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My Baby Keeps Throwing Up

I have a 3 month baby girl and she wont stop spitting up.....my son was a spitty baby but not nearly as much as my daughter does. She has already been switched from silimac to isomil and it only helped a little.....she is still doing great in weight gain and is a very happy baby. I am not concerned about her health as I believe I jus have spitty babies but my question is are there any home remedies that anyone has to maybe help her out some, oh yeah she also has acid reflex....or maybe someone can tell me more info than what the doctors can as they just keep telling me she is good cause she is gaining weight......could there still be something wrong??

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I really want to think everyone for their responses.....she went to the doctor again and I was told to keep her up right and have her sleep in her carseat or swing as much as possible as long as she is comfy. I also am pushing for reflux meds....I've noticed most Dr. dont want to give them....but shes still gaining weight and is as happy as can be.....and funny enough the cereal really helps alot to, not only does she eat less but she doesnt spit up nearly as much after her feedings......again thanks a bunch for all the advice!!

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My oldest son had the same problem. He was breast feed so it couldn't have been formula. I started expressing milk and adding a little rice cereal to weight it down. That along with Mylecon drops and a lot of spit up clothes it became managable.

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You just wrote my son's life story!! We tried everything too..The Similac..The Isomil..The Nutramigen..The Zantac increase.. putting rice cereal in the Nutramigen..and I found the one that is PERFECT for him...The new Similac Sensitive RS..It is a lactose free formula, and has rice starch added to the formula to make it settle in his tummy better, so I don't wear it and he keeps it down!! Maybe talk to Dr. about tying this one out.. it only comes in the plastic quarts not in a powdered form. My husband as a baby and his sister could not use the powdered formula only liquids or they spit up even more.. My son is the same way. The also say for premature babies that they have a hard time with powdered formula sometimes, and need to be on liquid ones only.
This formula is GREAT...and another thing I loved to use is Gripe water, it is natural and my Ped. recomended it to use with or without Zantac to calm upset bellies.
By the way being a mom of a SEVERE acid reflux baby let me pass on this..when introducing foods..watch for signs of not tolerating by increased vomitting. My son can not deal with peaches..for some reason peaches are a nightmare and he throws up like he is personally out to get even with me. So just watch for "bad days" being due to a food your munchkin can't handle.
Hope this helps some

I have a 21 month old and a 3 month old, crazy isnt it? my older child wasnt a spitter, but the baby is. the doctor put him on soy formula ( didnt help ) and he was on acid reflux medicine until the bottle ran out. I am not sure if this helped either. I think it is gas more that reflux. he only spits up occasionally now. I think it was just an immature digestive system. He was 5 weeks early. I think as long as she is gaining weight and she is only spitting up occasionally and not that much, everything should be okay. I did switch the baby to the isomil sensitive formula ( the orange can ). He has improved since then. not sure if i would attribute this to the formula or just the fact that he is getting older. good luck!!!

I didn't have this problem with either of my kids, so I don't know much about it but I do have a question. If she has acid reflux isn't there a concern about harm from that, such as to the lining of the stomach or esophagus? You didn't mention if she is being treated for that.

One other thing I want to mention is about babies sitting for too long. This past summer a study was released indicating that young babies sitting for LONG periods in car seats or swings or propped in some other manner are at a slightly increased risk of SIDS. I think the advice was to readjust them into a different position every 20 minutes and to make sure their heads aren't flopped over. Here is a link to one article on the subject http://www.cbc.ca/health/story/2007/07/19/sids.html?ref=rss Maybe talk to your pediatrician or see if you can find more specific information about it online.

Your baby sounds just like my daughter when she was that age. I kept pushing at the doctors to find out why of course they didnt want to because of her wieght gain was great. That was because I feed her after she got sick. Finally got a doctor to listen. My girl has ACID REFLUX and now is up to 30 mg a day. She hasn't thrown up from it for about 1 year now. We are suffering from dental issues from it taking so long for someone to listen to me. You know your child just be persistant. My best wishes for you and your child.

