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My 8Month Old Wants to Walk

My 8 month old holds onto things and wants to stand up. As i am a first time mom, i really don't know what kind of toys, or push toys to buy her. If you've been through it, please advice what are the best toys for me to buy her to help her walk. thanks in advance for having time to read this and hopefully respond... thank you =)

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WHen my older two were that young we bought them push mowers for outdoors. When I was a kid myself mom said she used the popcorn vaccuum (the ball things popped). With my youngest we had little ride on toys that she had to use her legs to push. One opened up to be a push toy or closed to be a rider.

My son started to walk at 11 months. What we used is one of those walkers that the baby sits in with toys on it that the baby can walk around in. It kept him entertained and let him walk around by himself.

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Hey Lanta,
If your baby wants to walk, get a buggy, or shopping cart, or something that she can pull herself up with and walk with it. There are alot of toys out there with wheels, that say help to walk etc.
I bought a shopping cart for my kids and then there was like an activity walker that you could fold down and use it for eye, hand coordination, and then readjust and the child can pull self u p and walk across the room. I forgot who makes it, but you can find it at WALMart.

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You will come out getting something that inexpensive, because they outgrow things very fast. The Family Dollar have a Fisher Price Push toy for about 12.00 and it very sturdy also. I brought my son a push toy that's turn into a scooter once the child has accomplished the walking phase, it is made by Playskool and costed me about 23.00 with taxes from Walmart.

I wouldn't buy her anything. Just let her use the household furniture to guide her along. My daughter walked early too and I bought her one of those ride on toys that converts into a toy that she can hold on to that was supposed to help her walk but the wheels always went too fast for her and she would fall on her face! She did just fine using the couch and table. Good Luck!

My little girl did the same thing at that age I went to wal-mart they have a selection of push walkers to chose from. I'm not sure of the name of the one I have but it also has little toys to play with on it and it turns into a ride on scooter once she gets older.

My son started to walk at 11 months. What we used is one of those walkers that the baby sits in with toys on it that the baby can walk around in. It kept him entertained and let him walk around by himself.

yes, any push toy is good. I think the best are the riders that come in all sorts of themes like Nemo, princesses, toy story, dora etc... She can ride them when she gets older, my 2.5 year old still plays on his. However, don't think you have to buy anything. I am a first time mom and I was always worried that he wouldn't crawl if I didn't encourage it, he would stand if I didn't buy the big play walls and he wouldn't walk if I didn't buy him these things! Not true! She will do what she wants when she wants to without any help, so don't go broke thinking you have to get her all these things. But they are fun, so if you find a good deal, go for it.

Playskool makes a great push toy that turns into a little car they can sit on and ride once they are ready for it. it is all smooth plastic with some gadgets she can play with as well. It says it is for 9 months and older, but I got it for my daughter when she was 8 months because she was ready. I just stayed right behind her until she mastered it in case the wheels got going faster than her legs could keep up! :)

When my oldest son was starting to walk, he really liked his walker. He could just stand in it and stay still playing with the toys if he wanted or he could walk around. It kept him from falling down and hitting his head, so it made me a little more at ease. We just bought our 2nd child one and he likes it, too. It's the Sesame Street walker from Target - about $40.00. They can price up to as much as $100.00. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

The activity walker is by Fisher Price, I have one and my son still loves to push it around. He even loves pushing his big sister's cheap-o Walmart shopping cart around, too. When you start looking for something, just be sure the wheels are not too lose that it slides away while she is pulling up. That was a problem we had with the shopping cart.

While you are at it, now is a good time to make sure you have plenty of safety gear as well. Safety gates, lock your cabinets and drawers, put covers on your door knobs. Hide all your power cords (they have radar for finding these!). Make sure nothing can topple down in her head if she uses something unusual for pulling up.

I hope this is helpful. God bless you!

I've read/heard in more than one place, not to let your baby use a walker...they can be very dangerous if they tip over. I got one of the toys that folds up so that the baby can hang onto the bar and push (walk) it or folds down later into a car the baby can ride on. My son loved that. But just "cruising" the furniture is going to help your baby a lot.

Anything with wheels that she could stand behind.


My son had a good time with them. Just help her until she really gets the idea. They can turn over on her.

Go get 'em girl!

Hi. I hope I'm not repeating someone else here (I didn't get the chance to read all the responses). We had a few of the push toys that they can also ride on. They work great, but you have to make sure to get a really good, stable one. When my sons were starting to walk, they'd stand up with one of those toys and it would push away from them. I ended up wedging the toy against the wall for a little while so they could move it just a little bit, but it wouldn't run away too easily.

Hi Lanta,

I understand the early walker, mine did too. I had the fisher price learning home and the fisher price activity wall. Some of the push cars are good when they start walking but they tend to slide out from under them when they are just learing. My son loved to just walk holding on to the furniture the most. It was fun to see my child get really good at walking but I will tell you - they are so much more mobile. By 9 months my son was running and I never got anything done after that :) My husband and I also had fun letting him try walking back and forth between us.
Good Luck!

hi Lanta!

That is great your daughter is interested in walking so early...I guess it isn't too early my son just had no interest and didn't walk until he was 1 1/2 lol. I had two different walking toys playschool makes one and I think their are other ones as well. We got one of the walkers that stands up so they can push it and it later folds down so they can ride on it. However, the thing that worked best for us. was a nightly routine (or whatever time is feesible) that I sat down holding him up and someone else would sit just a little ways away. I started out by holding his hands and letting him walk back and forth then it later progress to him walking by himself back and forth between us. It was a lot of fun for him because we got really into it played music and all but most importantly for him we did it everyday so that in no time he was doing it all by himself. Good luck! and Have FUN! :0)

WHen my older two were that young we bought them push mowers for outdoors. When I was a kid myself mom said she used the popcorn vaccuum (the ball things popped). With my youngest we had little ride on toys that she had to use her legs to push. One opened up to be a push toy or closed to be a rider.

one of those push toys that you can sit on at the same time -- be careful though - -make sure it is heavy enough
because the lighter ones tip over too easily --
four wheels and sitting plus the handle in the back for pushing -- works great for all of our children

I have three my oldest being 13 and my youngest 7 months who is also stnding and walking along things already and truthfully they all do it at their own pace there really is no one good toy.....my 7 month old's favorite thing to do right now is push a small footstool around the kitchen floor.....and we have EVERY "walking" toy there is lol! So I say just let her do her thing while keeping a close eye :)


Hi there! My son was walking without assistance by 9 months, and we never bought him any of the walking toys. I was always too freaked about them slipping away and him falling down. I'll tell you though...he was so excited about being able to pull himself up and take those steps holding on to the furniture that I don't think any toy would have made it better for him. Good luck with your decision!

My youngest WAS 8 months when he was walking unassisted! My oldest was 10 months. They do it when they're ready, and there's no stopping them (ha ha ha). I also know moms whose children were at least 13 months before taking a step. It just depends on the child. As far as toys go, fisher price makes some good ones.


I've never used this, but had similar ones. I'm sure you can find a good walking toy at Wal-Mart or Target!

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