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My 8 Month Old Has Rsv

so.....i had to take my son to er twice this week and he was diagnosed with rsv, hes recovering well from it but now ive caught all his symtoms. im a stay at home mom and im not sure what to do to prevent him from catching it back from me...this is the second time hes gotton it and we hardly go any where but he seems to be verry subseptical to the virus. i dont want my baby sick anymore, hes so misserable and his lungs rattle so much that im afraid hell quit breathing in his sleep, infact when hes ill i have him sleep with me and my hubby so i can make sure hes breathing. what can i do to prevent him from getting it again?

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thank you every one for your advise it was really helpful... i took ben to the pediatrition the day after the er and they pur him on the nebuliser every 4 hours and a steroid twice daily wich is also through the nebuliser and hes doing much better and im getting better much quicker than i usually do(i guess thats because ive been poppin vitamin c like candy lol) the fever has broke and his ear infection is clearing up nicely... i asked about the rsv shot and the doc told me he doesnt qualify but to just watch him carefully and stay ontop of the breathing treatments... even though i feel under the weather ,my husband and i cleaned and sanitised the apt. from top to bottom, we also shampooed the carpets...hes still sick but nowhere near as bad as he was...thanks again for all your help and advise, i appriciate it greatly :)

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T., RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) is a virus. It can't be cured by antibiotics. Actually, viruses are left alone to run their course, bacteria is treated with antibiotics. They have developed a vaccine that is administered once a month by a shot into their thigh, until RSV season is over. It is usually given to premature infants because they are at higher risk for problems due to under developed lungs. For the adult and older child RSV is a bad cold. For the premature infant it can be life threatening. For a normal healthy infant it can be very serious. The older the child, the better they can cope with the illness. Infants are not able to clear their secretions (mucous) like older kids and adults can. They can't cough, blow, etc to remove their secretions. They will develop fever, nasal flaring, retractions, wheezing, and sometimes choke on the secretions. RSV lives on inanimate objects (toys, tables, floors) for 6-8hrs. It is spread by sneezing, coughing, and (as most germs) hands. You can spread RSV, so if you wipe your nose, wash your hands for 30 seconds with soap and water. Rub your hands together to create friction. Friction and soap remove germs not super hot water. Hot water just dries your hands out. You can't get water hot enough to kill germs. If you cough, do so into the crook of your arm, not your hands. Keep sick visitors, meaning anyone with a cough, runny nose, fever away from your house. Require everyone who comes in contact to wash their hands. I would also be very selective with play dates right now. As for you, boost your immune system. Drink plenty of fluids. Keep your baby hydrated. Most children get RSV, it's just really hard on the ones under 1yr of age. Oh, and for FYI, some people who are asymptomatic can still have RSV in their nose. As for the pediatricians office, find a doctor that has a sick and well waiting room. Keep your baby 3 ft away from people who are coughing and sneezing. Droplets can travel that far. Good luck, you will get through this. Just wait until you are introduced to rotovirus. ; )

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Hello T., my neice had rsv and they gave her a vaccine againgst it after she recovered because she was a preemie. To you rsv is actually the common cold but in a more severe form. Hand washing is key also I hear the vaccine isn't just given to anyone but you might ask your baby's ped. The other thing you can do is look into a monitor that detects breathing for your baby's crib or playpen. It's made by Angelcare...I use one for a daycare baby who has a heart murmmur. It gives me peice of mind. Anyways, when the season passes for rsv your baby will get better. Look for the light at the end of the tunnel=)

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Hi. I am not a medical professional and I imagine this is very scary. When I used to work in the hospital some years ago they would hospitalize kids with RSV. It sounds like he is over it, or recovering with rattling breathing, but you are afraid of him catching it or stopping breathing. There are apnea monitors to check if kids stop breathing at night - I don't know what insurance you have or what is covered and if this is appropriate. It sounds like it would be good to talk to a health professional - doc or nurse who can talk to you at length about how your son is doing and if he could catch yours if you haven't already or if the situation has changed since you last talked to one. Some programs/insurances have 24 hour nurses you can consult with.....Good wishes, C.

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Dear T.,

As Louis Pasteur said later on in his life, "It's not the germ, it's the terrain." The best thing you can do right now is to BOOST your immune system...for both of you. An easy way to do this is to get a high-quality herbal extract of Astragalus at your local health store. For your baby, put a dropperful in his juice or milk 3x a day. For yourself, you can take it straight or diluted slightly with a little room-temperature water. Astragalus is one of the most potent (and safetst) respiratory immune system boosters on the planet. It will speed recovery and prevent either of you from re-catching the virus.

