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My Baby Bites!

I have a 9 1/2 month old son and he bites me all the time. its really frustrating I dont know why he does it. If he whines and i'm holding him he'll grab my face with both hands and open is mouth and then try to bite down on my cheek. Does anyone know why he does this? I tell him NO but i mean he's just a baby lol he laughs when i say NO. anyways im terrified i'm going to be the parent with that kid in day care that bites the other children. luckily i care for him full time so he is only biting me. he doesn't do it to anyone else.

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He keeps doing it because he gets a reaction that he wants. The cure I found for my kids was to put them down. Away from you. You say "no" once. Put the baby down. Walk away. It may take a couple of times, but soon he'll realize that biting = no Mom.

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"Swat your baby on the head" for biting........GEEZ, he's a 9 mnth old for crying out loud. Swatting on the head is NOT a good idea which I'm sure you already know that. Your baby is TOO young to understand what he's doing is wrong. I'm a mother of 3 and my youngest is a biter. None of my other kids ever were and none were ever in daycare so I have no clue where he picked this up but he'd bite anyone and everyone. It's one of the most painful things ever!! I wasn't to sure how to handle it when he started becuase he was so young (around 8 or 9 mnhts when it started) and so I'd just tell him "no" in a more stern tone so he can see the difference in my voice and eventually he learned to stop but it took time and lots of "no's". He's now 16 mnths old and will occasionally bite dad but that's the only person for some reason.......and again it's very occasional compared to his every day biting. Just know you haven't done anything wrong as a parent by him doing this and he will grow out of it.....TAKE CARE & GOOD LUCK!

Well, I know it sounds mean, but bite him back! It will shock him, and 9 times out of 10 will stop them. Have a 17 and 14 year olds, they survived! Good luck!

Bite him back - not hard enough to do any damage, but hard enough that he understands what it feels like. I did that with my son and it broke him of the urge to bite fast.

A friend of mine had a baby that bit her when nursing about the same age as your son. I think they understand "NO" but discipline is a challenge at this age. I will tell you she had a great way of dealing with it. If her daughter started to bite she would say "NO, No biting" and tug a clump of hair at the nape of the babies neck. Hard enough to be unpleasant but not hard enough to pull out hair. It gave the baby some negative feedback that was very uncomfortable and it didn't take long for the baby to stop the biting. Now, me I bit them back and hard enough that they didn't bite ever again. Solved my problem. But they were about 12-14 months when they were biting. And that is about the only way I have ever heard of fixing it with older toddlers.
Good luck,

My daughter used to bite me when she was nursing. I would give her a gentle, but firm, swat on the head and end the nursing. I would try this and put him down immediately. Ignore him for a minute or so. Eventually, he''ll stop.

My daughter does that but I am thinking it's her version of a kiss. I'm, of course hahaha, always kissing on her little cheeks so I think it's her trying to do the same. If I ask for a kiss and slowly lean toward her for one, she will kinda open her mouth and give a giant slobbery gummy kiss. Try and see if he goes for a kiss with you or if it's actually him trying to bite.

i think all the baby does this because my daughter is 7 months and is doing the same thing i think it will pass soon

Try another word like "Ouchy" or "That hurts momma" instead of the word No. If he continues, put him down and don't add more stimulation. If he continues longer, bite him back (not too hard of course) and say "Ouchy" so he understands and relates the word to the action. Keep it simple. They all do it. Their teeth are like extensions to their fingers! lol

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