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My Baby Is Sick and So Am I --& His Birthday Party Is in 2 Days!!!!

MOMS----MY BABY JUST TURNED ONE!!!! YEAAYYYY!! WE ARE BOTH SICK AND I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT RESCHEDULE THIS BIRTHDAY PARTY ON SATURDAY UNLESS HE OR I ARE HOSPITALIZED----- lol..... SERIOUSLY, I KNOW IT SOUNDS CRAZY....He has rotavirus, and is teething, but is on the mend, and I have a cold, or something, BUT WE HAVE FAMILY AND FRIENDS COMING FROM ALL OVER, I have spent way too much money on this party, and I am a single, at home MOM, & poor ---- or at least, struggling..... Yes, this party is more for me and for memories more than the child....But it is just sooo important... Please tell me your funny stories about sickness, and parties, or just tell me what you think... Be kind... please... ha ha....I appreciate all of you!!!

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I would reschedule.

Everyone will inderstand that you are sick. Even if he is a little better he is not in a mood to have everyone there. Dont make him be around other people if he is ill. No matter how you feel it is just a party. He does not understand. All he knows is he feel really sick. I would take it serious. My nepfew ended up in the hospital for 3 days with it. It is really ok the reschedule the party.

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I know where you're coming from on the importance of the "1st!" birthday party. Try to make sure that Jacob has a long nap before the party and feed him BEFORE everyone shows up. Because he'll be too distracted to get full once the party begins. Also, if he isn't feeling well, give him some Tylenol or Motrin to help him get through all of the excitement. As for your cold, take some meds & ASK FOR HELP! (I know as a single mom that sometimes feels like "cheating" but its allowed, promise!) GOOD LUCK & let us know how everything goes!

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I agree with the nap idea and you too. Try to rest today and tomorrow even if you have to lay up all day tomorrow and do all of your running Saturday. Try to sleep in for as long as you can Saturday. Rest is just as important as the medication you and your son are taking. If you can hold off, force yourself and your son to take it easy tomorrow and maybe medicate yourself (a little)and him to sleep and please do ask for help. See what a major difference that rest will make come Saturday.

Let your family know what is going on and don't be a "people pleaser". I made this mistake many times over. Only think of your son and yourself. God bless you and tell us how the party went!

I would cancel.

Then again, I went to a party where one three year old had rotavirus (I later found out she had thrown up once the night before). After the party two children wound up in the hospital with dehydration due to rotavirus, including my then 18 month old son.

After reading about rotavirus, I found it is very contagious, it can live up to 10 days on a hard dry surface (and even longer on soft wet surfaces).

After my rotavirus scare, I didn't host a playdate until my child had been symptom free for over twenty four hours *and* I had a chance to disinfect all his toys and steam clean the carpet that he had thrown up on.

"Each year in the U.S., rotavirus is responsible for more than 400,000 doctor visits; more than 200,000 emergency room visits; 55,000 to 70,000 hospitalizations; and between 20 and 60 deaths. Rotavirus leads to about $1 billion in health care costs and lost productivity per year in the U.S. Despite efforts to improve the management of childhood rotavirus-associated diarrhea, hospitalizations of children in the U.S. with the disease have not significantly declined in the past two decades. Hospitalizations are the most severe and costly outcome of rotavirus disease in U.S. children."

J., so sorry you're both sick. Birthday parties for babies this young are really for the adults. Can you reschedule? Everyone will understand. If you can't reschedule for a time when you will enjoy this more, just do what you can do and have planned.

Ask for help from those coming - they will understand. If you just gather together to visit, break some bread together, that will suffice. Enjoy and relax - I finally learned how after the second or third child. I have five. Take care and take it easy....your sister in motherhood - S.. (Janie) : ))

My dear, enlist the aid of your friends and family and put someone else or multiple persons who are fairly active in charge of the party after telling them what you need. Take a rest ! Good luck !

Go out and buy yourself some Zicam to help you get through it. I prefer the nasal gel because it seems to be a better deal cost-wise. I just squirt some on a q-tip and put it in my nose (instead of buying the pre-moistended q-tips or squirting directly into my nose). It will keep you feeling better for about 4 hours at a time. It's been a life saver for me when I was sick and needed it!

Go with the other mom's suggestions for your son! Good Luck!

I would reschedule.

Everyone will inderstand that you are sick. Even if he is a little better he is not in a mood to have everyone there. Dont make him be around other people if he is ill. No matter how you feel it is just a party. He does not understand. All he knows is he feel really sick. I would take it serious. My nepfew ended up in the hospital for 3 days with it. It is really ok the reschedule the party.

I understand about not being able to reschedule bday parties. I would just suggest that you get some zicam from walmart its like $9, but works wonderfully, i just used it and got rid of my junk, its homeopathic, and an orange box, i used the one with the qtips with gel you put in your nose, i have heard it works better although im not sure if that is true or not. Just rest as much as possible, and yall should be alright. I dont think it will be too big of a deal, just ask for some help with getting stuff together, but with that zicam you should be up and ready to go in no time. You are supposed to use it every 4 hours i only used it 3x a day. Hope this helps, good luck and have fun with the party!!

Maybe one family member can come in early to help with getting the cake and decor.

Your relatives and friends will pitch in when they get there. It will turn out fine. Life is life and we have all been there!!!!!

Do you have a friend that can help you host the party?
Take pictures and video! If you are sick, there is a really good chance you won't remember the party.
My poor dh tryied so hard to please everyone on his high school graduation open houses(His parents are devorced and each had one for him on the same day.) He was so sick he doesn't remember a thing. :(
Make sure that you have this recorded!
Good luck!

If you have lots of family coming I would say just still have the party if you arent feeling better by tomorrow. The good this is you have family their so they can help you with your son. Thats what happend with me my family had a party because my cuz from out of town came in and my son was only like 7 months old and my husband went out of town for a Nascar race and I was so sick I couldnt even stand up but I felt like i had to be at the party so I went and Everyone in my family told me to leave my son and go back home and rest they took care of him. But the great part was my family that was from out of town fell in love with him so much and I think it was because they watched him that day. But I hope you feel better tomorrow But the best thing to do is rest as much today as you can so maybe you will be better for tomorrow.

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