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My Baby Has a White Tongue!

My baby is 6 weeks old and has had a white tongue since he was about 2 weeks old. I took him to the doctor and she said that it was just milk residue and that it will go away on it's own. My son had this, but he only had it for about a week. Has anyone else had this problem for this long, and what can I do to get it off?

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The white tongue went away on it's own at 8 weeks. Thanks for all the responses

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If you can't wipe it off and/or it's patchy and not limited to the tongue, it could be thrush, which is a yeast infection of the mouth. Try wiping it off with a washcloth.

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If you can't wipe it off and/or it's patchy and not limited to the tongue, it could be thrush, which is a yeast infection of the mouth. Try wiping it off with a washcloth.

My son had it too when he was an infant. I think he had it for a few months, especially after I fed him formula vs when he drank breastmilk. Just take a soft washcloth and gently wipe his tongue. You may not get all but it will get some of it. I also used to clean/wipe his gums with the washcloth. Good luck!

my baby had a white tongue, too. It lasted a few weeks as I recall. Not bright white, but not pink. The doctor never said it was thrush, and it went away on its own. Don't recall it being a big deal for us. But if you're worried, then I'd give the doc a call to see if they recommend treatment for thrush.

Hello, my daughter had some white "film" in her mouth when she was a few months old. She had it for a couple of wks. I took her to the doctor and he said she had thrush. It was more or less a yeast infection in the mouth. She was treated with meds and it was gone in no time. And never came back. She still nursed with no problems. It could be this or just what the doc said. Have you tried using a warm wet cloth and wiping his mouth out. Hope this helps.


If u can't scrape it off then it is probably thrush which is a type of yeast infection common in babies and u need a script for nystatin

Hi T.,

You should try wiping your son's tongue with a wet washcloth. They also have the baby gum cleanser, that you can use for his tongue @ Target in the baby section.

I hope that helps!

I think that is odd. When I took my son in for an ear infection the doc noticed his tongue was white. I thought it was jsut residue but I was told that it was some type of yeast infection so they gave me Nystatin for him. Its an antibiotic I guess for the yeast. Cleared it right up in a few days. You may want to check w. another doctor. No reason that he got it I guess its just a common thing.

When my daughter was about that age she also had the white tongue or milk residue as they say and it really bothered me so I just took a soft wet washcloth and wiped her tongue with it after every feeding and eventually it went away!

My daughter had a white tongue for a month or so, if I am remembering correctly. Unless you see signs of thrush (yeast infection in the mouth and on your nipples if you breast feed) I wouldn't worry about it.

My youngest is 12 weeks and has a white tongue, as well. It is just milk. She is breastfed, so breastfed babies get it too. You can wipe his tongue w/ a damp washrag.

my granddaughter had this when she was an infant and it turned out to be thrush..

It's thrush, and you need to get him some medicine. Thrush is caused by yeast. You probably had a slight yeast infection when he was born. (I also know of a c-section baby who got it, so I'm not sure WHERE that came from!)

Rest assured - it isn't a big deal - but get him to a doctor to clear it up.

My daughter had this and the doctor told us it was thrush. She gave us a medicine to put in her mouth several times a day until it cleared up. Worked perfectly. Good luck.

my daughter had thrush and she was given medication that went in her bottle and as soon as she drunk it it went away.

My daughter had that until she was 5 1/2 months. I was told not to worry about it. Everyone who saw it told me she had thrush, which was really annoying after a while. It finally went away when I cut back on nursing and started her on solids.

If you cant wipe it off w/ a cloth then its thrush. Which is a yeast infection and can be painful if not treated. If you breast feed you can also get it and need to be treated as well. THey may give antibiotics for it or oral drops, as well as a cream. A good dr. will also give you nystatin for their bottom as the yeast can present itself there as well in the form of a rash. I'd visit your dr again and inquire about the possibility of this being THRUSH. Soon.

T. - I am not a dr, but a mom whose daughter had the same issue. She was diagnosed with Thrush. It is a yeast like infection that is very common. The Dr gave us antibiotics - they are easy on the little one - and it celared up in a matter of days.
Good Luck! M.

I suppose the Dr would know if it's thrush or not. I'd try dabbing a little plain yogurt inside your son's mouth several times a day. It can't hurt anything and it might head off a yeast infection before it gets too far.

It may be milk residue, is his tongue constantly white and completely covered or is it worse after he eats? My doctor told me to do a scratch test, if you take your fingertip and nail and can scratch off a little bit of the white stuff and it doesnt just wipe off easily its not milk, its thrush. Thrush is just a yeast infection in the mouth and tongue and they give you an oral antibiotic that you dip a qtip in and wipe over the affected area. It may be that when you took him to the dr it was just milk and now has developed into thrush. It is pretty common and not a major deal really. Hope this helps!

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