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My Baby Sweats Alot

Hi my 1 month old sweats tremendously, more so at night where his blankets are damp. My pedi says he is in deep sleep and is normal, but he will even sweat while we hold him. While I was prego I sweated alot and now realize he was a human incubator inside me. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what information they were given. Thanks for the advice!! :)

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My 8 month old has sweat a lot his entire life as well. He is perfectly happy sleeping in onsies, and if I try to cover his legs with a light blanket, he always kicks it off. When he was smaller, he needed to be swaddled, so we just used a thin blanket. I've also heard of people cutting a sheet into squares and using that for swaddling. Don't be afraid to swaddle him in just a blanket (or sheet) and his diaper. It's totally normal! Don't worry about it too much.

My baby did the same thing and I agree with the other moms just don't overdress them. I kept my little girl just in long onesies. Congrats!!

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My son sweats a LOT too. He also drinks alot. In another year or two you might want to have him tested for diabetes (request the hemoglobin A1-C test) but otherwise it is just the natural constitution of some kiddos. He'll make some cold-blooded wife VERY happy some day to keep her cold feet warm. :-)

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My daughter was the same way, sweating constantly. It was even worse when she was sleeping or nursing. The doctors (more than one) assured me it was normal. It turned out that it was one symptom of a heart condition. My daughter ended up in ICU at the age of four months, where I was told that the sweating was a warning sign that her heart was overworked. Every well check at the doctor's office missed this! She had open-heart surgery at the age of six months.

Your child might be totally normal and healthy. On the other hand, it wouldn't hurt to ask some questions, just in case. I don't want to sound alarmist, but better safe than sorry. Best wishes!

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I have a 6 week old and she sweats. I thought it was spit up at first but when we just sit and hold her she gets sweaty. Not as sweaty as yours. If the doc said ok then the baby is probably fine. This is my fourth and none of my kids have ever had earaches (yet) or been really sick. I think as long as there are plenty of wet diapers there is nothing to worry about.

My little girl was always sweating. I couldn't understand why because I don't. I would hold her and she'd sweat. I took her to the doctor because I would change her like 3 times a day. That was just her he said. The only thing I had to do is keep her cool. I had to buy thin blankets. And thin shirts with light material nothing so thick. I also stopped the moisturizer soaps and creams. Make sure to always check diaper for rash because they sweat alot the diaper becomes irritable. My daughter sweated so much she would get dehidrated. I had to give her pedilight juices. It helped - she is 3 yrs old and still sweats a lot. It doesn't change. Maybe its there metabolizim. spelled it wrong. Good luck.

I would double check that his thyroid screen came back normal than stop worrying! They are little ovens!
Sam Evans LM CPM

Totally normal!! They can not regulate body temperature at a young age very well. It gets better over time. Just make sure you are not over dressing him. Keep the inside temperature lower. Congrats and good luck!!

Hi there. I've got a baby who sweats a BUNCH too. He's 3 1/2 now haha. What I did was just keep him in minimal clothing at all times. (Even as a winter baby I couldn't cover him up in the car because he'd be soaked.)And always make sure in the car you keep a vent directly on his torso (unless he's still rearfacing obviously) In that case just keep him naked unless completely nessicary until you get where you're going and slap a quick and light outfit on him.

Also, I always kept a clean bandana and a spray bottle to dampin it, whereever we went. It saved me a lot of trouble, and kept him cool, and when we took a long trip I'd take an icechest and put a few bandanas in baggies deep in the ice (I know it sounds like a lot of work) but I still do it to this day with my three year old..even though his sweating has gone done a lot. It will continue with age.

Good luck with your sweaty child!

As long as it isn't while feeding, it should be fine. Our pedi said if there is excessive sweating while eating, it could be heart issues.

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