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My Baby Has a Chapped Face!!

My little girl will be 7 months old on 9-21 and she is getting to where she always sticks her tongue out, all day. And now she has a spot under her mouth that is red and dry. It also looks spotty and dry on her cheeks. I try to keep her chin wiped but it does no good. Is there any kind of cream or anything else I can do to get rid of it?

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Well I used Vaseline on her chin and cheeks and it has completely cleared up! Thank you everyone for your time and input, I really appreciate it! :)

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Get Aquaphor it is in the baby section usually it is a really good cream for that and it is clear so not the white clumpy mess everywhere!

hello, my son used to get chapped around his mouth, from his pacifer while he was teething. my friend gave me bag balm, it worked really well. it doesn't take long to heal. hope this helps

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Hi M., I had the same problem with my little boy doing the same thing. I found some cream to put on his cheeks to keep them from getting chapped. Another thing is don't use a baby wipe to clean their face. That causes it to be worse. Just a warm wash cloth works fine. The cream I found is in a stick form and it is called Grins & Giggles Moisterizing stick. You shoudl be able to find it at Target or Eckerd. I hope this helps


Get Aquaphor it is in the baby section usually it is a really good cream for that and it is clear so not the white clumpy mess everywhere!

Bag Balm is very good and it heals chapped stuff quickly. Make sure it's not eczema though. Check with your doctor if you suspect that. Bag Balm is expensive, but it's worth it. I got mine from WalMart, but Walgreens sells it too.

Good luck is all I can really say. I used vaseline on the cheeks at night and it really helped. But with your daughter keeping her bottom lip moist, and learning to use her tongue, it will just take time for it to go away I'm afraid. You can always use desitin at night on her bottom lip. Its just like a diaper rash. Stays wet and looks horrible.

When I had this problem with my son, the doctor recommended EUCERIN lotion. It's a bit expensive, but it's really thick so a little goes a long way. You can find it at Wal-Mart. I think it may be in a white bottle with EUCERIN written in blue. It works wonders on baby's dry skin. Even a little vaseline will help.

M. ,

My daughter was having the same problem with chapped skin under the lip .I started using Carmex on it and because of the taste my daughter stopped licking her lips . In two days the skin under her lip was completely healed . There will be a slight discoloration until the skin heals and goes back to natural color .

Using a little vaseline in the affected areas sometimes helps.

We used Gerber Teeny Faces Moisturizing Stick ALL the time. It's essentially a petroleum base with some healing herbs in it. We love it. Here's a link:


Good luck!

M., I think many of us have gone through the same thing around the same time - often due to teething & all the spit that comes with it. I never had any luck w/creams and such. It was more of a waiting game for the tooth to break through and the area to stay drier. Good luck!

I found some stuff from Johnson & Johnson. It's in the section with all the baby wash and lotion. It's part of the natural care stuff. It looks like a tiny thing of deorderant but it's a balm for baby's faces to help with dryness and chapping I've used it on both of my babies and it works great. And I think it's only 2 or 3 dollars.

Take her to the doctor and he will tell you more about what to do.

Both my sons were extremely slobbery babies, I used Blistex on them after they would go to sleep. The Vaseline did not clear theirs up, and my pediatrician said it was fine to use.

im a mother of a 7 year old son and he started teething at 4 weeks old yea i know early huh i took him to the doctor because he was always drooling and had a chapped face he told me to put a little vaseline on them so i agree with sunshine on that one hope that helps ya out

hello, my son used to get chapped around his mouth, from his pacifer while he was teething. my friend gave me bag balm, it worked really well. it doesn't take long to heal. hope this helps

Looks like you have a lot of suggestions, but I'll give you my two cents as well. My daughter had chapped cheeks and legs as a baby and she was allergic to almost every baby lotion and soap out there. We had to bathe her with Dove for Sensitive Skin liquid soap and then put Jergen's Ultra Healing lotion and Cortaid with extra moisturizing (blue tube w/ red writing) on her. It worked. I had to put it on her in the morning and at night after her bath. The skin condition finally cleared up, she is now seven. Hope this helps. I know it is very aggravating.

My daughter's cheeks were alwasy chapped, so we started using Johnson's Soothing Naturals Soothe & Protect Balm and it really worked. I liked the way it smelled and the way it comes in a stick that you can just rub on her face.

My doctor suggested over the counter cortizone for my babies face...he has eczema.

My daughter had bad chapped skin on chin and cheeks. I found, what I now call miracle balm, Johnson and Johnson soothing naturals balm. It is a little pricey but it comes in a mini deodorant style package and glides right on. It cleared up my daughters face and cleared up eczema patches on my sons legs. I also gave some to a friend suffering from chemo dry skin and it worked well for her to. You can find it anywhere they sell Johnson and Johnsons.

Gerber makes a moisturizing stick called Teeny Faces. I used it on my kids, it worked wonders, easier to put on than vaseline, it is like a big chapstick. I even used it on myself when I got wind chapped on a cold day when I forgot to wear a scarf. I cost about $3.00 but lasts a long time. I used mine on 3 kids and myself for over a year.

Aquaphor works wonders! Rub it on her cheeks and chin when she is asleep, so it will absorb. Also great on diaper rash too! You can find in in the lotion section of the store.

babies often get this type of chapping on the face when they are teething. they tend to stick out there tonges a lot and drool more than usual, keeping the skin wet and chapped. i use a cream made by eucerine(spelled wrong im sure) it comes in a large tub and is fragrance free and non irritating on little faces and such. also works well on my daughters egzima.

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