My son was the same way he had refulx also. They put him on soy also which helped alittle also, what worked for me was not laying him down after he drank his bottle. I held him in the upright position and that seemed to work. also burping more than often helped us also.


Hi J.,

I'm sorry that your baby is having so much trouble. If she has acid reflux, then you probably want to make sure she is sitting upright after feeding. This will help her to keep the food down. You also may try sleeping her on a wedge so that she isn't fully flat while sleeping too. I know there are medicines to help with acid reflux for babies - so perhaps your Dr. can give her some. The other thing you may want to consider is that formula is very difficult for babies stomach's to digest. It has cows milk in it which babies have a very hard time digesting. There are milk banks that sell breast milk to give to your baby. You may want to try switching to breast milk and she if she does better. It is very easy to digest and may be just the thing to help your baby. Also - if you work with a lactaction consultant you can even get your own milk supply back - it will be a lot of work - but completely worth it if he helps your baby to spit up less and digest her food better.

Good luck

You may also consider trying different bottles or if she is a quick eater, give her little breaks during the bottle. we tried these things with our little boy after we had switched him to the soy formula, and it seems to help. when we moved up to the fast flow nipple, he spit up a bit more in the beginning, but now he is used to in and the spit up is minimal.

Personally, I think that if she is gaining weight and otherwise healthy, she is probably just a spitty baby. Some babies spit alot, some don't spit at all. I would not recommend letting her sleep all the time in a swing or baby seat- that is bad for their back and developing movement. I would definately recommend not using pillows to prop her- suffocation risk. If you want to prop her- I would prop the mattress by placing a pillow or folded blanket under one side of the mattress to make one end higher.

i'm not sure what other mom's have responded back with but have you tried keeping her upright for about 20 mins. after her feeding? have you talked to your doctor about it? maybe she has a little acid reflux and may need put on some baby zantac? good luck!!

I would ask the dr if it could possibly be reflux. Did the dr mention a possible allergy to lactose? I would explore those two possibilities. Not too sure about home remedies though.
Good luck and I hope she feels better soon!

my son had severe reflux and he had to be put on Reglen to help him stop spitting up so much. But, the doctors only put him on it because he was having weight gain problems. I had to take him for a weight check every two weeks to ensure his meds were calculated right and to make sure he was still gaining. As long as your baby is gaining alright the doctors won't put her on anything else. You could try cereal in her bottle if you are bottle-feeding. I don't think anything else is wrong with her. three of my four kids have been spitty, One was a "happy-spitter". He spit but didn't scream or lose weight. Yours is probably a happy-spitter too. it will just drive you nuts. Mine always got better once they were on solid foods since it weighed down in their stomachs better.

Good luck!

Try the nestle good start formula, I found that it was not only cheaper, but both my guys were spitter uppers and it helped tremendously. (PS, all formula is FDA regulated so buying a store brand or a cheaper brand is safe).

Also if there is diarreah, talk to your doctor about a lactose free formula. But if not diarreah, do not try this route as the lactose free stuff is really constipating.

Good luck

My oldest son had the same problem. He was breast feed so it couldn't have been formula. I started expressing milk and adding a little rice cereal to weight it down. That along with Mylecon drops and a lot of spit up clothes it became managable.

I would speak to you peds again. my lil girl did the same thing she has acid reflux and with meds an changing her formula to Nutraigen she has been doing great. we always keep her up on pillows or upright position.and even puther down for naps in her swing that worked great. i asked to have her put right onto her formula after she first started throwing up none of my other kids could use the formula and Nutramigen worked great.what formula did your other kids use? maybe she can't isomil i'd wait two weeks if she is still throwing up have her milk changed again. my daughters weight stayed up and she is so chunky that was never a problem if you don't get anywhere with your peds ask to have a cookie swallow done maybe her acid reflux is worse than you think and needs stronger meds thats how i found out with my daughter. i stayed ontop of it and got the test i asked for.

good luck keep us posted

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