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My Baby Girl Has Very Dry Skin, and She Has Scratches and Red Bumps All Over.

Can someone help me? I have tried everything and nothing takes away her dry skin... she has scratches all over from her scratching herself. She has open sores on her ankles calves and on her cheek. I have tried hydrocordizon creams vegetable glistern, all types of lotions, changing the detergent, body soap... you name it I can bet I've tried it. I am so sad for my little baby girl.

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Well I think I found something that works. It is from Aveno it's called concentrated anti-itch lotion. It has calamine in it as well as oatmeal. I got it yesterday and used it twice on her and I am already seeing results. I know she must be allergic to something, but being that she is on medicaid we can't take her to all these specialists. I am fighting to get some type of allergy test for her. It breaks my heart to see in her eyes that she doesn't feel good. I hope this lotion will continue to help her and that her body doesn't become immune to it.

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HI C.,
I would recommend dercut (Pekana) or calendula (heel) they are homeopathic remedies that are great on skin issues like that. I would also recommend finding out food allergies, some kiddos are very sensitive. I had one patient's grandson be so allergic to egg that even if the mom ate it and kissed him he would get the most horrible red rash and bumbs on his face. Keeping away from perfumed cleaning products as well will help. Good Luck!

My pediatrician told me that vaseline is the BEST skin product. My son has eczema. Even though it is oily, that only lasts a few minutes and his skin absorbs it. I saw a difference in 1-2 days.

My neices have severe dry skin. One of them uses a special soap given to my sister by the dermotoligist. Anyway, she uses Cetaphil lotion/cream on both of my neices and this seems to work best.

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Hey girl, whats up!!!!

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Go see Dr. Ghali in Grapevine. He's a Pediatric Dermatologist and has helped my little boy with his eczema. It's so worth the visit.

You can find this cream in any indian store. I started to use it about 5 years ago in my country, I am from Ukraine. Our son started develop eczema, he is 20 months, and I used it only couple times for him. His skin became to normal through couple days. Now I only support his skin with natural baby oil olive... and again it is indian product. Shea Butter is also perfect for dry skin. http://www.agbangakarite.com/whole_bulksheabutter.php

Hi, my name is O. Kent and my daughter had the same problem for years until I tried Cetaphil soap, moisturizing cream and body wash. These are the only products that I use on her body that seems to work.

Could be excema my son has it but I think I'd take her to a dermotologist just to be safe

Hi C.,
First make sure she does not have Eczema. If she doesn't have Eczema, try using Cetaphil soap and lotion. It's for dry sensistive skin. It's a little pricy but it's worth it. I use it for my son. I hope this helps.

My son had same issue but on his back and butt. I first stopped bathing him everyday and stopped using soap on his body - only pits, feet and privates. I changed the water temperature to very cool (more like pool water). And use Eucerin lotion twice a day. My dermotologist also gave me 2nd skin which overlays on the lotion or steriod so it is not whipped off with diaper or clothing. I know how miserable it is to watch them scrath their skin off, literally! Good Luck.

Sounds like it could be eczema which may require prescription treatment. Call your pediatrician and have her looked at. It's more common than you might think in little ones. Good luck!

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