said I don't want to scare you but don't rule it out. Hope that's not it!

I totally understand what you're going through. My 2 1/2 year old son just recently went through the same thing. Although his was accompanied by a cold. But he would be fine during the day and then when he was settling down at night he would throw up everything he had for supper. And a couple times he would throw up after being asleep for a couple hours. But this went on for a week or so. I did notice that drinking milk definitely compounded the problem. He's fine now. I'm not sure what the cause was but I wanted to let you know that you aren't alone. And don't hesitate to take her to the doc as many times as you need to feel comfortable. You both are in my prayers that it will stop soon! Good luck..

My 3 year old son had something similar a couple of weeks ago. It lasted about 3 days. He would go 10-12 hours in between "episodes". It was such a hard time because I kept thinking he was all done and then it would happen again. Unfortuately, I got it, too. I am guessing it will pass soon. Good luck!

My 11-year-old daughter has been doing the same thing. I took her to the ER on Friday night, and by the time we left there, there was 15 other patients with the same symptoms. Our team of doctors said it is just a strange flu bug that's popped up, and she should be fine in a few days.

I have heard about 2 kids in our area (I work with their Mom's) and now you are the 2nd person I've seen on here saying their kid is having this problem. I don't know if it's a bug going around or maybe something in the food? I'm in KY, I see you're in MN and the other lady on here talking about it was in TN so it seems widespread. I know the 2 Mom's I work with never did find anything out with their kids, even after multiple trips to the Dr., but eventually it seems to clear up. One took a couple weeks though - she was really sick for about a week and then was OK for almost a week and then threw up again so it's like it comes and goes. I know this probably isn't much help, but it seems like a weird coincedence that kids from different parts of the country and different ages are having this issue and the Dr's can't seem to say what it is.

I watched a show one time called mystery diagnosis and the girl kept puking in the night like this. She ended up having seizures in her sleep and they found out she was epileptic. Not sure if this is what your daughter has. Just a thought. Hope all goes well and she gets over this soon.

Is she having bowel movements? If not, could she have a blockage? Is her stomach bloated? Is she eating something new? Some kids eat their hair and gets stuck in their intestines, I doubt this is the case ... but you never know. I hope you find some answers soon.

There was just a piece on the news a couple of days ago that Norovirus (a gastrointestinal bug) is running rampant in the Twin Cities. It can take 3-5 days or sometimes even longer to run its course. Make sure she stays hydrated (Norovirus can cause severe dehydration very quickly) and if you have any concerns about dehydration call your doctor's office or take her in right away. They are supposed to urinate a minium of every 8 hours. Anything less than that requires medical attention. Good luck!

It sounds like what we has at our house twice last year. Both times it lasted 5-7 days and all of us got it. I think it was Norovirus. I know there have been some cases of it in Rochester the last couple of weeks. It is very contagious and there is nothing you can do. It just has to run its course. Try to keep your daughter hydrated. Popsicles are great. A friend of mine makes hercown using Pedialite.


my son did something similar to this a couple months ago.

the thing with stomach or intestinal trouble is that they take a long time to recover (2 weeks after the initial incident) and they take a long time to stay gone.

what you should do is after she throws up, IMMEDIATLY STOP ALL LIQUIDS AND SOLIDS for at least 30-60 minutes. 15 minutes after that, you can give her emetrol - i think thats the name of it - it is an anti nausea medicine. you may also give her ONE spoonful of water. if she keeps that down 15 minutes later you may give her ONE more spoonful of water. do this for about 8 hrs, ONLY giving her ONE spoonful of water every 15 minutes or longer if shes sleeping or doesnt want it. around 8 hrs you can try to give her like ONE piece of cereal, like cheerios or something. give her one of those every 15 minutes if she keeps it down. if she throws up again, start over. i was told that it takes 24 hrs before you should even consider feeding her anything in a large amount. then feed her something healthy, simple and not strong; chicken soup, peanut butter sandwich (NO JELLY) something like that . crackers too are nice.

gatorade might be ok also at the 24 hr mark. but any time that she throws up start over again.

keep wiping surfaces with bleach rag or wipes or something to try to get rid of any bugs in your house. if its a warmer day, open all the windows in your house for 5-10 minutes (trust me!!) and that will blow out the stuffy air, improve the air quality in the house, and help blow out some of the cruddy air... you have no idea how good it feels when you do that in the winter until you do it. its amazing. dont serve treats or high fat foods once you start feeding, and dairy is also probably not a good idea. just make it simple.

anyway. good luck. it sounds so much like what my son was doing (hes 3) and i remember being where you were. my son did get a bit of a fever, but he was otherwise fine, he would act normal the rest of the day, just seemed like it was out of nowhere he would throw up. :( :( its the worst :( :(
good luck

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