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My 8 Year Old Has Just Started Wetting the Bed

My 8 year old daughter has never wet the bed since she first potty trained. Now, she has wet the bed three times in the last week. I am taking her to the doctor tomorrow to rule out a bladder infection, though she shows no symptoms. I can't figure it out. There have been no big changes at home and she is doing well at school. Does anyone have any experience with an older child suddenly starting bed-wetting?

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Ask your Doctor to rule out Juvenille Diabetes for you. No need to be alarmed at this point, but a simple test can rule it out.

My daughter is 21 now and away at college, but when she was 8 and it was about this same time of year, school underway, fall season coming, . . . she told us that she wanted to be homeschooled! She starting wetting the bed at night.

Well, after a week of asking us if she could be home-schooled, she finally broke down and cried. Slowly, we got the story out of her: She told us that a child in another class was bullying her on the playground, pressing up against her, not letting her have her turn at the water fountain, etc. We talked to her teacher, teacher talked with the other classroom's teacher.

I let my daughter know that if she came home and wrote down on a piece of paper stuck on our fridge anything that the bully had done that day, when she got to Number 10 on the list - - we would start homeschooling her. She came home for 2 days and wrote something down, but after that - - nothing. The bullying had either stopped, or else, she overcame her fear of the bully. The bed-wetting stopped at the same time, but I can't confirm scientifically that the two were related.

This is a long shot thankfully, and not to freak you out and I've had no experience with this, but I have heard that is a sign to watch for when a child is being sexually abused. It is usually someone they know. Something you can ask the pediatrician to check into also. Although they probably already know to do a check about that. I'll pray this is not the case.

You might want to look at her diet - if she's had more dairy than normal, that can be the culprit, as a hidden dairy allergy can be the cause of bedwetting, especially in older kids. Sometimes, these food allergies don't become visible until the kids are older (sometimes after an infection or when other allergies become worse - we're at the peak of ragweed season now).

Is she in 3rd grade? If so, then she may be getting anxious about the TAKS test if her teacher has started talking about it already. I know that several parents at our school are already discussing it so it may be affecting the kids already.

My son did this at about that age. After making sure there wasn't another underlying cause we determined that he needed nighttime medication. There is a certain hormone that we generate at night that causes the urine to become concentrated. This allows our bladder to not overfill at night. At about the age of your daughter the levels of this hormone sometimes drop causing nighttime enuresis (sp?). Get her checked by a Urologist. We have a wonderful one here in north Carrollton. My husband, son and self have used him. He is very sweet and gentle and takes lots of time to explain everything that is going on. Email me privately and I will get you his info.

For the end of the story... It took 2 years but once he started on the med he had no more accidents. We would take a 1 wk med "vacation" every 3-4 months. If he had an issue he went back on the med which is simply a hormone. It gave him back his life, he could do sleepovers again.

Can you think of any other different, (but not real obvious) changes that are going on during the day with her? Have you noticed if she is really thirsty or hungry? Is there any weightloss?

The bedwetting happened to my 6 year old son last April and it turns out he has Type 1 Diabetes. I don't want to alarm you, but the bedwetting was our son's first symptom and we were clueless for three weeks! Please email me and we can talk more. ____@____.com

You may want to take her to a chiropractor. A lot of times one sublaxation in the spine can cause bed-wetting and the kids can't control it. If her spine is out of adjustment, that could be why she is suddenly doing it.

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