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My Daughter Has a Fever and Says the Back of Her Neck Hurts.

My daughter started having a fever today and I asked her if anything hurt and she said her neck. She pointed to the back of her neck on her spine. I gently poked around to see how she reacted and she jerks a little when I push on the bone. I tried to call my doctor to see if this is something to worry about but I just missed them. If it was just the fever I would just wait it out but saying her neck hurts is making me a little concerned. Does this sound like something serious?

Thanks and God Bless!

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Thank you all so much for your responses! When my daughter woke up from her nap (after I posted my response) she still had a fever and I asked her again if anything hurt and this time she said "no". Again, I poked around her neck and she didn't show any signs of tenderness. So my husband and I decided to just keep an eye on her and her fever. We continued to question her every time she woke up about if she hurt anywhere. She slept most of the evening away and showed signs of improvement this morning! She feels like she still has a bit of a fever but of course she won't let me take her temp. I feel like it probably was those glands in her neck that were tender or maybe she was just achy from the fever.

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I would go to the doctor...or even the ER if things have not improved today. It could be the flu or, more seriously, spinal meningitis, as several other other individuals have mentioned.

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I would definitely go ahead and take her somewhere because of the possibility of meningitis. However, my daughter just got over the Flu and she had similar symptoms. Pain in the back of her neck and at one point a fever of 104.1. The doc told us that we have glands in the back of our neck on each side of where your spine is (news to me, I knew they were on the front but not the back too). Her glands in the back of her neck were swollen because of the flu. It's better to go ahead and check it out than run the risk of it being meningitis. Good luck!

These could be symptoms for a host of things from a flu to menegitis (though this is rare). For your own sanity and to get your daughter started on meds if needed, I would get her seen by a doctor as quickly as possible.

Something is going around as my daughter and several kids from her school are out ill.

Good luck,


I would go to CareNow just to keep my sanity. It is probably nothing more than cold or flu setting in but why take a chance.

I'm not sure where you are located but I have used the CareNow in Allen with myself, daughter and hubby and been very pleased. You can book everything online and they will call you when to come in so you don't have to wait in the waiting area as long. They take most insurances. The most I have paid is $20. The peace of mind is worth $20 to me.

I hope all goes well and she gets better quickly. My daughter is rarely sick so when she does get a fever, I think the worst things. My daughter 13 and only been on antibiotics a few times. We are fortunate. When she is sick though, WOW, it hits hard.


I would go to the doctor...or even the ER if things have not improved today. It could be the flu or, more seriously, spinal meningitis, as several other other individuals have mentioned.

If you can, I would take my daughter to an "after hours" pediatric clinic ASAP. If there is not a pediatric clinic near you, take her to a CareNow clinic. With your daughter's symptoms, I would not be taking any chances.

Best of Luck, and hope it's not something super serious! Please let us know.

I don't want to scare you but I have always heard that neck pain could be an indicator of meningitis (and we all know that's not something to mess around with). I would get her an appt ASAP just to be on the safe side.

One of my really good friends daughter was in the PICU for 21 days with meningitis when she had similar symptoms. Pack your stuff NOW and get to the ER. It can cause brain damage, as it has in my friends daughter. This is very serious and nothing that should wait until tomorrow. Good luck, God bless and keep us posted.

GET TO AN ER RIGHT NOW!! THIS COULD BE MENENGITIS! I pray that it isn't, and it probably isn't, but go NOW and make sure.

My hubby is in nursing school and says that while it could be nothing, there is a chance that it might have something to do with spinal meningitis so he would send her in so they can find out or not. While it may take time (er wait) and money (ER copay, etc), spinal meningitis is nothing to mess with. Any time it is an illness that is a risk of death in children, I would err on the side of caution. Get to the ER asap.

Alecia, This is absolutely something you need to see a pediatrician about. Call and speak to the nurse. Do not put this off. I hope this advice helps! M. R.N.

Sounds scary to me. I'd get her to the DR asap and if temp goes up I'd I'd take her to ER.

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