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My 8 Yr Old Is Always Nauseated

I have an eight year old daughter who frequently complains that she feels like she's going to throw up. She never does though, and I can't figure out what is going on. She feels sick when she gets hungry, but sometimes, like last night, she'll be eating, and suddenly feel sick and can't eat anymore. She'll come home with her lunchbox still full of food and tell me that she couldn't eat lunch because she felt like she was going to throw up. We've tried peppermints because someone said peppermint is a natural stomach soother, but the doctor warned that if she has an acid problem, the mints can exacerbate that. I give her Tums, and sometimes they help and sometimes they don't. When I mentioned it to her pediatrician, his main advice was to make sure she eats a balanced diet. I've searched on WebMD and other sites, but they include nausea and vomiting in one symptom and I need help with just chronic nausea. Let me know if you've ever had a similar problem, or know what else I should be trying! Thanks!

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Thank you so much for all of your responses!! I'm going to go get some ginger chews and she already eats yogurt to help with the probiotics, but I might switch brands... she's a bit of a worrier, but there haven't been any major changes or disruptions in her life, so I don't think that's it. Always something to watch though. You all gave such helpful and varied responses, and I appreciate it. I'll post again later and let you know what helped, in the meantime, I'll keep reading forthcoming advice. You mommas rock!

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You have gotten a lot of good advice. This may not solve the problem but maybe help with some comfort. Whenever I get nauseated the ONLY thing that helps me is drinking a coke. I have tried all the other colas out there, and sprite and seven up and there is just something in coke that helps soothe my stomach. I don't really like caffeine and I don't drink soda except for when i am really nauseated becasue its the only thing thatI have found that works. Like I said, it won't fix a problem but maybe give her some relief.

Just a tought, but does she eat a lot of sugar-free things? I've discovered that aspartame makes me nauseous (evenentually leading to a migraine), MSG is also a trigger for these sorts of feelings in me. I wasn't even aware that the soda I was drinking was sugar-free/diet, it wasn't touted on the packaging so I didn't realize I was ingesting so much aspartame until I read the ingredients.
something to look into.

You didn't mention whether there's a major stress in her life, such as death, dying, parents arguing a lot or discussing a bad financial situation in front of her, adult addiction, changing schools, changing homes, etc. If anything like that is happening, this could be stress-related. (I've seen this before.)

Other than that, I don't know.

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Could she be lactose intolerant? my husband is, and felt nauseated his entire childhood.

I know you already have great advice. But had to throw mine in there.

If nothing medical turns up, I do love the ginger ideas. I'm not huge on homeopathic stuff, but I use ginger a lot for nausea and swear by it.

I know people already told you that! I can't get my daughter to eat ginger chews, but I have made ginger cookies using fresh ginger and she loves them. If the chews don't work for you, let me know if you'd like the recipe.

Not sure if you've had her checked for h. Pylori, but its not commonly tested for. I went for years with stomach problems, as an adolescent and into adulthood- they checked for plenty of things- I even had US done on my kidneys and intestines to see if there was blockage. My doctor finally checked for h. Pylori and I came back positive! I'd lived with this for so many years and within weeks I felt much better. The treatment is a hefty cocktail of antibiotics and an acid inhibitor like Prevacid. The meds arent fun and you wake up with such a horrible taste in your mouth you still feel nauseous- but its only for 2 weeks. This is definitely something I always mention and ask if someone has been tested for. Some doctors are hesitant to test for some reason, and its not always covered by insurance- but its a simple blood test. Be insistant and make sure she gets tested. I'll always have problems with ulcers because of the damage its done to my stomach. Its a nasty bug that really eats you from the inside out. Good luck!

Hi E.,

Not sure if this is what your daughter is experiencing but it never hurts to cover your bases. My friend was having the same symptoms, said she had been dealing with it since she was a little girl. Nausea, disorientation, sometimes just mild and then sometimes is would totally knock her out. Turns out she was having equilibrium problems in her ear canals and was experiencing vertigo.
My son has tubes in his ear from chronic ear infections so I talked with my doctor about vertigo and such, she said that it is more common than most think.

So it might be something to ask your doctor about. Could explain the random nausea at weird times and the tums not helping all the time, that would lead me to believe that it is not a gastro-intestinal issue. Anyway, just wanted to throw that out there. You never know.

Good luck and hope she feels better soon.


I would definitely cleanse out her bowels. A lot of times they will become backed up and cause nausea. Something natural like smooth move which is a tea you can find at most grocery stores and an enema would be great too! Good luck

The person below me mentioned strep. I would look in to that. My daughter did the same thing as yours. She had strep throat months earlier, we treated it, and it was gone. Then I went to the doctor for symptoms that I had for years and they tested me for Celiac Disease. My daughter was next on the list to be tested for that because she had been having stomach pain and nausea and didn't want to eat. She also started wetting the bed if we didn't wake her up by about 10:00p.m. to go before we went to bed. She wasn't complaining of a sore throat. Eventually (months had gone by and I was still waiting to be tested) she said she could feel something in her throat. She said it was like a potato was stuck. So they did a barium swallow test, some ultrasounds on her stomach and nothing was wrong. Then suddenly strep throat shows up, is treated again, and ALL of her symptoms went away. No problems since. I can't tell you how many times I heard "I'm car sick!!!!" (meaning nauseous)before the strep throat came back. She was just not ever feeling well and it was all a stomach kind of thing. Also, you might look in to Celiac Disease. Turned out not to be what was wrong with either of us but it would cause those symptoms as well. Hope she feels better and you figure this out soon!!

Hi E.!
I love that you are still concerned about this when you think there could be something to it. If i were you I'd get a bunch of second opinions. My daughter has had a miriad of problems since her birth. One being a dislocated collar bone... she had chest xrays when she was born, all sorts of things, and everyone thought she wasn't crawling because of her brain injury... come to find out, 3 chiropractors later, her collar bone was dislocated and she crawled 3 months later, and didn't scream at me when I washed her neck or put on a shirt anymore!
I guess I'm just saying, is that one person will have the answer out there for you. Do lots of research and don't discount "real" doctors, or as my husband likes to call them "witch" doctors... I would try anything and everything...
Also my great aunt always felt nauseous since childhood too ( my grandfather and his brother would take advantage depression era and get her so worked up she was too sick for her dessert, so they could have it.) about 2 years ago (in her 80's!!!!) she found out she has some sort of gluten intolerance, and for the first time in her life feels normal when she eats.

My 10-year-old has had similar symptoms. When I asked her specifically, I found out she wasn't having regular bowel movements. Constipation can cause stomach ache and nausea. We increased the fruits and veggies and I make sure she drinks plenty of water (take her weight in lbs and divide by 2, that's how many ounces she should drink) but it still recurs. I've thought of getting her Mirelax, and I will ask the doctor about it if she has the symptoms again.
Might be the same kind of thing for your daughter.

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