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My 9 Month Old Doesn't like Stuffed Animals!

Hi everyone,
Just wondering if anyone else has come across this...My 9 month old daughter doesnt want to have anything to do with any sort of stuffed animal. I have put little ones in her toy boxes, and she only touches them, to get them out of the way to get to the "hard toys". Is this common at this age, and will she every like cuddly things? She is also a very "uncuddly" baby. If you try to cuddle her, she pushes away. Is this a stage where she is exerting her independence?

Any advice would be appreciated!


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Thank you everyone for your advice. I feel much better now!!!

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Just a thought.....is she teething? Maybe she likes the hard toys to chew on, and doesn't get any satisfaction from the soft toys. They like the noises they can make with the hard toys too. And yes, they become more and more independent and don't want to cuddle with mom very much at this age. It's so sad! P. M

It is OK for her not to like stuffed animals. In fact maybe it is good, since they harbor so much dust and dust and other allergens! My two grandsons are soon to be 6 and 4 and have just taken a liking to stuffed animals in the past year or so!

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Just a thought.....is she teething? Maybe she likes the hard toys to chew on, and doesn't get any satisfaction from the soft toys. They like the noises they can make with the hard toys too. And yes, they become more and more independent and don't want to cuddle with mom very much at this age. It's so sad! P. M

My mother-in-law said she had one out of her seven that was very un-cuddly like you speak of. This particular child even lashed out at my MIL and scratched her if she tried to hold her outside of just feeding her a bottle. It hurt her at first, but she got over it. This child is a mommy now and doesn't seem to have problems with affection with her own child...so I guess it was just her temperment.

My mother said I was not very cuddly with her but I would with my father. I often pushed my mom away and would play all day by myself but would climb all over my dad when he got home. It hurt my mom since I was her first and I think it got us off on the wrong foot from the beginning. We have both grown out of our issues (I'm 40 she's 62) Actually we have been over our issues for years. I'm very affectionate with my own girls, but I nursed both of mine and though I notice some of the same behaviors from my girls that I exhibited...I try to ignore the hurt feelings and remember they are just little ones.

My oldest insists that I hurt her when I comb her hair...she will cry and whine the whole time. If my husband does it or anyone else for that matter she's happy as a clam. I know it is just some sort of dynamic with mommy because I did the same to my mother...but it is annoying at times. Same thing with suggestions...if mommy suggests a certain color shirt or whatever...she will go for the opposite. If papi suggests something she's all for it.

Oh well, don't be worried. I'm sure she will be fine. She might just not like the feel of plush things. I hated the feeling of velvet growing up (it made me practically gag to feel it) and to this day I can't stand to walk on dry soft beach sand that squeaks. It sends shivers up my spine like you wouldn't believe.

She'll be fine.

I'm not sure if it's "normal" or not, but my 4 yr old still doesn't like stuffed animals. I think they're just too boring for him. He needs a lot of stimulation, so noisy toys, flashy toys, or anything that moves is far superior to a boring old teddy bear.

It definitely could just be that she's a more independent personality. My oldest was never really into stuffed animals--she always preferred hard toys, and now that she's 4 she's crazy about cars and blocks. She wasn't much of a cuddler either--she'd rather chat than snuggle.

(As a side note though, my second child is the snuggliest snuggler ever, and she's made her sister a little more interested in hugging--because she hugs her all the time, whether she wants it or not!)

Hi A.
My daughter is also not fond of stuffed animals or soft blankies. She is NOT a snuggler at all. I nursed her for over a year, actually still nurse her to sleep at night and she's 14 months old. She'll snuggle if I nurse her, but otherwise, pushes away. I know when she was an infant the dr. said she had an immature nervous system, because she would have this really scared sounding cry if there were a loud noise for instance my other two children screaming or fighting etc. It could have something to do with sensory overload. She might not like the texture of the stuffed animals or the feeling of being held tight. Perhaps place her on your lap facing out and rock her- tht's what I try and sometimes, it is successful. I am sorry don't have many ideas really, but wanted you to know you're not alone. My other kids snuggled like crazy, so it seemed odd to me to have her be so pushy and kind of stiff. I didn't know babies could be that way. I thought they all snuggled. ANyway- maybe mention it to the dr.
take care

Hi, A.,
I don't think there is anything wrong with your daughter not liking stuffed animals. However, if she has many of them, you might want to make a shelf for them and personify these little toys in her eyes... For example... use each of the animals to teach what that animal likes to eat... what sounds they make... what personality they normally have. Children like to play with toys with which they have a personal relationship. The little stuffed animals might need names (named after the person who gave her the toy, perhaps) and 'feelings'... IE: "Oh,my, look at little bunny under all these heavy toys! He might feel lonely under there!" This also teaches kindness (saving the little bunny) and compassion/empathy (how does the bunny feel?).
If after you spend several hours and days and months playing with the animals with you daughter... then, let her be! She will be attracted to something that appeals to her and be happy with those toys! Stuffed animals and dolls have always been the perfect 'relationship' teaching toys. But you can teach those in other ways... Just enjoy your daughter as she grows... What a blessing little girls are!

all you're suspecting is correct. as they get older, they will come to love 1 or all of their stuffed animals. DS, now 3, started loving them around 15 mos, I think it was. And now he asks for a certain few to have in bed. all my DD (also 9 mos, born 6/1/07) wants on stuffed animals right now is the tags! :-) Be patient. Just enjoy watching them explore and experience everything. They get big so fast and will even talk to you some day! :-)

I wouldn't worry about her not liking stuffed animals or not liking to be cuddled. Some children just like to play with toys that do something. I was one of those children. I would rather play with trucks and blocks when I was growing up and my mother and uncle tell me that I didn't like to be cuddled. Once my children and grandchildren came along that changed.

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