Best of luck!

S. Ihrig, L.Ac.
Lotus Wellspring Healthcare
456 E. Mission Road, Suite 100
San Marcos, CA 92069

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Hello T.
I know exactly how you feel. I had to hospitalize my 3 week old son due to rsv and that was really scary. The only thing I could do is sit besides him and watch him struggle with every breath he was taking. Here is what we did to make him feel better (before and after his hospital stay).
My husband and I took turns letting him sleep on our chest while we were sitting semi reclined on the couch or bed, since it is easier for him to breath that way. And there is the hardest part: NO kissing the baby, NO nibbling at his toes... and so on. We would wash and disinfect our hands every time before and after touching him.
This worked for us and for our other 2 little ones. Nobody was allowed to touch him and nobody else got sick after that. Also try to keep away your 1st born's toys.
Our baby just turned 1 and luckily he hasn't had rsv again but all my three boys have asthma and so I'm always careful during cold and flu season.
Good luck to you all.

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so, i'm not sure you can vaccinate him once he's already had it, but there is a shot that we gave to our preemie all winter, once a month, to prevent him from getting it. Ask about the RSV shot and see if it's still an option?

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Hello there T.

( I'm not a doctor I'm an advocate for my children , I'm only talking about my own experience with RSV and of about over 50 other moms I have spoke about the subject )

Nice to meet you . My name is G. If you have a my space here is mine http://www.myspace.com/stargate_3000
I live in Huntington park and have 3 kids ..My youngest one a boy had RSV when he was almost 3 months old and was hospitalized for 1 week 1/2 .. It was terrible but thats to the Lord all is well..

We as well never went outside for the first year cause it might get him sick lotsa of going out was comprimised but is all worth it ..

I would like for you to know that we can over come this with healthy eating and with boosting his amune system . Most doctors will not tell you this is needed usually they just give you more antibiotics to clear up sthe virus which is ok ,,But they aren't telling you that the antiobicts is making the virus go away but what about after the antioticts his red blood cells are low and needs to boost his ammune system by giving him ,,Probiatics and ,, Ammune system buster .. You c an do this on your own ..

It is a wonderful product and all Vitamins his body needs so it isn't a drug .. I learned this in Mexico after taking my son many times to a Fantasctin pedriatrician there who gave me the right Vitamins to boost him and my other kids who by the way are never sick ,,,,

My son has 2 years now with 100% no rsv and no meds for breathing .. prior he would take it once a or twise a year ,,, RSV wise he is all better ...

Now my son was DX with High fuctioning Autism last year march 2007 and I take him to a specialist who is a doctor but they work with natural vitamins and minerals it is called Biomedical treatment ..They have learned that the childs immune system can be boosted and bronquio and austm problems can be treatable ... please re search for your son and you will find information ..I have some sites but are autism related and I don't know if you want to read them pleaselet me know

here is a sites where you can buy these prodicts and their spelling is 100% better then mine I hope you are open minded to look at these


here is my e mail address ____@____.com if you would like to talk more


Why Probiotics?
Scientists are learning more each day about the role of microbes in keeping people healthy and the multitude of health benefits associated with consuming the right type and levels of probiotic microbes.

Research has suggested that probiotic bacteria can:

Help reduce the risk of certain diarrheal illnessesref
Assist lactose intolerantref people with lactose digestion
Enhance the immune functionref
Some preliminary studies also report that certain probiotics can play a role in reducing the development of allergy in children, decreasing Helicobacter pylori colonization of the stomach, helping patients cope with side effects of antibiotic therapy, managing relapse of some inflammatory bowel conditions, decreasing the risk of certain cancers, decreasing dental-caries-causing microbes in the mouth, and keeping healthy people healthy.


"The main immune boosters are nutritional: vitamins, minerals and amino acids."



Autism information


look under diets


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Im a mother of twin boys who were born extremley premature, we face the RSV fear too. The best thing to do is limit the exposure to public places, such as malls and stores. Also limit play time with children who have siblings at the school age, If you or your hubby are sick wear a mask, most Dr's offices should have them and are pretty good about giving you a few to keep with you. If your son is having problems with continous sickness during the season(nov-april) Then ask the ped. if he might qualify for the RSV shot. They are hard to get but worth asking. My smaller boy has BPD and gets it due his bad lungs and low weight. Its sad somtimes you have to fudge about little things to get it but its worth it. Some factors other then the babys health are pet exposure, cigg.smoke,siblings and public daycare. Good Luck hope you all stay well :-)

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