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My Child Is Obsessed with Vacuums!

Hi moms,
I have an almost 5 year old who is obsessed with vacuums! He's been this way since he could walk. I want to know if anyone else has a similar situation so I know I'm not the only one!

When we go for play dates, the first thing he wants to do is see their vacuum. He wants to know everything about it. What brand is it? How do you turn it on? How heavy is it? How do you empty it? How long is the cord? It's the first thing he thinks of when he wakes up & the last thing he talks about before falling asleep. Every store we go to, he wants to walk down the vacuum aisle. If he sees one being used (or something like it) he goes into a trance.

He has 3 of his own. Every single day he gets each one out & "vacuums" for hours (turned off because he has extra sensitive ears). I don't know if I should encourage this behavior or try to stop it. Please let me know if you can relate!

What can I do next?

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I wouldn't worry about it. My nephew was obsessed with vacuums when he was about the same age. He even asked for a vacuum birthday party! He has since moved on to other things.

No advice really, I just wanted to let you know you are not the only one.

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Hi T.,
As long as your child is developing in all other ways normally I think this just fine and like some of the other moms said could really be a great asset to him later on and you :)

However if his fixation is shutting out all other interests you may want to bring it up with his pediatrician. This isn't to scare you in any way, but there are different degrees of autism and aspergers syndrom that sometimes a fixation that excludes all else might point to.

Hopefully you are just going to have one gifted electrician in the family.

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Hi T.,
I have a son who is now 8 and he was in love with vacums. he had to sit on when I would vacum and he had to empty it for me. He would go to my mother in laws and try and use hers,everywhere we went he would ask about them. We would go out to eat and if someone would vacum the floor there he was stop eating and watch them. It distracted him from anything and everything. By the time he was 6 he was eating,sleeping,and breathing for them. Now at age 8 he hates to use it and I have to bribe him to vacum his room. It was a phase that passed and though my husband hated it and thought it meant that he was going to be gay or be the stay at home mom,he is completley fine,and 100% boy. just let him have fun wit this and sooner or later he will find something else to fixate on. My son is good at building things and will do anything that invloves using his hands. Have fun with it and enjoy it. Good luck!

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Oh that's too cute. :) I personally feel it's fine. He's taken an interest in something, and that's always good for little minds to grow. :) My son started doing something similar last year (he insists on knowing the make and model of every car he sees, and has memorized every logo/emblem) It's started to dwindle now, and he's switching his attention to other things. Just let him go with it, and enjoy his fascination. :)

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My now 10 yr old was like that... By age 6 he was "fixing" them (which at times really helped) I never had to vacuum as he would do the whole house.... Trust that part of the phase will go away lol and you will once again have to vacuum.... Although he still loves to "fix" em when the belt needs changing or whatever it is not nearly as it once was... During all of this he found interest in lawn mowers and other equip and can operate them all. (his father has done lawn care since Brendan was born).... Its always some fascination... Just go with it and let his mind grow.... its a great experience and something he will never forget...
Good Luck

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I wouldn't worry about it. My nephew was obsessed with vacuums when he was about the same age. He even asked for a vacuum birthday party! He has since moved on to other things.

No advice really, I just wanted to let you know you are not the only one.

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Hey T.,

Ethan really likes to vaccum too, but only if I have it out, and turned on. Then he'll ask me if he can vaccum. I've never heard of the obsession like N has! I'm curious to see others answers for you on this one.


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Hi T.,
I'm with the other moms, I don't think it is a problem. I would get a chuckle from a little one that asked about my vacuum when they came over to play. He will probably be good at fixing things when he is older. My son who is 4 finally got over the fear of the vacuum and now helps out with it. Good luck

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My little brother had a thing for vacuums when he was about three years old. It was all fun and cute until he started watching infomercials for vacuums. He wouldn't rest until my mom bought him a Turbo Tiger.

I think that if he's interacting with other children and if he also spends time on other toys/appliances, he's probably fine, but if it's all vacuum all the time, maybe it's something to look into.

Best of luck!

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Hi, T..

I think that's so cool! I personally would go along with his interest and encourage him to learn as much as he can about what he wants to learn right now. This way, when his interest does change, he will feel good knowing he can ask about them and his questions will be answered and his interests will be respected and encouraged.


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I agree. as long as he's not fixated on it to the exclusion of other things, then I wouldn't worry too much. I may even be his way of mastering his fear of the vaccuum. some kids get over their fear of something by "disecting" it.

Does he play with other things too? Does he interact well with others? If he does, I wouldn't worry about it. He'll soon fall in love with something else!

Hi T.,
Your story just made me giggle, that is so cute. I dont know if its frusturating for you but I just had to tell you I think your son's on to something here, maybe he's going to build the next state of the art vacuum, and I'll be sure to buy one, I love seeing kids that develop passion for something when they are young, and if nurtured properly, I think they can be the genious of the future.
I read a story about a child that loved fish at a very young age, he got bad grades in school but just had this passion for fish, His parents decided to let him go full fledge into learning about his passion, and now he owns a fish aquarium in california with all types of fresh and salt water fish, he teaches people all over the world on how to take care of these fish. Maybe your sons the next Thomas Edison.

I think it is great- he is interested in something! Maybe some day he will learn to take them apart and fix them. I know there are kids out there that are obessed with alot of things but this cant be a bad thing- I think it is great!
Sorry that is all I have for you!
He be the kid on the tv shows that know the year of the vacuum and the make and everything! :)

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