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My Babies Legs Are Shaking

I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I have a 1 month old son and noticed tonight that his leg (a different one each time)just starts to shake for a few seconds and then stops. It has happened several times in the last hour. Im probably just an overly worried mother, but was just curious to see if anyone else had babies that do this. If it keeps happeneing I will probably take him to the doctor anyways, but I just thought I'd check with you all!

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My son was SO shakey! It worried me a lot. But he grew out of it. All the stuff I read said that babies have an undeveloped nervous system, which is why some kids shake. My daughter had never done this, though, so when my son came along, it freaked me out! He was also shakey long after all the stuff I read said he should have grown out of it. But he finally did stop shaking, maybe by 3 months or so? I can't even remember. Now he is a totally normal, feisty 2 year old. So try not to worry!

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My son did the same thing the first few months. I thought it was weird too, and asked my mom about it, she told me it was nothing to worry about. My son will be a year old in a couple weeks and he turned out fine.

Both my children trembled like this while still in the newborn nursery. The nursery nurses pointed it out to me and said it will pass and was not a cause for alarm. The referred to them both as "shaky puppies." Apparently that was the term they used there in that hospital.

Babies' nervous systems aren't fully developed, which causes occasional involuntary movements.
The great thing about having so many doctor's visits when they're brand new. It gives you an opportunity to ask all these kinds of questions. I wouldn't make an appointment, but you can certainly ask about it at your next scheduled appointment. You might find out if your pediatrician's office allows you to call and speak to a nurse. Be aware, however, that sometimes the doctor won't agree with the nurse. I called to ask about my baby's toe, which was red, swollen, and hot. The nurse said to bring him in right away, but the doctor said it was no big deal and did nothing to it. It went away that afternoon!
But I've also had nurses give me reassurance that everything was fine.

Don't worry his nervous system may just be a bit immiture. Was he born early? My first was born at 36 weeks and he was a bit shaky for prolly 6 weeks after birth.

Don't worry, its totally normal. My baby was full term and he did the same thing. I read that it was normal but I still asked the pediatrician at his next scheduled checkup and I was told its just his nervous system starting to work properly. I also felt little spasms like that when I was pregnant with him. And when he was about 4 months old he also would shake his whole body sometimes when I fed him and he was falling asleep, and thats also a totally normal thing.

I'm with the rest of the ladies here. My daughter did it from abot 2 weeks to 1 1/2 months. They're exactly right, their little nervous systems just aren't developed yet. Was your baby born early (even just a week or two) or did you have a rapid labor. These can cause more frequent "tremors". No worries...just sweet growing baby.

One of my twins did this. It freaked me out because it happened all the time but never to his sister, but the dr said that his neological system wasn't completely yet and it would go away. He is 7 months old this week (wow does time fly) and we don't have a problem anymore.

I have noticed that my 10 week old does the same thing. I didn't know that babies did that, but I have the same problem! I think it might be Restless Leg Syndrome or perhaps something like it, but I've done it for years. He usually does it when I put him down to change his diaper and he is able to stretch out. Hope that helps!

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