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My Baby Has Horrible Gas

My baby is 2 1/2 months and she has always had a lot of gas. Recently it's started to get a lot worse. I give her Mylicon and it works pretty well but I would like to know if there's any tips on how to prevent it. Has anyone else had a really gassy baby? Will it get better as she gets older? Any tips would be very helpful. Thank you (I forgot to mention that I am nurssing her)

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My oldest had bad gas and spit up a lot until I put a little cereal in his formula. (I had tried the Mylicon stuff, too, but it didn't work very well.) The spitting up and gas subsided immensely and as an added bonus he slept through the night right afterward. I'd try about a tablespoon per 8 oz to start. Also, start with the rice cereal -- it seemed to mix better and faster and wasn't as heavy -- he drank more with the rice cereal in it. (You'll have to open the nipple a bit to allow the thicker liquid through.)

I started my youngest on it as soon as he started to get gas, and never had another problem with it. (I didn't get the bonus of a full night's sleep with him, though!) :)

Good luck!

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Hi A. hope this helps...My daughter is just 2 months old and has had bad gas. I called my mom and she told me to try fennel seed and it worked like a charm. Just take a little bit (1tsp) of the fennel and boil it in water until the water turns yellow let cool. Then pour desired amount into a bottle. If baby doesn't like it you can add just a drop of corn syrup for flavor. It will not harm your baby and can be given between all feedings. Good Luck

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I am a mother of ten...my oldest has our first grandchild...Ariella is now about 2.5 mos. old. My daughter does what I did when mine had gas. Lay them on their back, maybe head a little elevated, and pump their legs up toward their stomachs bending at the knees. Do that several times and it kinda' pushes the gas out and gives them relief. To prevent it? I just found the following on the internet...hope all helps:

Baby Health: Gassy Baby


The peak time for babies to experience gas pains is 3-6 weeks. Symptoms include:

* Sharp, prolonged crying, as if the baby is in pain
* Bubbles in tummy and intestines. This can be felt using infant massage of the tummy.


Excess gas bubbles are caused by swallowing air and not expelling it through burping. The swallowing of air may lead to crying, which usually leads to swallowing more air. It also may be caused by a breast feeding mom’s diet or a problem in the digestion of baby formula.


There are some things you can do to relieve your baby’s gas pains

* Burp your baby with every ½ ounce of milk she consumes, or every two to four minutes when breast feeding.
* Learn infant massage. Often, infant massage of the tummy will break up large gas bubbles.
* Walk around and jostle baby on your shoulder, especially in the evening. The pressure of her tummy on your shoulders may break up the gas bubbles. Do not shake the baby!
* Be sure your baby gets some supervised Tummy Time. Lay baby on her tummy with you watching her at all times to be sure she is safe.
* Lay your baby on her back and move her legs like a bicycle.
* If you breastfeed, rid your diet of foods with caffeine, such as chocolate, sodas, and coffee. Also, try ridding your diet of nuts and dairy.
* Many moms report that infant Simethicone (anti-gas) drops.

If you are in need of encouragement, just remember that this is a fairly common stage and like all stages, this soon shall pass. Until then, hang in there and give your baby all the encouragement you can.

B. in WI

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Warm water baths help relieve gas, it relaxes the muscles. That worked great with my last child.
And if you're nursing, stay away from foods that cause gas (broccoli, etc)

I agree with the mama's advice on eliminating things in your diet. A really great resource for breastfeeding is www.kellymom.com

There's a lot of info, helps you with different issues and stages along with a support forum. I'd recommend checking it out!

my daughter had the same problem. Mylicon is really gentle and you can use it up to ten times a day(check the bottle), so you may want to give it to her before she eats to prevent the gas. (or before bed, or whenever she gets it.) By the time my daughter was about six or seven months old, her digestive system was mature enough that she didn't need it any more. Good luck.

I would first start taking her to a chiropractor and second, start an elimination rotation diet yourself. Dairy seems to be a common culprit for nursing moms and babies. you might eliminate dairy for at least a month before bringing it back to your diet...it takes that long to fully clear from your system. I would also watch spicy foods, tomatoes, chocolate, caffeine, etc. Why medicate her when you could try some prevention and see what happens?
Nichi Hirsch

Hi A.,

I know this can be disheartening to see your baby in pain and uncomfortable. My son had horrible gas when he was an infant and I nursed him as well. I made a journal of the foods I was eating and when I found he was particularly gassy, I would work back about 6 hours to see what it was I was eating to cause his discomfort. For him, it was broccoli and I ate a ton of it - poor kid! I only had to alter my diet for a few months and by the time he was on solid foods at 4 months, everything was great.

As another lady mentioned I pumped his legs, too, and boy does that work! And Mylicon was a staple in his diet for a while. The good thing is that once your daughter is a little older she'll be able to tolerate more foods and probably won't be as gassy.

Good luck with your sweet daughter!


Bicycle your babies legs while she lays on her back. That helps massage the intestines and releases the gas.


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