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My Daughter Has Chronic Red Cheeks

My 8 month old daughter has very fair skin. For the past couple of weeks her cheeks and nose have been red- people keep asking me if she is sunburnt. I keep her out of the sun for the most part and on our walks she wears a hat. The rest of her skin is pasty white. She never runs a fever or acts ill. It's not blotchy, rashy, risen or hivey. It looks just like she has been at the beach. Sometimes her face is not red at all, but lately it seems more red than not. Need I seek medical advice or is she just fair skinned and prone to redness?

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It sounds like rosacea to me. http://www.rosacea.org/index.php
I'd see what a Dr thinks. Good luck.

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Do you think it could be Rosacea???

Rosacea is a chronic skin disorder of the face,which affects approximately 13 million people in the United States.
It tends to occur mostly on the face, and sometimes on the neck and upper chest. About 50 percent of the time it involves the eye area as well. It tends to occur more frequently in people with fair skin, and may be an inherited trait.

Doctors classify rosacea into four types depending on the symptoms. One of them is an early stage of periodic facial flushing and redness, called flare-ups. Women often get another type where swelling and flare-ups occur more and more frequently and eventually become permanent. Inflammatory roasacea is another type, typified by the appearance of pimples and pink bumps on the face, as well as small blood vessels showing under the skin. Finally, in some men with rosacea, the nose can develop rhinophyma (becomes enlarged, bulbous and red with thick knobby bumps).

You might want to let your doctor know whats going on, there are creams you can put on her face to help the redness. I have knowen many people with roasacea and they dont seem to be bothered with it, but there checks are red in color. Good luck, I hope this helps.

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Hey B.,
My daughter had the same symptoms about 2 years ago, it just so happened I was taking her to the Dr. for a checkup. He looked at my daughter, and told me that she had something called Slappy Cheeks Disease no joke. we treated it with antibiotics and a cream. It still reoccurs sometimes about once or twice a year for a couple of days. So, my advice is to take her to the Dr. Hope everything works out for you and your beautiful daughter.

WOW! I dont mean to steal your request but my daughter was born July 6th and she too has red cheeck! Not all the time but a lot! and they are warm to the touch. Seems like recently when she is getting a tooth (she has 4 now!) they seem to get more red. Hoping someone has some insight on this for both of us!! haha!! thanks!

Hi B. - my daughter has the same thing! When she is outside - whether it's hot or cold out she gets red, red cheeks that looks like a sunburn. I also noticed that she gets like that when she is running around crazy and playing too. Also - my daughter has excema and she is 2-1/2. After she cools down - the redness goes away. It used to bother me - but not anymore. Take care!

I also have chronic red cheeks, but did not as a child. I have a hard time believing it is rosacea as others are suggesting. I believe I've read that rosacea is an ADULT skin condition that progressively worsens with age.

I would look into several other alternatives. First, allergies, especially food-related. Secondly, if she is outdoors, it could also be windburn (especially in colder weather, especially if it is hot to the touch. Windburn looks exactly like a sunburn except it's usually cheeks and nose that are noticeably red. I'm used to seeing it, as my husband used to work outdoors and constantly had it. The next thing I would consider is dehydration. Flushed skin is a sign of that, and it's very easy for a small child to become dehydrated. I THINK I remember from First Aid training that children/babies can become dehydrated outdoors within 20 minutes in hot weather.

But still, I'd talk to her doctor. I'm sure that they would also suggest possibly taking her to an allergist or dermatologist if he/she isn't sure what it is offhand.

It could be eczema. My son has a little spot on one leg and it's just pink, no rash. His dr noticed it at his last appt and says it's common this time of year. I used Eucerin cream 1-2 times a day and it's gone. It's an otc product, so if it doesn't work you can still use it on your hands, etc. good luck!

My son had something just like this when he was 11 months old, he is 6 now so I will try my best to accurately remember. I can't remember what it was called but it wasn't a disease or anything like that, just a dry skin condition. His pediatrician prescribed a cream that we put on his cheeks, and it cleared right up. He too has very fair skin, and the dryer weather can trigger things. Just have your Dr take a look at her, and I'm sure they will know what to tell you to do. Nothing to worry about, but I would definantly ask your Dr. Life with kids is always an adventure!

Have you taken her to a dermatologist? It sounds like it could be exzema or rosacea, both easily treatable. My son is five and has battled exzema all his life. I can tell you about a good dermatologist in Estero.

I would take her to Dr to be sure. Can't be too safe. But it is probably too hot for her. My little one is also very fair skinned. We could be under shade and her cheeks go red. It seems to fade close to bedtime, when she is cool. They are much more sensitive to the weather than we are.
When we went on long car ride, I would wrap a gel ice pack in a towel and put it in her seat. This helped her alot.
See a DR to be sure though.

Hi B. - I have noticed that any time I turn the heat on in my house, one of twin boys' cheeks get really red. I don't know if you've had the heat on recently- but that could be it if you have...

Hi B..
I have been in Dermatology for many many years. The rosacea alot have mentioned is typically an adult skin condition... The slapped cheek and fith's disease are the same. Your dr can help you diagnose this. There is also a skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris which can present with redness on cheeks some times blotchy look to the skin that may also occur later on the back of the arms and thighs and buttock, sometimes has a rough texture. It's in the eczema family and nothing to worry about. Skin like many other things is genetic so she many just have ,as you mentioned, fair skin with a strong red undertone. I would strongly suggest you see your peds. dr or dermatologist for further evaluation.

It could a sign of an allergy, as they tend to show up like this as well. My son has some facial redness, & the dermatologist said he thought it could be an allergy, perhaps to some new food he's been introduced to, but I haven't kept a food diary & don't know which food it could be, so....he had prescribed a cortisone cream to apply to the areas, since his were a bit rashy looking & the areas responded to the cream. It doesn't hurt to speak with the MD about it though. Look online a bit too to see what comes up...it's a great way to get the latest thoughts on the subject!
Good luck.

Do you feed her any solids? With my son, I noticed if I gave him something he was allergic to his cheeks turned red too.

It sounds like Fifth's disease. Which is not at all as scary as it sounds. Ask your Dr. but it is a normal childhood thing kind of like a cold-sore virus that pops up and goes away in time. When I worked at a pre-school we saw it alot. The only precaution to take is if you are PG you're not supposed to be around a child who has it due to possible complications.

Hi B.,

I'm D. T. I've always had sensitive skin and have become a very good at figuring out why the skin may be upset. My daughter who is red headed with white skin is prone to rashes and skin problems as well. The first thing to look at is what you are using on the areas that are red. Think about her bath time--what kind of soap, what kind of moisturizer. Write on a piece of paper anything that touches that part of her skin that is red. Laundry detergent, sunscreen, moisturizer, soap, etc... Do you notice it more at certain times--could it be related to food? When she eats a certain type of food, is it worse. You have to be a detective so it may take a few days to uncover what may be causing it. Email me back and let me know. I am not a doctor or certified health care professional. I do represent a health, wellness, and skincare line. Therefore, I do alot of consulting with people to help them figure out the best skincare program for thier skin type. I've come across people with all different kinds of skincare problems.

My husband is a pediatrician and he suggested that you go to your doctor to get it checked out. May be rosacea.

It sounds like rosacea to me. http://www.rosacea.org/index.php
I'd see what a Dr thinks. Good luck.

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